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The American Psychiatric Association was pleased to learn of your responses which were sent to the World Psychiatric Association to cases which were referred by the WPA leadership. We had hoped that this was the beginning of a dialogue on these issues leading to a better understanding. You will recall that the APA resolution stated that: "If the All Union Society of Psychiatrists and Neurolopathologists of the USSR does not adequately respond to all inquiries from the WPA regarding the issues of psychiatric abuse by April 1, 1983...." was a conditioned one which you were apparently prepared to meet at that time.

You mentioned. possible abuses in other countries and the APA wishes to respond with the information that we have submitted information and made inquiries into allegations in other countries, in addition to those in the USSR. The difference is that the cases presented to the APA from other countries were less in number and, in addition, we have received responses from these other countries. The APA is careful to investigate any allegations of abuse in the United States and would be cooperative in replying to requests of this sort.

The American Psychiatric Association is on record as being opposed to the use of psychiatry for political purposes wherever it may occur. We believe that issues of ethics should be of vital concern to any scientific organization. We further agree that the profession of psychiatry and any organization representing this profession should take an active stance on ethical issues in order to "promote the advance of psychiatric science, . improve the system of organizing aid for the population," as mentioned in your letter of resignation. We hope that Soviet psychiatry would not be opposed to this stance.

Your letter accused the World Psych i atric Association of becoming involved in outright political activity and that the APA has contributed to the politicizing of the WPA. If psychiatry were not being used for political purposes, this would not have occurred. It is our opinion that the resignation of the All Union Society in the face of criticism by colleagues regarding the use of psychiatry for political purposes, seems to be a political move in itself. Psychiatric science would have been more advanced by the All Union Society taking -part in discussion, with a possible change of practices or elaboration of new practices. It is on this basis that we negate your statement that it is the APA that is politicizing the WPA.

in closing, I will say that we do hope that it will be possible someday for all countries to be members of the World Psychiatric Association. If the All Union Society of Psychiatrists and Neuropathologists would be prepared to demonstrate that there was no longer reason for concern about psychiatric abuse in your country, the American Psychiatric Association would certainly be in the forefront among those weicoming your organization back into the membership of the. WPA.

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B Ladication of its activo participation 12 this prope geada csafei; contalas slanderous accusations insected aga ast Sorlet payable trists conceptes alleged abuse of psychiatry.

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Te sould like to eafbarize once again that there bare been so ground and these axe ao Counds for such slenderous attacks.

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In the course of decades, the efforts of Sordet scboleza and phyalclars, of spocialists from other countries prodoted the advance of psychiatric science, improved the system of organizing aid for the population, ead troreadows siforts where directed tomosds gvercoming e prejudiced ottitado la respect to the deatally sin end to poyeble try..

sienderous fabrications ebout the abuse of poychiatzy ozuate « barrier between patients and doctors, and deplot perchiatry, so the wderstanding of patients and society, as • body of suppressdon. This disrupts the mutual relationship betrees the patient and the doctor, tad results LA an imprope Scanatics of public opinion concerning the tasks and fuction cť perckiety

forset paycise trists, ksylogias a spirit of cooperat: at the requect of the tip leadezabis, cuboiited totalied cedical documents concerning the centail, 111, ubo to the Fes: ose pzobowDSed bez tolly bealthy "pietieg" of Soviet pugobiet.

Beny outstanding paychiatrists from Western countriu, Laclodiag VPA Berbera, during those rhait to the USSR, at the: request, bad ibe opportunity to enla, the correspondlag patiento Lo sbow they now. Loterested, and no ope azpressed any doubts as to the correctneso of the diagnosis of the pepti diseases these lod vidus:a.

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