Election Law of the State Enacted by the Assembly

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Стр. 168 - The person having the highest number of votes for either of said offices shall be declared duly elected; but if two or more have an equal and the highest number of votes, the General Assembly shall, by joint ballot, choose one of such persons for said office.
Стр. 201 - ... intimidation upon or against any person in order to induce or compel such...
Стр. 213 - Sec. 4. That any person violating any of the provisions hereof, whether as owner, part owner, or agent, or who shall aid, abet, counsel, advise, or assist in any violation hereof, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and fined in a sum not exceeding one thousand dollars or be imprisoned not exceeding one year, or both, for each offense.
Стр. 85 - States; second, he shall have resided in this State one year immediately preceding the election at which he offers to vote, and in the town, county or precinct such time as may be prescribed by law...
Стр. 159 - ... and in case of a question submitted to a vote of the people, by marking in the appropriate margin or place a cross (X) against the answer which he desires to give...
Стр. 3 - ... proposed as an amendment to the Constitution, which shall be valid to all intents and purposes as part of the Constitution...
Стр. 155 - ... 1. That place must be considered and held to be the residence of a person, in which his habitation is fixed, and to which, whenever he is absent, he has the intention of returning.
Стр. 9 - The legislative authority of the state shall be vested in a legislative assembly, consisting of a senate and house of representatives, but the people reserve to themselves power to propose laws and amendments to the constitution and to enact or reject the same at the polls, independent of the legislative assembly...
Стр. 10 - Petitions and orders for the initiative and for the referendum shall be filed with the secretary of state, and in submitting the same to the people he, and all other officers, shall be guided by the general laws and the act submitting this amendment, until legislation shall be especially provided therefor.
Стр. 161 - ... ballot, shall divulge to any one within the polling place the name of any candidate for whom he intends to vote, or to ask or receive the assistance of any person within the polling place in the preparation of his ballot.

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