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the kingdom and power are to be found within. we be Christians, indeed; and wben our little And so is Christ's own language fulfilling : moment of probation is over, then the eternal “ I came not to send peace, (that is, a false weight of unningled joy and glory shall fol. peace,) but rather division :” he is separating, low! and will make a clean separation between the

J. B. precious and the vile; and is purging away all

To Thomas E old leavens of refined error as well as open evil! And we who look for all things being made and

Croydon, Sixth month, 1835. kept new, pure, and of God, and who desire all No sooner was my eye opened to see the exold things to be done away that are not wrought cellency there is in the Truth, now just about jo God, should not shrink or be afraid. We twenty years #go, than I began to appreciate that desire to be searched and tried, also to the blessed experience recorded by those wor: prove all things, and to be wholly given up to thies, (our carly Friends,) who, in the same the Lord and his guidance, should not give way line of testimony, were counted worthy, as it to unreasonable or unwarrantable feurs, lest we were, afresh to cast up the way and revive the be doing the enemy's work; but simply to ege ancient simplicity of the gospel. Since that our Captain :-and if He show us the enemy at time, poor and feeble as I feel myself, and unwork, attempting to insinuate poison into the worthy to bear the precious name by which we church, and put us upon resisting and with are called, --in the midst of blushing at my own standing him and those deluded by him,—this dwarfishness and abundant occasion of humiliais not the work of the enemy which thus en- tion and of exercise,-I may say that this feelgages us:—for Satan never yet did cast out Sa- ing and love to the pure cause of Trnth as protan. The giving place to such fears would lead fessed by our poor Society has never slackened. us to esteem the guidance and instructions of How animating it is and comforting to believe, our holy Head by his Spirit uncertain and -as I have done at this time, in the reading of questionable : whereas the way of the Truth is thy letter, and observing your exercises and a plain way, so that the wayfaring man, though efforts in America) on account of this most a fool, is not to err therein; that is, as he looks precious cause,--that the Lord hath not for. to the Lord, alone, aud does not lean to his own saken those who desire to cleave to him with understanding

full surrender of themselves ; that He is still

J. B. near to help in the need ful time, to limit the Το

power of the enemy, and lift up a standard 8th of Second month, 1835.—May the bless against him, and to overrule all for the good of ing of heaven above and of the earth beneath those that fear bim. O! how little do we know attend you and yours,-the blessing which

,—the blessing which of the designs of His wisdom and goodness to makcs most truly rich, and adds thereto no his church :-His people are permitted to be sting of sorrow! This has been my secret pe bowed down, afflicted, oppressed ;-He chastens tition in some of my best moments, when them, and punishes them; and then (as the thinking of yoa; and, surely, I shall be ex- history of the church sets forth,) Hè raises cused for telling you so. There is that, which them up by his own arm of power, beyond all crowns all other blessings, as you well know : expectation ;-He even works by poor, little,

- there is that, (let the thoughtless, the unfeel feeble instruments, and in unlikely ways, till ing heart say what it may,) without which our he has effected, through suffering, the enlargevery blessings are of no benefit to us, and every ment, strengthening, and glorifying of the gift of Divine providence and grace is liable to house of his glory. Isaiah Ix. Ixi., &c. be perverted and abused, instead of being faith. It is remarkable that tbere is a numerous fully held in trust, and duly appreciated and body of scattered and hidden seekers who have applied to the enduring good of ourselves and tried all other ways, and retired from them of all with whom we have to do. This is more or less; and who are sincerely looking to Dothing less than a sense of the presence, coun the spirituality of religion, and to us as holding sel and aid of Him, who giveth us all things up this view. By these the most primitive richly to enjoy, and will graciously condescend productions are increasingly sought and prized. to show us how we may use these things as not With regard to cutting down some of our abusing them,- how we may no longer liye to Jouroals, &c., I bave always looked upon this ourselves; but whether we eat or drink, or as a delicate or difficult matter to do udobjeowhatever we do, may do all to His glory. May tionably. We are too apt, unconsciously to tbis, my dear be the first object in our ourselves, to choose that which in our present eye, the very business of our lives, in all we state and turn of mind we are impressed with, undertake, in all we have to pass through. or that which the present tendencies and exiThen shall we not fail of that inheritance gencies of the times seem to us to call for; which our dear Lord and Saviour purchased for and possibly (for often it has been so) to the us by his coming and by his death; then sballunequal upholding of divide truth, or a partial

exhibition of the character and line of testi

LETTERS FROM SARAH G. RICH. mony, which a Friend in his lifetime main

(Continued from page 54.) tained. This, doubtless, can be much guarded

PHILADELPHIA, 101b mo. 24th, 1853. against by a jadicious hand, and under best dia My dear friend :-Why is it that I should rection; but still I have been afraid of para- feel so impressive an obligation to write thee, phrasing upon, or extracting the experience of when already I have written one or more let others; we may so readily give an aspect or ters sioce any line has greeted my sight from coloriog different from the original document. hy pen ? Must I infer from thy silence that There has been, in my opinion, ever since the thou no longer classes me among congenial creeping in of degeneracy, a correspondent en spirits? Well, my fricod, if this were the case, deavor to refipe upon, to remodel, and soften would the incomes of love so often fill my down the ruyged plain truths delivered by these breast, creating a desire not only to write thee, ancients; and I think I see this in many of the but also to receive letters from thee? Would publications that have of late years issued from this be so, if the bond of friendship and love the press. The more pure days of the church did not exist as in former days? Certainly not. yield to me much the most interesting and im. And I believe if love to God the supreme

and pressive experience. O! how is the simplicity love to men were the ruling principle of every overborne, even in dedicated wiods, now a days; breast, no place would be found for a spirit of how refined, how self-indulgent, and full of eomity and evil surmisings, arraying brother reasonings are we! At what a low ebb is against brother; that spirit of coldness, and many places is our ministry; even strangers jealousy, which would briog every thing to its Doticing the change, and the approach to their owo contracted views. pulpit eloquence : Scripture words, indeed, Yes, this it is, this spirit, which assumes the there are, yet often attended with but little of judgment seat, which is causing us to become a that authority, weight, eavor and life, which reproach and a bye-word to the people ; until tends to baptize and bow down the spirits of some of us can know only confusion and shame all, and to humble the creature under the iu reflecting on things as they exist.

And in mighty hand of Him, who worketh all in all deed, for myself, it I did not remember, that Surely, a uong many causes, our being so mixed this life is short, and eternity loug, I should, in up with all sorts of people, sometimes for pur- view of the many discouragements from within puses very good in themselves, has contributed and without, be utterly overwhelmed; but with to this state of things :—“strangers” to the this view, the feeling is, of what avail will it life of Christ in wardly revealed have “de- be, whether our path bere be strewn with roses, or Foured our strength.”—Hosea vii. 9.—I beset with thorns; it will soon be passed; and must conclude witú saying, may the Lord by the end crowns all—and oh, if it can ooly be of his power interpose, and show us whence we that glorious, triumphant obaracter, which Paul have fallen, and preserve us from falling still realized, when he said, “There is laid up for more generally and utterly !

crown of righteousness, which the Farewell! I shall be pleased to hear from Lord, the righteous Judge, shall give me at thee whenever thou bast occasion or liberty to that day, and not for me only, but for all those address me; and sometimes, at least, think of also who love His appearing: Of little mome as one that longs to endure to the end, to ment will it be, whether this be obtained hold fast faith and patience, till the Lord say, though many trials; yea, or nay. If we can

only say, "We bave fought the good fight, and I remain a poor and weak brother, have kept the faith"-a faith that is saving-a

J. B. faith that is living-not a dead faith—but one

which is an active principle-one which is There is one thing with which we ought shown by good works, -- à faith in the newness perer to be content. That thiog is a little re- of spirit, and not in the oldness of the letter. ligion, a little faith, a little hope, and a little if this living faith be abode in, we shall be able grace. Let us never sit down satisfied with a to endure all hard things; and if, to be evil little of these things. On the contrary, let us spoken of is our lot, and our name cast out as seek them more and more. When Alexander evil; if we know the effect of tbis to be, to the Great visited the Greek philosopher, Diog- teach us not to lean on the arm of flesh, but to enes, he asked him if there was anything that place our hopes on high,--then can we through he could give him. He got this short answer: ihis faith endure all, fearing not those who can " I want nothing but that you should stand from ouly affect the body, or outward man's standing, between me and the sun." Let the spirit of but have no power over the suul.” For in that answer run through our religion. One the midst of the most fiery trials, we shall be thing there is which should never satisfy and made to feel that our Redcemer liveth, and as content us, and that is, “anything that stands He liveth, "we live also." Therefore, above between our souls and Christ."-3. C. Ryle. Tall

, may our hopes soar, and dwell in that faith


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It is enough.

which will lead into a religion which is not of thee.” Did not my heart most truly respond scct or form, but one which is pure and unde- -yes, most truly-Amen, sayeth my spirit. filed; wbich leads to visit the widows and We also had a deeply interesting visit from fatherless, and to keep ourselves unspotted from P. C., who is engaged in visiting families the world.

among us; and if her spirit is not one qualified 31st. —A week has elapsed since writing the to enter into sympathy with tribulated ones, above. Yes, a week of as deep trials and prov. then must I doubt all such things. Her lanings as have often fallen to the lot of thy suf- guage was all love, all sympathy with the affering friend to endure. And oh, that in all such ficted. The commencement was, “ Many are Beasons I may prove the efficacy of that fuith the afflictions of the righteous, hut the Lord above mentioned, which will-which does-beget delivereth out of them all.” Yes, she added, a holy hope, and confidence, that there is that, He does deliver—He will deliver. Thus she beyond this vale, which is worth all the suffering proceeded, and a more soul-refreshing cup of of this life to obtain. Therefore, may I count coll water seldom has been handed to the desoall as gain if thereby I may win Christ, and late and thirsty traveller. She said much, be brought into that entire nothingness of self, though often pausing, as if willing to close, wþich will enable me to feel that, “ It is not and then something more encouraging and I that live, but Christ that liveth in me;" and strengthening she would quietly hand forth. in confidence have a well grounded hope, that all And finally told us, that on entering the room will be well, when the time shall come for the feeling was,-there was nothing for her to this mortal to put on immortality, and death do, the Master having been here before her ; be swallowed up io victory." Therefore, all I but remarked, her spirit was so enlisted for us, desire is strength to be able to bear all things, and so knit to ours, that the arisings of her as becometh those whose hopes are in that heart she dare not withhold. It was a most power which is able to save to the uttermost impressive season, and not a day, nor scarcely all those who put their confidence in Him, an hour passes, but that again and again her who having been our Alpha, will, if abode in, expressions revive in my mind; sweetly and be our Omega, if in sincerity we feel that the encouragingly, and yet humblingly to one, life we now live is through faith in Christ, who feels, indeed, the least and biodermost of faith in the Son of God, who gave himself for the flock, if indeed of that desirable number; us—who gives Himself of his spirit within us, but I trust I may hope, though desolate, I am not that we might receive the adoption of sons- forsaken. She spoke of her many trials and af. whereby we cry, “Abba Father.” Thus, flictions, but through all, she said, The Lord " through weakness, we are made strong;" yes, never forsook her-no-she added, not for one truly, for our trust is no longer in our own moment; but that He did sustain ; and continmight, or in the arm of flesh, but all hope and ued, -Every heart knows its own bitterness, but confidence is upon Him, who is a “present if we can only say we thank thee for all, most helper in every needful time,” and who never for the severé, all would be well, and the end said to the wrestling seed, " Seek ye my face would compensate for all. Her burden seemed in vain.” I bad a sweet little visit a few days to be love, and love only, saying she felt no since from S. D. She was an entire stranger, wish to call anything sectarian ; for in Christ brought by a mutual friend; she said her hear- all were one; nó sect—no coldness nor dissening was such that she could not converse much sion; and to this alone, Christ within, did she with the sick, but she was permitted sometimes commend us, as the alone true source of help: to feel with them, which was soon proven, for, I remember thy request, dear M., that I would after a few minutes' pause, she spoke as one not omit in forming how I am, but indeed, unknowing what it was to be taught in the less I could say differently, I fear my friends school of affliction. Her language was both en- will grow weary. Bat, in truth, I can give couraging and instructiog. After which, she nothing e .couraging, for my sufferings inknelt by my bedside, and poured forth the crease, and, with the Psalmist, may say, breathing of her soul in a deep and fervent sup- greatly afilicted.” “Look thou upon my pain," plication ; which showed forth the aboundings the sorrows of my heart are enlarged. Turn of that sympathy and love with which her heart thou unto me;" and in heartfelt sincerity may is illed-embracing all-knowing po bounds— add, and in thy good time release me; but until no limits. It was a season of deep humiliation, then, grant me patience to endure all things, not to be forgotten by tby poor unworthy“ hoping all things—enduring all"-unmurfriend ; that thus the anointed ones should so muriogly, however trying my lot may som 3often be led to my bedside ; and did I not truly times feel. "He who is our holy Pattern, enfeel the aptoess of her language, when she dured far more.” But for my weak nature, said, “ Thou knowest, Oh ! Father, who of this my sufferings are great, and so prolonged, that little company feel that they have none in Hea. it requires great watchfulness to dwell in the ven but Thee, nor in all the earth beside patience which becometh those who wait for the


dawning of a brighter day-when this mortal be encountered--the poor four-footeds, housed shall put on immortality; but if I can be fa- to be sure, but not in stables of brick and more vored thus to wait, all will be well, for His tar, defying wind and storm, but crevices promises fail not, and has He not said, “They through which the wind and snow is pouring, who wait His coming shall be clothed upon shivering with cold, suffering from thirst, the with a robe of righteousness.'” I remain spring and the water trough buried many feet unchangeably thy sister in the bonds of love. deep, so that po trace of its whereabout is to be

S. G. R. seen ; lanes, pathways, and roads all fall, and (To be cont pued.)

if cleared to-day, it is only to find them refilled A VOICE FROM THE MOUNTAINS.

on the morrow. No passing on the bighway, [In the words of Cowper:

no communication between neighbors, no mails

for long periods. Such is life among these It seems the part of wisdom, and do sin Against the law of love to measure lots

mountains. With less distinguished than ourselves; that thus

At our last Quarterly Meeting, held at AlWe may with patience bear our mod'rate ills bany, I was the only one that attended from And sympathize with others, suff'ring more. this Monthly Meeting. The usual route being

The extract below, from private letters quite impassable, I took a roundabout way by written by a friend living in a reinote section stage and railroad, travelling 160 miles in getof the State of New York, presents a lively picting to and from the meeting, and using up five ture, strikingly in contrast with the advantages days. Some of my friends thought that, under enjoyed in winter by the dwellers in a city like the circumstances, I might be excused; but, ours. But the ice and snow that have sur- being a representative, and having charge of rounded the outward habitation of our dear the minutes, I made a little extra effort. The friend have not chilled the warm current of meeting was quite well atteoded, the railways feeling that flows toward his friends, and his centering there, affording facilities for Friends words of kindly cheer were so animatiog that of neighboring meetings to attend, a number of we felt like sharing them with our readers.—whom were very acceptably with us, and we EDS]

had as we thought a good meeting. I bave

3d. mo. 14th. 1867. but once this winter missed the attendance of “The calendar says it is now spring, but the our own meeting, and that from ill health. It earth still presents an unbroken sheet of white, was kept up through all the terrific weather as far as the eye can reach.

twice a week, mostly by men, who passed on There has been, however, quite a let up in the foot over the frozen snow. It has been a low weather for several weeks past, but the huge time with us, though, as always, entire barmony banks piled in early wioter, seem slow in leav. has prevailed, and a few seasons of favor. ing, and sadly obstruct the ways—in many Through the kindness of Friends we have had places rendering travelling both dificult and a more than usual amount of good reading watdangerous.

ter this winter." For six weeks the wind blew, with brief ex- After enumerating a number of interesting ceptions, a perfect gale; bursting over the hill. volumes, he adds : tops and down the mountaia sides, as if each “ It is surely cause for encouragement that succeeding gale was endeavoring to excel the the nature and character of Deity, the relation preceding ope—the mercury all the time, with we hold to Him, the duties we owe to ourselves, a few short intervals, nestling among the Zero's, to each other, and to the Great Supreme, are till at length it suddenly dropped to 25° below being better understood than in days gone by; nothing, where it rested, and finally slowly turned and we cannot but conclude that there are opward, and we are greatly in hopes it may not other sheep not of this fold who are receiving very soon seek that figure again. In your staid the oracles of truth, and who are acting them city of brotherly love, you have small concep- out with greater faithfuloess than many in our tion of the freaks we have to encounter here, fold; and shall we not rejoice at this ? : during the long winters of this almost arctic My aspirations arise while I write that the region. On rising one morning at the usual striplings may not be dismayed; but, refusing note of the clock, the room was yet dark; and the armor with which success is impossible, and on examining, we found that the wind,' with girding on the simple sling and stone, go forth busy bands, had been all night piling snow to victory. I was strongly impressed, when atagainst the casements

, until it had reached to the tending your last annual gathering, that there topmost pane, acting the part of a closed shut- were in your borders some to whom the lanter ; and our door-Fays were obstructed by many guage had gone forth—" Arise, shine, for thy feet of snow. Now the struggle commenced. light has come.” May these not prove un

The first plange, we were waist deep in the faithful to this call, putting upon another what 800w, do shovel short of the cattle barn; be- belongs to them, excusing themselves because tween us and it, buge pyramids of snow were to they are “slow of speech and of a stammering tongue;" but come faithfully up to the help of still suffering great injustice from an overbear. the Lord against the mighty influence of tra ing spirit, mauifested by many of the white dition---the influence of fear, of hesitancy, of doubt, - making straight steps toward Zion, the race with whom they are brought in contact. city of God, wherein dwelleth righteousness."

We hear of the cruelty and revenge practised

by the Indians on the frontiers, and are someFRIENDS INTELLIGENCER. times greatly shocked at the murderous assaults

made upon the innocent emigrant or settler PHILADELPHIA, FOURTH MONTH 6, 1867.

with whom they meet in their marauding ex. THE ADVERTISING SLEET.-Subscribers peditions. Much to be deplored as these things who bave their papers bound bave objected to are, is there not some palliative for their crimes the last page being appropriated to advertise in the remembrance of the injuries which the ments, which are only of passing interest. red man has for many years borde from those opon Four additional pages are now devoted to that whom it is natural for him to look as aggressors ? purpose. This will afford ample space for the For a pittance which will not bear the same of accommodation of our business Friends, and an equivalent, he has been driven from his their advertisements are solicited.

home, the haunts of his childhood, and the NOTICE.—Subscribers are requested to pro wrested from him by a mercenary spirit with

graves of his fathers—all these have been cure Post-office money orders in making remittances, or to send them in some other safe way, seeds sown by wrong-dving, though they may

apparently but little compensation, but the as some of the money lately sent has been taken

apparently lie dormant for a time, will appear from the letters.

in some form; and the avenging spirit of the THE FREEDMEN AND THE INDIANS.-It Indian, as he lifts his tomahawk and meditates It seems strange to see in the public papers the destruction of the “pale face" and his race, accounts of large and enthusiastic meetings is undoubtedly the legitimate fruit of the ophaving been held in the South by the “ colored pression and deceit practised toward bim by the citizens," in which addresses were delivered by unprincipled “civilized whites." colored men, and resolutions passed, bearing Before the Indians were influer ced by the upon the condition of the country. At a “Re- habits of the corrupt traders who furnished them construction meeting" held in Charleston, S. with "fire-water," in order that they might the C., on the 22d inst., a number of resolutions more readily impose upon their ignorance and were offered, designed to promote law and order, credulity, thereare instances recorded of their nathe 15th of which reads thus : “Relying upon tive hospitality and magnanimity, which are worDivine Providence for wisdom in our counsels, thy of imitation even by a more enlightened peoefficiency in our action, barmony among our ple. The reverence in which the Indians hold the selves-with malice toward none and charity to memory of Wm. Penn will illustrate our position, all, we pledge our earnest and best efforts for acd will prove tbat "every seed will bring forth the return of peace and prosperity to all our fruit after its kind.” They have been taught people, and for an early representation of our to respect the Friends or Quakers, as descendbeloved State in the Congress of the United ants or children of one who extended the hand of States.”. May these prove the words of a friendship with a salutation of brothers to their living inspiration, by which, purpose will be forefathers, and whether these Friends are met combined with action ; and may the hearts of upon tbe prairie or in the forest they are recog. this manumitted people be turned into the nized as Friends, and have nothing to fear. Not right channel to secure their individual good, long since we heard from a friend in Iowa that as well as their country's welfare.

for several seasons past a depredatory band of In the gratification felt that the millions Indians had visited a certain neighborbood in from whom the boon of liberty was so long that district of country, and had become a withheld are gradually being placed in a posi- great terror because of one or two murders that tion to enjoy it, we are not uomindful of another had been committed. But upon their coming portion of the inhabitants of the land, who are again the past year, they were visited by Friends

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