The History of Scotland: From the Death of King James I, in the Year M.CCCC.XXXVI, to the Year M.D.LXI

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Bannatyne Club, 1830 - Всего страниц: 319

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Стр. 40 - And than ceiffit all religious and godlye myndis and deidis, quhairwith the fecularis and temporall men beand lklanderit with thair evill example, fell fra all devocioun and godlynes to the warkis of wikednes, quhairof daylie mekill evill did increafe. Becaus of the greyt fpulye of guidis quhilk wes takin at the breking of the faide barge in Ingland, and had bene oftymis required and no reftitucione maid, and als that notwithftanding the trewis the...
Стр. 76 - ... thair was sum hen fedderis in the wingis, quhilk yarnit and covet the mydding and not the skyis.
Стр. 62 - Ring commandit the fame to ceife, and the mater to be decidit in the law befoir thair judge competent. At the fame tyme be the advyfe of the eftatis, Sir James Ogillvy of Erlie knicht, ane clark and Rothfaye herauld, wes fend to the King of Denmark for renovatione of the confideracione maid with him, and uther privilege, fpeciallie for the weile of the merchaundis ; quha did his meffuage and charge fo wele, that at his returning he wes made Lord Ogillvy.
Стр. 220 - ... returnit with this anfwer, the Erle accompaneit with his taker, and mony uther gentill men appointit for his moir fuir keping, depairted from Lundon be jornay north, and come to Morpethe, being xij myle diftante frome Scotlande, the xxij day of December, quhair he wes appointit to remane for the cuming of his lady frome Edinburgh, quha was thair refident.

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