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BEN. H. CROWLY, delegate from the county of Greene.
H. M. RECTOR, delegate from Garland county.
JOHN R. EAKIN, delegate from Hempstead county.
W. C. KELLY, delegate from Hot Spring county.
J. W. BUTLER, delegate from Independence county.
JAMES RUTHERFORD, delegate from Independence county.
RANSOM GULLEY, delegate from Izard county.
FRANKLIN DOSWELL, delegate from Jackson county.
JNO. A. WILLIAMS, delegate from Jefferson county.
SETH J. HOWELL, delegate from Johnson county.
PHILIP K. LESTER, delegate from Lawrence county.
J. H. WILLIAMS, delegate from Little River county.
J. P. EAGLE, delegate from Lonoke county.
REASON G. PUNTNEY, delegate from Lincoln county.
MONROE ANDERSON, delegate from Lee county.
JOHN CARROLL, delegate from Madison county.
S. P. HUGHES, delegate from Monroe county.
NICHOLAS W. CABLE, delegate from Montgomery county.
CHARLES BOWEN, delegate from Mississippi county.
R. K. GARLAND, delegate from Nevada county.
HENRY G. BUNN, delegate from Ouachita county.
W. H. BLACKWELL, delegate from Perry county.
JNO. J. HORNOR, delegate from Phillips county.
JNO. R. HOMER SCOTT, delegate from the county of Pope.
JOHN MILLER, JR., delegate from the county of Randolph.
SIDNEY M. BARNES, delgate from the county of Pulaski.
JABEZ M. SMITH, delegate from Saline county.
BEN. B. CHISM, delegate from the county of Sarver.
J. W. SORRELS, delegate from Scott county.
W. S. LINDSEY, delegate from Searcy county.
R. P. PULLLAM, delegate from Sebastian county.
W. M. FISHBACK, delegate from Sebastian county.
B. H. KINSWORTHY, delegate from Sevier county.
LEWIS WILLIAMS, delegate from Sharp county.
JOHN M. PARROTT, delegate froin Saint Francis county.
WALTER J. CAGLE, delegate from Stone county.
HORATIO G. P. WILLIAMS, delegate from Union county.
ROBT. GOODWIN, delegate from Union county.
A. R. WITT, delegate from Van Buren county.

R. P. POLK, delegate from Phillips county.
T. W. THOMASON, delegate from Washington county.
BENJAMIN F. WALKER, delegate from Washington county.
M. F. LAKE, delegate from Washington county.
JESSE N. CYPERT, delegate from White county.
J. W. HOUSE, delegate from White county.
JOSEPH T. HARRISON, delegate from Yell county.
MARCUS L. HAWKINS, delegate from Ashley county.
EDWIN R. LUCAS, delegate from Fulton county.
BENJAMIN W. JOHNSON, delegate from Calhoun county.
RODERICK JOYNER, delegate from Poinsett county.





Articles 1. Declaration of rights. 2. Rights of suffrage. 3. Distribution of powers. 4. Legislative department. 5. Executive department. 6. Judicial department. 7. Pardoning power. 8. Militia. 9. Education. 10. State institutions and public

buildings. 11. Counties, cities and towns. 12. Corporations. 13. Revenue and taxation. 14. Water and water rights. 15. Harbor frontage, etc. 16. State indebtedness. 17. Land and homestead exemp

tion. 18. Amending and revising the Con

stitution. 19. Chinese. 20. Miscellaneous subjects. 21. Boundary. 22. Schedule.


Section 7. Jury, trial by. 8. Prosecution by information af

ter examination and commit. ment by magistrate. - Grand

jury summoned once a year. 9. Freedom of speech and of the

press. 10. The people have the right to

petition the Legislature. 11. General laws to have uniform

operation. 12. Military subordinate to civil

power.-No standing army. 13. No right to be put in jeopardy

twice for same offense.-Right

of speedy and public trial. 14. Private property, rights of. 15. Imprisonment for debt. 16. Obligations of contracts not to

be impaired by the passing of

any law. 17. Naturalized foreigners, rights of. 18. Slavery not legal. 19. Personal and property rights

against unreasonable seizures

and searches. 20. Treason against the State. 21. Legislature has right to revoke

all privileges granted. 22. Provisions of this Constitution

are mandatory and prohibi

tory. 23. This enumeration of rights not

to impair others held by the

people. 24. No property qualification for

right to vote.


Declaration of Rights. 1. Personal rights and protection

of property. 2. Government in the hands of the

people. 3. The State inseparable from the

Union. 4. Freedom of religious thought

and worship. 5. Privilege of writ of habeas cor

pus. 6. Bail shall not be excessive, nor

witnesses unreasonably detained.


Right of Suffrage. 1. Vote, requirements to. 2. Electors exempt from arrest on

day of election.

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