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THE plan of the Five Sermons preached dur. ing Lent, is taken from a late excellent tract, entitled, “ An Estimate of the Religion of the Fashionable World.” The vices, the follies, and the negligences of that part of the community, which is particularly addressed in the Work alluded to, prevail, with a little modi. fication, at this time, through all the classes of society in this country. From the first moment when I read that useful little book, I determined to make its topics the subject of pulpit animadversion, and to lay them plainly and honestly before my hearers. It will be highly gratifying to me, therefore, if the Author approves

of my plan, in extending the design to the remaining ranks of society.


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The Sermons, which are now offered to the Public, were not originally intended for publication ; but as they appeared to me, in the delivery, to interest the attention of my congregation, I conceived a hope, that the first tranfient effect which is produced by a public address, might be fixed upon the heart, by a careful and serious perufal in private. And when once I conceived it possible to render the effect permanent upon some who heard these discourses, I naturally indulged myself in another delightful hope, that I might extend that effect to a few who were not present at the delivery. The Reader will observe, that I have merely taken the topics of the Author alluded to, and that I have not been guilty of any farther piracy, except in a very few instances, into which I have been unavoidably led by a similarity of opinion, and the Author's very happy mode of treating the sub


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ject. However defective I may have been in the execution of my plan (and very far am I from being fanguine in the appreciation of my talents), I trust the Public will receive with candour and charity, the humblest attempt to spread the invaluable blessings of religion and virtue, and moral order.

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