Bell's Classical Arrangement of Fugitive Poetry, Том 8;Объемы 15-17

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John Bell, 1797
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Стр. 23 - By Music, minds an equal temper know, Nor swell too high, nor sink too low. If in the breast tumultuous joys arise, Music her soft, assuasive voice applies ; Or, when the soul is press'd with cares, Exalts her in enlivening airs.
Стр. 70 - Pope's heaven-strung lyre, nor Waller's ease, Nor Milton's mighty self, must please : Instead of these a formal band, In furs and coifs, around me stand; With sounds uncouth and accents dry, That grate the soul of harmony, Each pedant sage unlocks his store Of mystic, dark, discordant lore ; And points with tottering hand the ways That lead me to the thorny maze.
Стр. 43 - O'er thrones and globes elate Sits empress, crowning good, repressing ill. Smit by her sacred frown, The fiend, Dissension, like a vapor sinks ; And e'en the all-dazzling crown Hides his faint rays, and at her bidding shrinks; Such was this heaven-loved isle, Than Lesbos fairer and the Cretan shore ! No more shall freedom smile ? Shall Britons languish, and be men no more ? Since all must life resign, Those sweet rewards which decorate the brave 'Tis folly to decline, And steal inglorious to the...
Стр. 71 - Then welcome business, welcome strife, Welcome the cares, the thorns of life ; The visage wan, the purblind sight, The toil by day, the lamp at night, The tedious forms, the solemn prate, The pert dispute, the dull debate, The drowsy bench, the babbling Hall, For thee, fair Justice, welcome all...
Стр. 68 - LAWYER'S FAREWELL TO HIS MUSE. As, by some tyrant's stern command, A wretch forsakes his native land, In foreign climes condemned to roam An endless exile from his home ; Pensive he treads the destined way, And dreads to go, nor dares to stay; Till on some...
Стр. 42 - What constitutes a State? Not high-raised battlement or labored mound, Thick wall or moated gate; Not cities proud, with spires and turrets crowned; Not bays and broad-armed ports, Where, laughing at the storm, rich navies ride; Not starred and spangled courts, Where low-browed baseness wafts perfume to pride. No: MEN, high-minded MEN...
Стр. 24 - Thracian rais'd his strain, While Argo saw her kindred trees Descend from Pelion to the main : Transported demigods stood round, And men grew heroes at the sound...
Стр. 25 - He sung, and hell consented To hear the poet's prayer: Stern Proserpine relented, And gave him back the fair. Thus song could prevail O'er death and o'er hell, A conquest how hard and how glorious ! Though fate had fast bound her, With Styx nine times round her, Yet music and love were victorious.
Стр. 69 - I, thus doom'd from thee to part, Gay queen of fancy and of art, Reluctant move, with doubtful mind, Oft stop, and often look behind. Companion of my tender age...
Стр. 24 - Sisyphus, stands still, Ixion rests upon his wheel, And the pale spectres dance ! The furies sink upon their iron beds, And snakes uncurl'd hang list'ning round their he ids.

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