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PSALM L. Second Version. Second Part.

Obedience is better than Sacrifice. 1 HUS faith the Lord, “ The spacious Fields

“ And Flocks and Herds are mine, « O’er all the Cattle of the Hills

“ I claim a Right divine. I ask no Sheep for Sacrifice,

“ Nor Bullocks burnt with Fire, “ To Hope and Love, to pray and praise

6. Is all that I require.
3 “ Call upon me when Trouble's near,

My Hand shall set thee free ;
“ Then shall thy thankful Lips declare

66 The Honor due to me.
" The Man who offers humble Praise,

“ He glorifies me belt; “ And those who tread my holy Ways

“ Shall my Salvation caste."

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PSALM L. Third Version. WATTS.

Sincerity and Hypocrisy.
OD is á Spirit, just and wise,

He fees our inmoít Mind ;
In vain to Heav'n we raise our Cries,

And leave our Souls behind.
2 Nothing but Truth before his Throne

With Honor can appear ;
The painted Hypocrites are known

Thro’ the Disguise they wear.
3 Their lifted Eyes Talute the Skies,

Their bending Knees the Ground; But God abhors the Sacrifice,

Where not the Heart is found. 4 'Lord, search my Thoughts and try my Ways,

And inake my Soul sincere; Then shall I stand before thy Face,

And find Acceptance there.


PSALM L. Fourth Version. WATTS.


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Hypocrisy exposed.
HE Lord the Judge his Churches warns

Let Hypocrites attend and fear
Who place their Hope in Rites and Forms,

But make not Faith nor Love their Care. 2 Strange that they dare rehearse his Name

With Lips of Faldhood and Deceit;
A Friend or Brother they defame,

And soothe and flatter those they hate.
3 They watch to do their Neighbours wrong,

Yet boldly seek their Maker's Face;
They take his Cov'nant on their Tongue,

But break his Laws, abuse his Grace.
4 To Heav'n they lift their Hands unclean,

Defil'd with Luft, defil'd with Blood;
By Night they practise ev'ry Sin,

By Day their Mouths draw near to God. s Ard while his Judgments long delay,

They grow secure and fin the more ;
They think he sleeps as well as they,

And put far off the dreadfui Hour.
6 O dreadful Hour! when God draws near,

And sets their Crimes before their Eyes !
Anguish their guilty Souls shall tear,
And no Deliv'rer dare to rise.


Fifth Verfion.



God judging the World by Jesus Christ.
H' exalted Saviour sends his Sunmons forth,

Calls the South Nations, and awakes the North,
From East to Weft the fov'reign Orders spread,
Thro' diftant Worlds and Regions of the Dead.

The Trumpet sounds; Hell trembles; Heav'n rejoices;
Lift up your Heads, ye Saints, with cheerful l'oices.

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2 No more shall Sinners mock his long Delay ;

His Justice fleeps no more ; Behold the Day:
Behold the Judge descends ; his Guards are nigh;
Tempest and Fire attend him down the Sky.

Judgment begins; Hell trembles; Heav'n rejoices;

Lift up your Heads, ye Saints, with chearful Voices. 3

Heav'n, Earth, and Hell draw near ; let all Things come in the
To hear my Justice and the Sinners Doom ;
“ But gather firit, my Saints ; (che Judge commands)

Bring them, ye Angels, from their diftant Lands."
When Christ returns, wake ev'ry chearful Paffion,

And shout, ye Saints ; He comes for your Salvation.
4 “ Here (faith the Lord) ye Angels, spread their Thrones,

And near me feat my Father's fav'rite Sons,
“Come, my Redeem'd, possess the Joys prepar'd
Ere Time began; 'tis your divine Reward.”

Judgment proceeds, ye Saints, join all your Voices;

Raise your triumphant Songs, for Heav'n rejoices. 5

“ Ye Hypocrites, ye Wicked and Profane, « Receive your Doom, nor call my

Threat'nings vain: No longer lodge the impious Thought within, " That the All-holy will indulge your Sin;" “ God is the Judge of Hearts, no fair Disguises

Can screen the Guilty when his Vengeance rises. 6 « Silent he waited, with long-suff'ring Love ;

You vainly hop'd that he would ne'er reprove ;
“ But see his Justice wakes, his Thunder rolls ;
“And conscious Guilt condemns your wretched Souls;"
Judgment concludes, Hell trembles, Heav'n rejoices,
Lift up your Heads, ye Saints, with chearful Voices.

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Sixth Version.



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Devotion vain without Virtue.
Huplifted Eye and bended Knee

Are but vain Homage, Lord, to thee;
In vain our Lips thy Praise prolong,
The Heart a Stranger to the Song.
2 Can Rites, and Forms, and flaming Zeal,

The Breaches of thy Precept heal ?
Or Fast and Penance reconcile

Thy Justice, and obtain thy Smile ?
H 3 The pure, the humble, contrite Mind, )
Thankful, and to thy Will resign'd,

To thee a nobler Offring yields

Than Sheba's Groves or Sharon's Fields;

4 Than Floods of Oil or Floods of Wine 2

Ten Thousand rolling to thy Shrine,
Or than if, to thine Altar led,
A first-born Son the Victim bled.
5" Be just and kind,” that great Command.
Doth on eternal Pillars stand :
This did thine ancient Prophets teach,
And this thy Well-beloved preach.

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PSALM LI. First Version. First Part. MERRICK,

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4 Thy just Decrees, almighty Sire,

Integrity and Truth require ;
Thy Hand, corrective of my Will,

Shall Wisdom in my Breast inftill ;
5 With hallow'd Hyssop fprinkled o'er,

My Soul its Spots fhall mourn no more,
But, cleans'd by thee, the Whiteness know,

That clothes the new-descended Snow. 6 How shall my Ear thy pard'ning Voice

Transported welcome ! How rejoice
My Tongue! and through my future Days
Proclaim thy Love, and found thy Praise.


First Version. Second Part.


True Repentance the Sinner's best Sacrifice.
ORD, let thy Spirit to my Heart

Once more his quick’ning Aid impart,
My Mind from ev'ry Fear release,

And soothe my troubled Thoughts to Peace. 2 So shall the Souls, whom Error's Sway

Has urg'd from thee, bleft Lord, to stray,
From me thy heav'nly Precepts learn,

And humbled to their God return. 30 would thy Grace my Guilt remove,

If thou again display thy Love,
How should my Tongue in facred Lays,

The God of my Salvation praise.
4 Not Victims, Lord, in folemn Rite

Presented, thy Desire excite ;
A Spirit griev'd is Sacrifice

Alone delightful in thine Eyes.
5 The Heart, that, taught its Guilt to know,

Repentant heaves with inward Woe,
Shall find its Pray'r, its Groans, its Sighs,
To thee in full Acceptance rise.


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