The Red Man and the White Man in North America: From Its Discovery to the Present Time

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Little, Brown, 1882 - Всего страниц: 642

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Стр. 499 - I have but to give stretch to the Indian forces under my direction — and they amount to thousands — to overtake the hardened enemies of Great Britain and America. I consider them the same, wherever they may lurk.
Стр. 332 - God, we are further dispersed upon the seacoasts and rivers than was at first intended, so that we cannot, according to our desire, with convenience communicate in one government and jurisdiction ; and whereas we live encompassed with people of several nations and strange languages, which hereafter may prove injurious to us or our posterity...
Стр. 168 - Thus the Birch Canoe was builded In the valley, by the river, In the bosom of the forest ; And the forest's life was in it, All its mystery and its magic, All the lightness of the birch-tree, All the toughness of the cedar, All the larch's supple sinews ; And it floated on the river Like a yellow leaf in Autumn, Like a yellow water-lily.
Стр. 443 - If a man should be inclosed in Iron a foot thick and thrown into the fire, what would become of his soule, whether could the soule come forth thence or not...
Стр. 499 - If, notwithstanding these endeavors, and sincere inclinations to effect them, the frenzy of hostility should remain, I trust I shall stand acquitted in the eyes of God and men, in denouncing and executing the vengeance of the state against the wilful outcasts. The messengers of justice and of wrath await them in the field : and devastation, famine, and every concomitant horror, that a reluctant, but indispensable prosecution of military duty must occasion, will bar the way to their return.
Стр. 342 - The place they had thoughts on was some of those vast and unpeopled countries of America, which are fruitful and fit for habitation, being devoid of all civil inhabitants, where there are only savage and brutish men which range up and down, little otherwise than the wild beasts of the same.
Стр. 24 - ... to the knowledge and obedience of the only true God and Saviour of mankind, and the Christian faith, which in our royal intention, and the adventurers' free profession, is the principal end of this plantation.
Стр. 24 - We are very confident of your best endeavors for the general good ; and we doubt not but God will in mercy give a blessing upon our labors ; and we trust you will not be unmindful of the main end of our plantation, by endeavoring to bring the Indians to the knowledge of the gospel...
Стр. 24 - pretend right of inheritance to all or any part of the lands granted in our patent, we pray you endeavor to purchase their tytle, that we may avoid the least scruple of intrusion.
Стр. 618 - The Great Spirit made us all— he made my skin red, and yours white; he placed us on this earth, and intended that we should live differently from each other. He made the whites to cultivate the earth, and feed on domestic animals; but he made us, red skins, to rove through the uncultivated woods and plains; to feed on wild animals; and to dress with their skins.

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