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3 For faithful is the Word of God,

His Works with Truth abound; He Justice loves, and all the Earth

Is with his Goodness crown'd. 4 By his almighty Word at first

The heav'nly Arch was rear'd; And all the beauteous Hofts of Light

At his Command appear'd. 5 The swelling Floods together rollid,

He makes in Heaps to lie ; And lays, as in a Storehoufe safe,

The wat’ry Treasures by..
6 Let Earth, and all that dwell therein,

Before him trembling stand :
For when he spoke the Word, 'twas made,

'Twas fix'd at his Command.
7 Whate'er the mighty Lord decrees,

Shall stand for ever fure :
The settled Purpose of his Heart,

To Ages shall endure.
8 The Riches of thy Mercy, Lord,

Do thou to us extend,
Since we, for all we want or wish,

On thee alone depend.

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PSALM XXXIII. Third Version. First Part. WATTS.

The Works of Creation and Providence.
EJOICE, ye Righteous, in the Lord,

This Work belongs to you:
Sing of his Name, his Ways, his Word,

How holy, juft, and true!
2 His Mercy and his Righteousness

Let Heav'n and Earth proclaim ;
His Works of Nature and of Grace

Reveal his wondrous Name.
3 His Wisdom and almighty Word

The heav'nly Arches spread;
And by the Spirit of the Lord

Their shining Hofts were made.

He bid the Liquid Waters flow

To their appointed Deep;
The flowing Seas their Limits know,

And their own Station keep.
Ye Tenants of the spacious Earth,

With Fear before him stand;
He spoke ; and Nature took its Birth,

And rests on his Command.
6 He scorns the haughty Sinner's Rage,

And breaks his vain Designs ;
His Counsel stands thro' every Age,

And in full Glory shines.

PSALM XXXIII. Third Version. Second Parta

Creatures. vain, and God all-sufficient.
LEST is the Nation where the Lord

'B Hath sixt his gracious Throne ;

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Where he reveals his heav'nly Word,

And calls their Tribes his own. 2 His Eye with infinite Survey

Does the whole World behold;
He form'd us all of equal Clay,

And knows our feeble Mould..
-- 3. Kings are not rescu'd by the Force

Of Armies from the Grave;
Nor Speed nor Courage of an Horse

Can the bold Rider fave.
4 Vain is the Strength of Beasts or Men

To hope for Safety thence;
But holy Souls from God obtain

A strong and sure Defence.
5 God is their Fear, and God their Trust;

When Plagues or Famine spread,
His watchful Eye secures the Just

Among ten thousand Dead.
6 Lord, let our Hearts in thee rejoice,

And bless us from thy Throne;
For we have made thy Word our Choice,

And trust thy Grace alone.

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PSALM XXXIII. Fourth Version. First Part. Watts.

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Works of Creation and Providence.
E humble Souls, in God rejoice,
Your Maker's Praise becomes

Great is your Theme, your Songs be new :
Sing of his Name, his Word, his Ways,
His Works of Nature and of Grace,

How wise and holy, jult and true !
2 Justice and Truth he ever loves,
And the whole Earth his Goodness proves,

His Word the heav'nly Arches spread; How wide they shine froin North to South ! And by the Spirit of his Mouth

Were all the Starry Armies made.
3 He gathers the wide fowing Seas,
Those watry Treasures know their Place.

In the vast Storehouse of the Deep.
He spoke, and gave all Nature Birth;
And Fires, and Seas, and Hear'n, and Earth

His everlasting Orders keep. 4 Mortals, be humble, and adore A God of such resistless Pow'r,

Nor dare indulge your feeble Rage :
Vain are your Thoughts, and weak your Hands ;
But his eternal Couniel stands,

And rules the World from Age to Age.

Fourth Version. Second Part.
Creatures vain, and God all-Jufficient.

Happy Nation, where the Lord

Reveals the Treasure of his Word,
And builds his Church, his earthly Throne !
His Eye the Heathen World surveys,
He form'd their Hearts, he knows their Ways,

But God their Maker is unknown.
2 Let Kings rely upon their Hoft,
And of his Strength the Champion boast;

In vain they boast, in vain rely;


Thrice happy, who on thee recline,
Nor own, nor ask a Help but thine.

In rain they trust the brutal Force, 1. V Or Speed, or Courage of a Horse,

To guard his Rider, or to fly.
The Eye of thy Compassion, Lord,

Doth more secure Defence afford cices

When Deaths or Dangers threat'ning stand ::
Thy watchful Eye preserves the Just,
who make thy Name their Fear and Trust,

When Wars or Famine waste the Land.
In Sickness or the bloody Field,
Thou our Physician, thou our Shield,

Send us Salvation from thy Throne ;,
We wait to see thy Goodness shine ;
Let us rejoice in Help divine,

For all our Hope is God alone..

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PSALM XXXIV. First Version. Merrick.

God's Care of the Righteous.
HEE, Lord, I'll thank, and Day by Day

Form to thy Praise the joyful Lay ;
From Morn to Eve the Song extend,
Thee boast my Father, thee my Friend.
2 To God my Soul disclos'd its Care
He heard, and present to my Pray’r
His faithful Buckler o'er me held,

Each Terror from my Breast dispell'a.
3 The Souls, that his Decree regard,
Like me his chearing Light have shar’d,
And fearless of Repulse or Shame
The Promise of his Mercy claim.
4 His Angel, nigb the just Man's Tent,
Encamp’d, each Danger to prevent,
His sure Protection round him throws,
Though harness'd Hosts his Peace oppose.
5 Hail, Saviour of the human Race!

Hail, Fountain of exhauitless Grace!

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And learn your

6 [The strengthful Lion's tawny Brood

With Thirst. and Penury of Food
Are ftung; but who in God confide

Shall find their ev'ry With supply'd.] 7 His Fear preserve, ye Just and Pure,

And live from Dread of Want fecure :
All upright Souls shall taste and prove
The Blessings of his boundless Love.

PSALM XXXIV. First Version. Second Part.
An Exhortation to Peace and Holiness, and God's Regard

to the Righteous.
E Children, come; my Precepts hear,

God to love and fear :
O come; if long Extent of Days,

With Blessings crown'd, your Hope can raise. 2 Averse from each injurious Art,

Let Falsehood from your Lips depart;
Be good your Choice; from Evil cease;

And plight the ready Hand to Peace.
3 Him serve, whose fav'ring Eyes survey

The Hearts that his Commands obey;
Him serve, whose ever open Ear

With just Regard their Pray’r shall heara 4. With suppliant Voice, in each Distress,

His sole Support, his sole Redress,
From God the Man of faithful Mind

Shall seek, and what he seeks shall find. 5 What, though the Just, by his Decree,

Awhile a Man of Griefs we see?
His Love shall soon its Aid bestow,

And deep Oblivion of his Woe. 6. But Ill on all who Ill intend

In full Proportion shall descend :
Who tow'rd' the Just in Hatred join,

Shall feel the Weight of Pow'r divine.
7 'Tis thine thy Saints from Woes to free ;

Nor Time throughout its Course shall see
The Soul, whose Hope on thee is staid,
Neglected mourn thy'abfent Aid.


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