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PSALM XXXIX. Fourth Version. STEELB.

The Vanity and Frailty of Human Life.
LMIGHTY Maker of


Frame, Teach me the Measure of my Days, Teach me to know how frail I am,

And spend the Remnant to thy Praise.
2 My Days are shorter than a Span,
A little Point my

Life appears;
How frail at beft is dying Man!
How vain are all his Hopes and Fears !
3 Vain his Ambition, Noise, and Show!

Vain are the Cares which rack his Mind !
He heaps up Treasures mix'd with Woe;

And dies, and leaves them all behind : 4 O be a nobler Portion mine:

My God, I bow before thy Throne,
Earth's fleeting Treasures I refign,

And fix my Hope on thee alone.
5 Save me, by thy almighty Arm,

From all my Sins, and cleanse my Faults ;
Then Guilt nor Folly shall alarm

My Soul, or vex my peaceful Thoughts. 6 Beneath the chaft'ning of thy Hand,

Let not my Heart or Tongue repine;
But silent and submissive bend,

And bear the Stroke because 'tis thine. 7 But O let Mercy foon prevail,

Each Pain and Sorrow to remove;
The Stroke is just, but I am frail,

Thy sparing Goodness let me prove.
8 O spare me, and my Strength restore,

Ere my few hasty Minutes flee;
And when my Days on Earth are o'er,
Let me for ever dwell with thee.

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PSALM XL. First Version. MERRICK.

Truft in God.
ITH patient Hope my God I fought;
He to his Suppliant's Want his Thought

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In happiest Hour apply'd : Fle from the dark and miry Pit High on the Rock has rais'd

my Nor fear my Steps to slide. 2 His Praise inspires my grateful Tongue, And dictates to my Lips a Song

In Strains unheard before. Admiring Crouds his Work shall fee, Their Srength on hiin repose with me,

With me his Name adore.
3. Bleft, who in thee, great God, confide,
Nor madly trust the Arm of Pride,

And Helps that but betray.
Thy Mercies, Lord, all Praise surmount,
Nor Numbers can their Sum recount,

Nor Words their Worth display.




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PSALM XL. Second Verfion. First Part. WATTS

A Song Deliverance.
Waited patient for the Lord,

He bow'd to hear my Cry;
He saw me resting on his Word,

And brought Salvation nigh. 2 Firm on a Rock he made me stand,

And taught my chearful Tongue To praise the Wonders of his Hand

In a new thankful Song. 3 I'll spread his Works of Grace abroad;

The Saints with Joy shall hear, And Sinners learn to make


Their only Hope and Fear.
4 How many are thy Thoughts of Love!

Thy Mercies, Lord, how great!
We have not Words nor Hours enough

Their Numbers to repeat.
When I'm afflicted, poor and low,

Aud Light and Peace depart, My God beholds my heavy Woe,

And bears me on his Heart.


PSALM XL. Second Version.

Second Part.


The Mission and Death of Christ.
HUS faith the Lord, “ Your Work is vain,

“ Give your Burnt-Off'rings o’er, " In dying Goats and Bullocks Nain

My Soul delights no more." 2 Then spoke the Saviour, “ Lo, I'm here,

My God, to do thy Will ; What e'er thy sacred Books declare

Thy Servant shall fulfil. 3 Thy Law is ever in my Sight,

“ I keep it near my Heart; “ Mine Ears are open'd with Delight

“ To what thy Lips impart."
4 Much he reveal'd his Father's Grace,

And much his Truth he shew'd,
And preach'd the Way of Righteousness

Where great Assemblies stood.
5 His Father's Honor touch'd his Heart,

He pity'd Sinners Cries, And to fulfil a Saviour's Part

Was made a Sacrifice.



God magnified by those who love bis Salvation.
OD of Salvation, we adore

Thy saving Love, thy saving Pow'r ;
And to our utmost Siretch of Thought

Hail the Redemption thou haft wrought.
2 We love the Stroke, that breaks our Chain,

The Sword by which our Sins are slain :
And, while abas'd in Dust we bow,

We fing the Grace, that lays us low.
3 Perish each Thought of human Pride:

Let God alone be magnify'd:
His Glory let the Heav'ns resound,
Shouted from Earth's remoteft Bound.


4 Saints,

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4 Saints, who his full Salvation know,

Saints, who but taste it here below,
Join ev'ry Angel's Voice to raise
Continu'd, never-ending Praise.
PSALM XLI. Eirft Version. MERRICK,

The charitable Man blefed.
LEST, who with gen'rous Pity glows,

Who learns to feel another's Woes,
Bows to the poor Man's Want his Ear,

And wipes the helpless Orphan's Tear.
2 In ev'ry Want, in ev'ry Woe,

Himself thy Pity, Lord, shall know ;
Thy Love his Life shall guard, thy Hand

Give to his Lot the chosen Land.
3 When languid with Disease and Pain,

Thou, Lord, his Spirit wilt sustain,
Prop with thine Arm his finking Head,

And turn with tend'rest Care his Bed.
4 O let me, Lord, thy Mercy share,

Thus to my God I form'd the Pray'r,
Health to my fainting Soul dispense,

That humbled owns each known Offence.
5 And I (for thou thy Aid fhalt yield)

In Innocence. of Heart upheld
Thy Courts shall ever tread, and there

The Fulness of thy Presence share.
6 O thankful bless th' Almighty Lord,

The God by Jacob's Sons ador'd;
To him through endless Ages raise
One Song of oft-repeated Praise.
PSALM XLI. Second Version. TATI.
APPY the Man, whose tender Care

Relieves the poor Distreft:
When Troubles compass him around,

The Lord shall give him Reft.
» The Lord his Life with Blessings crown'd,

In Safety shall prolong;



And disappoint the Will of those,
Who seek to do him Wrong.

+ 3 If he in languishing Estate

Oppress'd with Sickness lie, The Lord will easy make his Bed,

And inward Strength supply. 4 Secure of this, to thee, my God,

I thus my Pray'r address'd; “ Lord, for thy Mercy, heal my Soul,

“ Though I'have much tranfgress'd.” s Thy tender Care secures my Life

From Danger and Disgrace; And thou vouchsaf'ft to let me still

Before thy glorious Face. 6 Let therefore Ifrael's Lord and God

From Age to Age be bless'd'; And all thy People's glad Applause

With loud Amens express'a.


PSALM XLI. Third Version. WATTE.
LEST is the Man whose Bowels move,

And melt. with Pity to the Poor,
Whose Soul by sympathizing Love

Feels what his Fellow-Saints endure. 2 His Heart contrives for their Relief

More Good than his own Hands can do ;
He in the Time of gen'ral Grief

Shall find the Lord has Pity too: 3

His Soul'fhall live secure on Earth,
With secret Blessings on his Head,
When Drought, and Pestilence, and Death
Around him multiply their Dead.
4. Or if he languish on his rouch,

God will pronounce his Sins forgiving,
Will save him with a healing Touch,
Or take his willing Soul to Heav'n.-


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