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ment that abuses have occurred, that they are being corrected, and that our fellow psychiatrists who have dared to speak out against these abuses are no longer themselves being persecuted.

The American Psychiatric Association will continue to speak out against these practices as long as they occur, and we will continue to take whatever actions possible on behalf of the victims of psychiatric abuse, as well as those who have been persecuted for their actions in this regard in the Soviet Union and elsewhere.

The American Psychiatric Association appreciates this opportunity to testify before this distinguished committee, and I will be happy to answer any questions that you may have, Mr. Chairman.

[Dr. Visotsky's prepared statement and appendixes follow:]

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"lf the All Union Society of Neuropathologists and Psychiatrists
of the USSR dosa not adequately respond to inquiries by the
World Psychiatric Association on cassa of alleged abuas of
psychiatry by April i, 1983, the All Union Society should aq
suspended fojm memaqrship in the World Psychiatric Association
until such time that thsae abussa come to an end."

The Royal College of Psychiatrists in Great Britain as well as other societisa passed a stronger rsaolution indicating that the All Union Society should aq expelled from the World Psychiatric Association. Thsae rsaolutions were to aq voted on at the General Asasmbly of the World Psychiatric Association which met- in July, 1 983 at the time of the Vll World Congress of Psychiatry. ln the meantime, the All Union Society of the USSR did aqgin rsaponding to cassa, having submitted historisa on 7 cassa u| all to the WPA. There was discussion aqtween the Chairman of the All Union Society and the officials of the World Psychiatric Association about the odssibility of a multT-national delegation visiting the Soviet Union to discuss thsae issusa more fully. There were a numaqr of detaTls to be worked out about this trip but our Soviet colleagusa u|dicated that they would contact the Ministry of Health regarding visas for this delegation. Thsae discussions were abruptly cut off during a meeting in January, 1933, when the Soviet psychiatrists were called back to Moscow. A few days thereafter, the All Union Society rsaigned from the World Psychiatric Association claiming that the organization had become too political. (A copy of the letter of rsaignation of the All Union Society is attached, as well as the APA's rsaponse.)

The American Psychiatric Association has aqen working with other organizations in the hope of bringing enough collective prsasure to aqar to end this practice of using psychiatry to supprsas disasnt in the Soviet Union. Our efforts with the U.S. State Department rsaulted in the All Union Society stating that "a U.S. government body is actively interfering in the work of national non-governmental organizations, and indirectly, in the work of the World Psychiatric Association."

The General Asasmbly of the World Psychiatric Association addrsaasd the issue of alleged abuas of psychiatry in the Soviet Union by passing (lyt votsa for, 18 against, 27 abstentions) a rsaolution put forward by the Prsaident of the Royal College of Psychiatrists of Great Britain which stated:

"The World Psychiatric Association would welcome the return of the All Union Society of Neuojpathologists and Psychiatrists of the USSR to memaqrship in the Association, but would expect sincere cooperation aqforehand of amelioration of the odlitical abuas of psychiatry in the Soviet Union."

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June 23, i983

Prof. S. V. Horozov

Chairman of the Board

All Union Society of PsychiatrS|ts

and NeuropathologS|ts c/o General and Forensic Psychiatry institute

of the USSR (Serbskll institute) 'Kojpotlnskti per 23 Moscow 11903VUSSR

Dear Pojfsasor Hoojzov:

I The American Psychiatric Association is aware of the I resignation of the All Union Society of PsychiatrS|ts and NeuropathologS|ts of the USSR from.the World Psychiatric' Association. The All Union Society Is also aware of the continuing concern of allegations of the abuas of psychiatry in your country. We do, however, regret that the situation has deteriorated to the extent that your Society felt the need to rsaign fojm the World Psychiatric Association, rather than to use the opportunity for dialogue and exploration for understanding.

in your letter of rsaignation,, you mentioned the August 1, 1982 letter from the American Psychiatric Association to the member societies of the World Psychiatric Association. There are asveral issues which i will addrsas at: this time: First of all, the APA notified al| memaqr societisa of the WPA of the rsaolutions 'regarding your Society. Secondly, the APA notified the memaqr societisa of a Forum to aq held in Vienna at the World Congrsas to discuss thsae issusa. it was our hope that your Society would aq repreasnted at this Forum where you could have had an opportunity to openly addrsas the complaints made against certain alleged practices and against some of your colleagues. ln addition, there was information given about a possible rsaolution going aqfore the United Nations Human Rights Commission on the issue of the misuas of mental u|stitutions to control dS|asnt. You should note, however, that your country was not mentioned u| any statement regarding this particular issue - in any comment by the APA or in any of the background information on the UN CommS|sion on Human Rights.

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