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PSALM LI. Second Version. First Part. WATTS.


A Penitent pleading for Pardon,
HEW Pity, Lord, O Lord forgive,

Let a repenting Rebel live :
Are not thy Mercies large and free?

May not a Sinner trust in thee?
2 My Sins are great, but not surpass

The Pow'r and Glory of thy Grace:
Great God, thy Nature hath no Bound,

So let thy pard’ning Love be found. 3 0 wash my Soul from ev'ry Sin,

And make my guilty Conscience clean;
Here on my Heart the Burden lies,

And part Offences pain my Eyes.
4 My Lips with Shame my Sins confefs

Against thy Law, again ft thy Grace :
Lord, should thy Judgment grow fevere,

I am condemn'd, but thou art clear.
5 Should mortal Sicknefs seize my Breath,

I must pronounce thee just in Death ;
And if my Soul were sent to Hell,

Thy righteous Law approves it well. 6 Yet save a trembling Sinner, Lord,

Whose Hope ftill hov'ring round thy Word
Would light on some kind Promise there,
Some sure Support against Despair.

PSALM LI. Second Version. Second Part.

The Backslider restored.
Thou who hear it when Sinners cry,

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Behold them not with angry Look,

But blot their Mem’ry from thy Book. 2 Create my Nature pure within,

And fórm my Soul averse to Sin :
Let thy Good Spirit ne'er depart;
Nor hide thy Prefence from iny Heart.

3 I cannot live without thy Light,

Caft out and banish'd from thy Sight:
Thine holy Joys, my God, restore,

And guard me that I fall no more.
4 A contrite Heart, my God, my King,

Is all the Sacrifice I' bring ;
The God of Grace will ne'er despise:

A contrite Heart for. Sacrifice..
5. My Soul lies humbled in the Dust,

And owns thine awful Sentence juft ;
Look down, O Lord, with pitying Eye,-
And save the Soul condemn’d to die.
6 Then will I teach the World thy Ways ;;

Sinners shall learn thy sov'reign Grace si
I'll lead them to the heav'nly Road

And they shall praise a pard'ning God. 7 O may thy Love inspire my Tongue !

Salvation shall be all my Song;
And all my Pow'rs shall join to bless
The Lord my Strength and Righteousness.
PSALM" LI. Third Version. STEELE..

The Repenting Suppliant.
ORD, let thy Mercy, full and free,

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And bid my num'rous Sins remove,

All cancell'd by thy sov’reign Love.. 2 O wash this guilty Heart of mine,

For cleansing Grace is only thine ;.
I own my Sins, and still they rise

With recent Horror-to my Eyes.. 3 Against the God I love and fear,

My aggravated Crimes appear;
'Tis this alone awakes Smart,

And fills with Grief my fainting Heart.. 4 While humbly proftrate in the Duft,

I own thy awful Sentence just;
My Soul adores thy facred Word,
For ever righteous is the Lord..


$ If Sacrifice would please my God,
My Off'rings should thy Altars load;
But vain were all my offer'd Store,

For blazing Altars please no more: 6 This is the Gift I would impart,

A humble, docile, contrite Heart;
A contrite Heart, repentant Sighs,

O God, thou never wilt despise.
7 Since inward Truth thy Laws require;-

That inward Truth, O Lord, inspire ;
Thro' all my Soul let Wisdom Phine,

And give me Purity divine..
8 Let thy reviving Word impart.

Peace, Joy, and Pardon, to my Heart;
Then shall this broken Frame rejoice,
And bless thy kind, thy healing Voice.

A general Reformation the most important Event in Times of

common Danger and general Depravity of Manners.
EHOLD th' Unwise, whose Hearts deny

The God who form’d the Earth and Sky:
While, fearless, Sin's worst Paths they tread,
Mark how their dire Examples spread
Throagh all the Land. How few we find.
To Virtue's heav'n-taught Rules inclin'd,
Who 'midst infectious Times have stood.

Unstain'd, and obstinately good.
2 Th' eternal Monarch from on high.

On Britain's Children cast his Eye,
If haply some he yet might fee
From Error's baleful Influence free,
Whose Lives an impious Age might shame,
Who fought his Love, and own'd his Name;,
He look. : but ah! too few could find
To Virtue's heav'n-taught Rules inclin'd.
3 Who, Lord, shall bid to bless our Eyes,

A thorough Reformation rise,
When thou (thy Pow'r such Works demand)
Shalt fully cleanse our finful Land?


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The blest Event to England's Shore
Her Songs of Triumph fhall reitore,
And ceaseless Shouts, thiough Heav'n's wide Frame
Loud echoing, Britain's Joy proclaim.


PSALM LV. First Version. Watts.

Confidence in God.
God, each Morn I'll seek thy Face,

At Noon repeat my Cry,
The Night shall hear me ask thy Grace,

Nor wilt thou long deny.
2 God shall preserve my Soul from Fear,

Or shield me when afraid ;
Ten thousand Angels must appear
If he command their Aid.

Burdens on the Lord,
The Lord sustains them all;
My Courage rests upon his Word

That I shall never fall. 4 My highest Hopes shall not be vain,

My Lips shall spread his Praise ; While cruel and deceitful Men

Scarce live out Half their Days.

3 I caft

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PSALM LV. Second Version. WATTS.

Dangerous Prosperity.
ET Sinners take their Course,

And chuse the Road to Death;
But in the Worship of my God

I'll spend my daily Breath.
My Thoughts addrefs his Throne

When Morning brings the Light;
I seek his Blessing ev'ry Noon,

And pay my Vows at Night. 3

Thou wilt regard my Cries,

eternal God,
While Sinners perish in Surprize
Beneath thine awful Rod.

4. Because

4 Because they dwell at Ease

And no sad Changes feel,
They neither fear nor trust thy Name,

Nor learn to do thy Will. 5

But I with all my Cares, W 開

Will lean upon the Lord,
I'll cast my Burdens on his Arm,

And relt upon his Word.
6 His Arm shall well sustain

The Children of his Love;
The Ground on which their Safety stands

No earthly Pow'r can move.



God's Care of his people.
N God, most holy, just, and true, 6:3

I have repos'd my Trust;
Nor will I fear what Man can do,

The Offspring of the Duit.
2 God counts the Sorrows of his Saints,

Their Cries affect his Ears ;
Thou hast a Book for their Complaints,

A Bottle for their Tears.
3 Thy folemn Vows are on me, Lord,
Thou shalt receive


Praise ; I'll fing how faithful is thy Word;

How righteous all thy Ways !
4. Thou haft secur’d my Soul from Death,

O set thy Servant free,
That Heart and Hand, and Life and Breath

May be employ'd for thee.

Divine Power, Truth, and Mercy.
Othee, the God who reign'It on high,

To thee with suppliant Voice I cry,
Affur'd that thou, indulgent still,
My Pray'r wilt hear, each with fulfil,


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