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While on the Sinner's lateft Hour

The Storms of heaviest Judgments low'r.
6 God's Law, the ever faithful Guide

To Sin forbids our Feet to slide;
Recede from Ill, to Good incline
Thy Thought; and endless Life be thine.

PSALM XXXVII. Second Version.



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Prosperous Vice to be neither envied nor feared.
HO' wicked Men grow rich or great,

Yet let not their successful State
Thy Anger or thy Envy raise:
For they cut down like tender Grass,
Or like young Flow'rs away fhall pass,

Whose blooming Beauty foon decays.
2 Depend on God, and him obey,
So thou within the Land shalt stay,

Secure from Danger and from Want:
Make his Commands thy chief Delight,
And he, thy Duty to requite,

Shall all thy earnest Wishes grant.
3 In all thy Ways trust thou the Lord,
And he will needful Help afford

To perfect ev'ry just Design;
And make, like Light serene and clear,
Thy clouded Innocence appear,

And as a mid-day Sun to shine.
4 With quiet Mind on God depend,
And patiently for him attend,

Nor let ihine Anger weakly rise ;
Tho' wicked Men with Wealth abound,
And with Success the Plots are crown'd,

Which they maliciously devise.
5 God to the Just will Aid afford,
Their only Safeguard is the Lord,

Their Strength, in Time of Need, is He:
Because on him they still depend,
i he Lord will timely Succour send,
And from the Wicked set him free..




PSALM XXXVII. Third Version. First Part. WATTS..

The Cure of Envy, Fretfulness, and Unbelief.
HY should I vex my Soul, and fret

To see the Wicked rise ?
Or envy Sinners waxing great

By Violence and Lies?
2 As flow'ry Grass cut down at Noon,.

Before the Ev'ning fades,
So shall their Glories vanish roon

In everlasting Shades.
3. Then let me make the Lord my Trust,

And practise all that's Good;
So shall I dwell among the Juít,

And he'll provide me Food.
4 I to my God my Ways commit,

And chearful wait his Will;
Thy Hand, which guides my doubtful Feet,

Shall my Desires fulfil.
5 Mine Innocence shalt thou display,

And make thy Judgments known,
Fair as the Light of dawning Day,

And glorious as the Noon.
6 The Meek shall still thy Love possess,

Such are the Heirs of Heav'n ;-
True Riches with abundant Peace

To humble Souls are giv’n.
PSALM XXXVII. Third Version. Second Parti

Religion in Words and Deeds.
HY do the wealthy Wicked boast,

And grow profanely bold.?:
The meanest Portion of the Just

Excels the Sinner's Gold.
2 The Wicked borrows of his Friends

But ne'er designs to pay;
The Saint is, merciful and lends,

Nor turns the Poor away.
His Alms with lib'ral Heart he gives.

Among the Sons of Need ;
His Mem’ry to long Ages livesy.

And blessed is his Seed.


4. His

His Lips abhor to talk profane,

To slander or defraud;
His ready Tongue declares to Men

What he has learnt of God.
5 The Law and Gospel of the Lord

Deep in his Heart abide ;
Led by the Spirit and the Word

His Feet shall never slide.
6 When Sinners fall the Righteous stand,

Preserv'd from ev'ry Snare ;
They shall possess the promis'd Land,

And dwell for ever there.


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PS A L M XXXVII. Third Version. Third Part.

The Way and End of the Righteous and Wicked.
Y God, the Steps of pious Men

Are order'd by thy Will;
Tho they should fall, they rise again,

Thy Hand supports them ftill.
2 The Lord delights to see their Ways,

Their Virtue he approves;
He'll ne’er deprive them of his Grace,

Nor leave the Men he loves.
3 The heav'nly Heritage is theirs,

Their Portion and their Home;
He feeds them now, and makes them Heirs

Of Blessings long to come.
4 Wait on the Lord, ye Sons of Men,

Nor fear when Tyrants frown;
Ye shall confess their Pride was vain

When Justice casts them down.
The haughty Sinner have I seen

Nor fearing Man nor God,
Like a tall Bay-Tree fair and green,

Spreading his Arms abroad.
6 And lo, he vanilh'd from the Ground,

Destroy'd by Hands unseen;
Nor Root, nor Branch, nor Leaf was found

Where all that Pride had been.


7 But mark the Man of Righteousness,

His sev'ral Steps attend;
True Pleasure runs thro' all his Ways,

And peaceful is his End.

The Days of the Upright known to God.
O Thee, my God, my Days are known ;

'T My Soul enjoys the Thought;

My A&ions all before thy Face,

Nor are my Faults forgot.
• 2 Each secret Breath Devotion vents

Is vocal to thine Ear;
And all my Walks of daily Life

Before thine Eye appear.
3 The vacant Hour, the active Scene,

Thy Mercy shall approve ;
And ev'ry Pang of Sympathy,

And ev'ry Care of Love.
Each golden Hour of 'beaming Light

Is guided by thy Rays;
And dark Amiction's Midnight Gloom

A prefent God surveys.
5 Full in thy View thro' Life I pass,

And in thy View I die ;
And, when each mortal Bond is broke,

Shall find my God is nigh.
6 Strip'd of my little earthly All,

I then in Smiles shall go ;
And in an heav'nly Heritage

My Father's Bounty know,
The Difference between the Righteous and the Wicked.

RET not thyself when wicked Men prevail,

And bold Iniquity bears down the Scale ;
They and their Glory quickly shall decay,
Swept by the Hand of Providence away,
As verdant Grass, cut from its vital Root,
That with’ring dies beneath the heedless Foot.

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2 In Piety resolvid, on God depend ;

His Hand shall feed thee, and his Arm defend;
Delight in him who hath the Pow'r to bless,
And what thy Soul desires, thou shalt poffess;
In all thy Ways on Providence recline,

So shall'he vindicate each just Design :
3 Thy Virtue in full Prospect shall be shewn,

Clear as the Morn, bright as the Mid-Day Sun :
In humble Silence ever patient be,
Wait the Event of his divine Decree;
Though guilty Policy her Schemes fulfil,

Fret not thyself, nor imitate the Ill.

Sudden the Sons of Vice shall be destroy'd,
And desolate the Place they once enjoy'd;
But he that's humble, merciful, and just,
And in his God reposes all his Trust,
Shall see his Days protracted, void of Cares,
And pass with Pleasure his remaining Years.


The humble Pittance, by the Good enjoy'd,
With Labor gain'd, with Probity employ'd,
Is better far, and more to be desir'd,
Than wealthy Stores by wicked Men acquir'd;
Whose Arms shall fail,whoseStrength fhall Weakness prove,

But the just Man no Pow'r on Earth shall move.
6 When heavy Judgments sweep o'er guilty Lands,

Secure in conscious Innocence he stands;
Should Fountains fail, and Earth deny her Grain,
Should pinching Want, and meagre Famine reign,
His Soul confiding in Jehovah's Care

Nor dire Alarms, nor pinching Want shall fear.
7 What fplendid Virtues grace the pious Mind!

Here Mercy is with chearing Bounty join'd,
Here open-handed Charity is seen,
And soft Compassion with a gentle Mien;
Such form the Man, who now Heav'n's Favor shares,

And leaves at last a Blessing to his Heirs.
8 A good Man's Steps are all with Caution trod,

At once the Charge and Fav'rite of his God;
And if he slips (as sure the best may err)
He's still supported by almighty Care ;


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