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5 Submit to God's almighty Sway;
For him the Heathen shall obey;

And Earth her fov'reign Lord confess.
The God of Hosts conducts our Arms,
Our Tow'r of Refuge in Alarms,

As to our Fathers in Distress.
PSALM XLVI. Third Version. First Part. WATTS.

The Church's Safety amidf national Desolations.
OD is the Refuge of his Saints,

When Storms of sharp Distress invade;
E’er we can offer our Complaints,

Behold him present with his Aid.
2 Let Mountains from their Seats be hurl'd

Down to the Deep, and bury'd there ;
Convulsions shake the solid World,

Our Faith shall never yield to Fear. 3 Loud may the troubled Ocean roar,

In sacred Peace our Souls abide,
While ev'ry Nation, ev'ry Shore,

Trembles and dreads the swelling Tide. 4 There is a Stream whose gentle Flow

Supplies the City of our God;
Life, Love and Joy ftill gliding thro',

And wat’ring our divine Abode.
5 That sacred Stream, thine holy Word,

Supports our Hopes, our Fear controuls;
Sweet Peace thy Promises afford,

And give new Strength to fainting Souls. 6 Sion enjoys her Monarch's Love,

Secure against a threat'ning Hour;
Nor can her firm Foundations move,
Built on his Truth, and arm’d with Pow'r.
PSALM XLVI. Third Version. Second Part.

God the Protector of his Church and People.
ET Sion in her King rejoice,

Tho' Tyrants rage and Kingdoms rife;
He utters his Almighty Voice,
The Nations melt, the Tumult dies,


2 The Lord of old for Jacob fought,

And Jacob's God is still our Aid;
Behold the Works his Hand has wrought,

What Desolations he has made.
3 From Sea to Sea thro' all the Shores

He makes the Noise of Battle cease ;
When from on high his Thunder roars

He awes the trembling World to Peace. 4 He breaks the Bow, he cuts the Spear,

Chariots he burns with heav'nly Flame ;.
Keep Silence all the Earth, and hear.

The Sound and Glory of his Name. 5

“ Be ftill, and learn that I am God,
“ l'll be exalted o'er the Lands,
“ I will be known and fear'd abroad,

“ But still my Throne in Sion stands.' 6 O Lord of Hofts, almighty King,

While we so near thy Presence dwell,
Our Faith shall fit secure and sing
Defiance to the Gates of Hell.

PSALM XLVI. Fourth Version, DOODRIDGE, Patience under Afliction, a proper Acknowledgment of God.

EACE, 'tis the Lord Jehovah's Hand,

That blasts our Joys in Death ; Changes the Visage once so dear,

And gathers back our Breath. 2 'Tis he, the Potentate fupreme

Of all the Worlds above,
Whose steady Counsels wisely rule,

Nor from the Purpose move.
3 'Tis he, whose Justice might demand

Our Souls a Sacrifice;
Yet scatters with unweary'd Hand

A thousand rich Supplies.
Our Cov'nant-God' and Father he

In Cbrift our righteous Lord;
Whose Grace can heal the bursting Heart

With one reviving Word

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5 Fair

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5 Fair Garlands of immortal Bliss

He weaves for ev'ry Brow ;
And shall tumultuous Passions rife,

If he correct us now?
6 Silent I own Jehovah's Name;

I kiss thy scourging Hand;
And yield my Comforts, and my Life

To thy supreme Command.

PSALM XLVI. Fifth Version. STEELE.

Praise for national Peace.



*REAT Ruler of the Earth and Skies,

A Word of thy almighty Breath
Can fink the World, or bid it rise :
Thy Smile is Life, thy Frown is Death.
2 When angry Nations rush to Arms,

And Rage and Noife, and Tumult reign,
And War resounds its dire Alarms,

And Slaughter spreads the hostile Plain; 3 Thy sov'reign Eye looks calmly down,

And marks their Course, and bounds their Pow's;
Thy Word the angry Nations own,
And Noise and War are heard no more.
Then Peace returns with balmy Wing,
(Sweet Peace ! with her what Blessings filed!)
Glad Plenty laughs, the Vallies fing,

Reviving Commerce lifts her Head.
5 Thou good, and wise, and righteous Lord,

All move subservient to thy Will ;
And Peace and War await thy Word,

And thy sublime Decrees fulfil.
6 To thee we pay our grateful Songs,

Thy kind Protection still implore :
O may our Hearts, and Lives, and Tongues
Confess thy Goodness and adore.

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Universal Praise due to God.
A Hand;

Exulting strike the Chord :
Let ev'ry Ife, and ev'ry Land,

Confess th’ Almighty Lord.
2 Sing to our God; in loudest Strain

Perpetual Praises fing:
O’er Èarth’s wide Bounds extends his Reign ;

O praise our God and King.
3 Prepare, prepare, with tuneful Art,

In one assembled Throny,
Your Shares of Harmony to part,

And raise the Heav'n-taught Song, 4 His Sway the Sons of human Kind

With humbleft Homage own; And Sanctity with Pow'r combin'd

Supports his lasting Throne. 5 Kings from afar conven'd behold,

Whose Breasts with Zeal have glow'd, Among the Tribes to stand inrolla,

That bow to Abraham's God.
6 For he, whose Hands amid the Skies

Th’ eternal Scepter wield,
To Earth's whole Race his Care applies,

And o'er them spreads the Shield.

All ye People clap your Hands,

PSALM XLVII. Second Version. TATE.

Thanksgiving in Time of War.

And with triumphant Voices sing ;
No Force the mighty Pow'r withstands

Of God the universal King.
2 He fall opposing Nations quell,

He shall himself our Battles fight :
And keep us safe where now we dwell,
The Land of Britain his Delight.

3 God reigns on high, our Lord and King,

With Gladness fhout, the Trumpet found,
To him repeated Praises fing,

And let the chearful Song resound. 4

Your utmost Skill in Praise be shown,
For him who all the World commands,
Who fits upon his righteous Throne,

And spreads his Sway o'er Seas and Lands. 5

Britons, who now far distant hence,
Yet serve their God, proclaim his Fame,
Shall find him their most sure Defence ;

How great and glorious is his Name. 6 O all ye People clap your Hands,

And with triumphant Voices fing;
No Force the mighty Pow'r withitands
Of God the universal King.

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PSALM XLVII. Third Version. WATTS.

A P/alm of Praise.
For a Shout of sacred Joy

To God the fov'reign King!
Let ev'ry Land their Tongues employ,

And Hymns of Triumph fing. 2 While Angels shout and praise their King,

Let Mortals learn their Strains; Let all the Earth his Honor fing;

O’er all the Earth he reigns. 3 Rehearse his Praise with Awe profound,

Let Knowledge lead the Song, Nor mock him with a solemn Sound

Upon a thoughtless Tongue.
4 In Israel stood his ancient Throne,

He lov'd that chosen Race,
But now he calls the World his own,

And Heathens taite his Grace.
The British Inands are the Lord's,

There Abraham's God is know
While Pow’rs and Princes, Shields and Swords.
Submit before his Throne,


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