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1. PSALM 17. L. M.

1 What sinners válue, I resign;

Lord, 'tis enough that thou art mine :
I shall behold thy blissful face,

And stand complete in righteousness.
2 This life's a dream, an empty show;

But the bright world to which I go,
Hath joys substàntial and sincère;

When shall I wake and find me there?
30. glorious hour ! O.. blèst abode !

I shall be near, and like my God;
And flesh and sin no more control

The sacred pleasures of the soul.
4 My flesh shall slumber in the ground,

Till the last trumpet's joyful sound :
Then burst the chains with sweet surprise,

And in my Savior's image rise. Note : In some of the cases where the mark of monotone occurs, there is a little inflection, most commonly downwards.

2. Psalm 93. P. M.
1 The Lord Jehovah reigns,

And royal state maintains,
His liead with awful glories crown'd ;

Array'd in robes of light,

Begirt with sovereign right,
And rays of majesty around.
2 In vain the noisy crowd,

Like billows fierce and loud,
Against thine empire rage and roar;
In vain with angry spite

The surly nations fight,
And dash -- like waves against the shore.
3 Let floods and nations rāge,

And all their power engāge;
Let swelling tides assault the sky :

The terrors of thy frown

Shall beat their madness down;
Thy throne forever - stands on high.

3. Psalm 132. C. M. i Arise, O King of grace, arise,

And enter to thy rest :
Lo! thy church waits with longing eyes,

Thus to be own'd and blest.
2 Enter with all thy glorious train,

Thy Spirit and thy word ;
All that the ark did once contain,

Could no such grace afford.
3 Here, mighty God, accept our vows;

Here let thy praise be spread ;
Bless the provision of thy house,

And fill thy poor with bread.
4 Here let the Son of David rèign,

Let God's anointed shine ;
Justice and truth his court maintain,

With love and power divine.
5 Here let him hold a lasting throne,

And as his kingdom grows,
Fresh honors shall adorn his crown,
And shame confound his foes.


Psalm 135. C. M. 1 Great is the Lord, and works unknown

Are his divine employ;
But still his saints are near his throne,

His treasure and his joy. 2 All power that gods or kings have claim'd

Is found with him alone; But heathen gods should ne'er be nam'd

Where our JehcVAH's known,

3. Which of the stocks and stones they trust,

Can give them showers of ràin
In vain they worship glittring dust,

And pray to gold in vain.
4 Ye nations, know the living God,

Serve him with faith and fear;
He makes the churches his abode,
And claims your honors there.

5. Psalm 139. L. M.
1 My thoughts, before they are my own,

Are to my God distinctly known;
He knows the words I mean to speak,

Ere from my op’ning lips they break.
2 Ama • zing knowledge, vast and great!

What large extent ! what lofty height !
My soul, with all the powers I boast,

Is in the boundless prospect - lost.
3 Oh may these thoughts possess my breast,

Where'er I róve, where'er I rest;
Nor let my weaker passions dare ..
Consent to sin, .. for God is there.

6. Psalm 146. L. P. M.
1 I'll praise my Maker with my breath;
And when my voice is lost in dēath,

Praise shall employ my nobler powers :
My days of praise shall ne'er be past,
Wbile life, and thought, and being last,

Or immortality endures.
2 Why should I make a man my trust?
Princes must die, and turn to dust :

Vain is the help of flesh and blood; Their breath departs, their pomp and pow'r, And thoughts all vanish in an hour;

Nor can they make their promise good.

3 Happy the man whose hopes rely
On Israel's God ; he made the sky,

And earth, and seas, with all their train :
His truth forever stands secure ;
He saves th’ opprest, he seeds the poor ;

And none shall find his promise vain.

7. Hymn 142, BOOK I. 1 Like sheep we went astray,

And broke the fold of God; Each wandring in a diff"rent way,

But all the downward road. 2 How dreadful was the hour,

When God our wand'rings laid, And did at once his vengeance pour

Upon the Shepherd's head ! 3 How glorious was the grace,

When Christ sustain'd the stroke ! His life and blood the Shepherd pays,

A ransom for the flock.

8. Hymn 14, Book 11. 1 Welcome, sweet day of rest,

That saw the Lord arise ;
Welcome to this reviving breast,

And these rejoicing eyes! 2 One day amidst the place

Where my dear God hath been, Is sweeter than ten thousand days

Of pleasurable sin.
3 My willing soul would stay

In such a frame as this ;
And sit and sing herself away

To everlasting bliss.

9. HYMN 76, BOOK II. 1 Hosanna to the Prince of light,

That cloth’d himnself in clay ; Enter'd the iron gates of death,

And tore the bars away.
2 Death is no more the king of dread,

Since our Immanuel rose ;
He took the tyrant's sting away,

And spoild our hellish foes.
3 Raise your devotion, .. mortal tongues, -

To reach his blest abode :
Sweet be the accents of your songs,

To our incarnate God. 4 Bright angels ! .. strike your loudest strings,

Your sweetest voices raise;
Let heav'n and all created things
Sound our Immanuel's praise.

10. Hymn 77, Book i.
1 Stand up, my soul, shake off thy fears,

And gird the gospel armor on;
Mārch to the gates of endless joy,

Where thy great Captain-Savior's gone. 2 Hell and thy sins resist thy course,

But hell and sin are vanquish'd foes ;
Thy Jesus nail'd them to the cross,

And sung the triumph when he rose. 3 Then let my soul march boldly on,

Press forward to the heavenly gate ;
There peace and joy eternal reign,

And glittring robes for conqu’rors wait. 4 There shall I wear a starry crown,

And triumph in almighty grace ;
While all the armies of the skies,

Join in my glorious Leader's praise.

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