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PSALM XLII. First Version. Merrick.

Absence from public Worship lamented.
S pants the Heart for cooling Springs,

So longs my Soul, O King of Kings, ,
Thy Face in near Approach to fee,
So thirsts, great Source of Life, for thee;
When shall I reach thy bleft Abode ?

When meet the Presence of my God? 2 When up fair Sion's high Ascent

The Tribes in long Procession went,
And, while thy Praise in grateful Songs
Resounded from a thousand Tongues,
I, rank'd amid the festive Train,

Exulting trod thy hallow'd Fane.
3. Why now, my Soul, with Care oppress’d?

And whence the Woes that fill my Breast?
In all thy Cares, in all thy Woes,
On God thy stedfast Hope repose; .
To him my Thanks shall still be paid,

My sure Defence, my constant Aid.
4 Thy Mercies, Lord, before my Eyes

Shall yet in sweet Remembrance rise ;
To thee my Soul ascends in Pray'r,
And in thy Bosom pours its Care;
Thy Name to Rapture prompts my 'Tongue,
My Joy by Day, by Night my Song.

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PSALM XLII. Second Version. TATE
S pants the Heart for cooling Streams,

When heated in the Chace,
So longs my Soul, O God, for thee,

And thy refreshing Grace.
2 For thee, my God, the living God

My thirsty Soul doth pine ;
when ihall I behold thy Face,

Thou Majesty divine.
3 I sigh whene'er my musing Thoughts

Those happy Days present,



When I with Troops of pious Friends

Thy Temple did frequent.
4 When I advànc'd with Songs of Praise,

My folemn Vows to pay,
And led the joyful, sacred Throng

That kept the feftal Day,
5 Why restless, why cast down, my Soul?

Trust God, who will employ
His Aid for thee, and change these Sighs

To thankful Hymns of Joy.
6 Why restless, why cast down, my Soul?

Hope ftill, and thou shalt sing
The Praise of him who is thy God,
Thy Health's eternal Spring.
PSALM XLII. Third Version. Watts.
ITH earnest Longings of the Mind,

My God, to thee l. look ;
So pants the hunted Hart to find

And taste the cooling Brook..
2 When shall I see thy Courts of Grace,

And meet my God again?
The shortest Absence from thy Face:

My Heart endures with Pain.
3. 'Tis with a mournful Pleasure now

I think on antient Days ;
Tken to thy Houfe did Numbers go,

And all our Work was Praise.
4 Hope in the Lord, whose mighty Hand

Thy Sorrows can remove ;
For I shall yet before him stand,
And fing restoring Love.

Delight in public Worship, and Confidence in God.
ORD, let thy Light attend our Way,

Thy Truth afford its steady Ray,
To Sion's Hill direct our Feet,
To worship in thy hallow'd Seat.


2 Thy Mercies, to our Heart reveald,

A Theme of endless Transport yield;
Thy Praise, O. God, our God, the Lyre
Shall wake, thy Love its Song inspire.
In all your Cares, in all your Woes,
On God your stedfast Hope repose;
To him our Thanks shall still be paid,
Our sure Defence, our constant Aid..

In Time of War.

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In our attentive Ears,
Thy Wonders in their Days perform’d,,

And elder Times, than theirs.
2 'Twas not their Courage nor their Sword

To them Salvation gave :
Nor Strength, that from unequal Force:

Their fainting. Troops could save :
3. But thy right Hand and pow'rful Arm,

Whose Succour they implor'd, Thy Presence with the chosen Race,

Who thy great Name ador'd. 4. As thee their God our Fathers own'd,

Thou art our Sov'reign King : Otherefore, as thou didit to them,

To us Deliv'rance bring..
5 We'll neither truft our Bow nor Swordy,

When we in Fight engage:
But thee who canit our Foes fubdue,

And shame their caureless Rage.. 6 To thee the Triumph we'll ascribe,,

From whom Salvation came :.
In God we will rejoice all Day,

And ever bless his Name.
PSALM XLVI.. First Version. First Part. MERRICK,

In Time of War.
N Thee, great Ruler of the Skies,
On thee our ftedfast Hope relies :


' O

When hostile Pow'rs against us join,

What Aid fo present, Lord, as thine ? 2 By thee secur'd, no Fears we own,

Though Earth, convuls’d, beneath us groan,
Though Tempefts o'er her Surface sweep,

And whirl her Hills into the Deep:
3 Though, arm'd with Rage, before our Eyes

That Deep in all its Horrors rise,
While, as the Tumult spreads around,

The Mountains tremble at the Sound.
4 On Heav'n's high Lord our Trust we build;

The God of Jacob is our Shield:
Bebold fair Sion's blest Retreat,

Where God has fix'd his awful Seat. 5 No Tempests there licentious stray,

But soft along their level Way
The facred Streams their Course maintain,

And crown with Health her happy Plain. 6 God, ever watchful, ever nigh,

Bids Storms around her harmless Aly;
His early Care each Foe withstands,

And backward turns the yielding Bands. 7 See, rous'd by Discord's fierce Alarms,

The headlong Nations rush to Arms;
But God aloud asserts his Sway,

And Earth's whole Fabric melts away. 3 Behold fair Sion's bleft Retreat,

Where God has fix'd his awful Seat:
On Heav'n's high Lord our Truft we build,
The God of Jacob is our Shield.

PSALM XLVI. First Version. Second Part.

Public Peace restored.
Come; behold a Scene of Dread,

Behold a World with Slaughter spread;
And know 'tis God who bids each Land
Thus feel the Terrors of his Hand.


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2 'Tis his, again the Earth to chear,

To break the Bow, to snap the Spear,
To wrap in Flames the glitt’ring Car,

And hush the Tumult of the War.
3 Bow then, ye Sons of Pride, and own

That I am God, and I alone :
Exalted o’er each Heathen Land,

Exalted o'er the Earth I stand. 4

I bind all Nature to my Will,
And bid the factious World be still :
On Heav'n's high Lord our Trust we build ;
The God of Jacob is our Shield.

PSALM XLVI. Second Version. TATE.
From God proceed both Peace and War; the former

Mercy, the later in Judgment.
OD is our Refuge in Distress,
J A present Help when Dangers press,

In him undaunted we'll confide:
Tho' Earth were from her Center tost,
And Mountains in the Ocean loft,

Torn piece-meal by the roaring Tide.. 2 A gentle Stream with Gladness still The City of our Lord shall fill,

The Royal Seat of God most high :: God dwells in Sion, whose fair Tow'rs Shall mock th' Affaults of earthly Pow'rso:

While his almighty Aid is nigh. 3 In Tumults when the Heathen rag'd, And Kingdoms War against us wag’d,

He thunder'd and dispers’d their Pow'rs: The Lord of Hosts conducts our Arms, Our Tow'r of Refuge in Alarms,

Our Fathers Guardian God and ours. 4 Come, see the Wonders he hath wrought, On Earth what Desolation brought:

How he has calm’d the jarring World: He broke the warlike Spear and Bow; With them their thund'ring Chariots too Into devouring Flames were hurld.

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