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very deficient. A better way was to classify | Charles Scribner & Co., New York; the letter these productions—wheat and corn beiog the press is splendid, and the maps and engravings representation of one of the great divisions, and

in the text-books are the finest that have yet

beed produced in illustration of this important rice and cotton of another. Then teach the

branch of study. Professor Agassiz says of general boundaries within which these are them: “Incomparably superior to anytbiog grown, and afterwards determine in what partio- published.” ular portions they are best produced.

Every teacher attending the institute will

desire to adopt them, so evident is it to them, The vegetation of the North Ameicao conti- from Mrs. Smith's instructions, that they connent was considered. The eastern part having tain the principles of the best system of teachabundant moisture, also possessed a fine and ing geography. luxuriant vegetation : the contrary conditions 1 Other branches of knowledge were interestexisting in the West in regard to moisture, there; was less vegetation. The prairies had a good |

t ingly introduced, and will be noticed in a vegetation.

future number. She had not time to refer to the animals or races of the continent, but would proceed to its

MARRIED, at Friends' Meeting-honse, Richmond, political geography, and would confine her

Ind., on the 26th of Nintb month, 1867, CALEB EL

LIOTT, of West Liberty, Iowa, to MARY, daughter of remarks to our own United States.

Jobo Maulsby. Its position was referred to and the advantages resulting therefrom; next sbe pointed out the Died, on the 2d inst, at the residence of his son, unrivalled advantages which we have from our in-law Dr. F. Flagg, near Woodbury, N. J., GEORGE inland lakes and river systems, and great extent CRAFT, in the 69th year of his age; a valued member of ocean coast. Our climate was spoken of as

of Woodbury Monthly Meeting.

- at bis residence in Philadelpbia, on the deciding, to a certain extent, in connection

morcitg of the 27th of Tenth month, 1867, JANES F. with the other points pamed, the occupations of Leys, in the 32d year of his age. Married only & our citizens. She showed how the water-powers few short months, and separated from parents, on our rivers and our coal regiong made one brothers and sisters by an ocean's width, he clung portion a mapufacturing region; and why other

o fondly to the one tie be bad upon earth, and which portions became agricultural in their character. Then with calm resigpation be rendered up his life

he beld to be most sacred, until called to his God. The great mountain regions of the far West "a willing sacrifice to the God who gave it.” were not fitted, with a few exceptions in the fer. - , at his residence, Monat Holly, N. J., on the tile valleys, for either of these pursuits, but they

16th of Eighth month last, RESTORE S. LAMB, in the were by nature specially adapted to wiping.

79th year of bis age. An approved minister, our

deceased friend travelled much in Truth's service, Commerce was pest considered: Our do

Jaboring by precept and example to benefit his fellow mestic commerce was very large, because of the men. During the last ten years of his life, an invaried characteristics and products of the differ. | sidious disease gradually destroyed his bodily pow. ent parts thereof. Our foreign commerce grew

ers, placing bim in a state of almost infantile de out of the richness of our soil and the abundance

pendence. During this loog period of suffering he

maintained a quiet and cheerful mind, steadily at: of our staple products, which we exchanged

tending meetings, and evidencing by patience bis for the luxuries of life from other nations. resignation to the Divine will.

The towns and cities were next spoken of, , on the 27th of Ninth month, 1867, Sallis F., and the causes which led to their location pointed daugbrer of Mablon I. and Frances T. Janney, aged out, it being dependent upon the occupations of 18 months; a member of Springboro Monthly Meet.

ing, Obio. the people and the water systems of the coun.

— ,00 Second-day, 4tb of Eleventh month, 1867,

at her residence, Darby, Pa., PRISCILLA, widow of The reporter says" The instruction upon | Abner Davis, in her 79th year. this subject to the Institute has been so popular

- , on First day, 10th of Eleventh month, 1867, that the teachers are delighted to know they

st Darby, Pa., MARTHA, widow of Joba Busting, in

ber 82d year. can have a series of text-books tbat will enable

at Wilmington, Del., on the evening of them thoroughly to acquaint themselves with Eleventh month 9th, 1867, BENJAMIN FBRRis, in his the plan and introduce it in their school rooms. / 881h year. Professor Arnold Guyot, of Princeton Col.

on the 12th of Tentb month, 1867, near Atlege, New Jersey, bas, with the assistance of

tleborougb, Becks Co., Pa., of consumption, MARY R.,

daughter of Samuel H. and Sarab R. Parson, ia the Mrs. Smith, (whose services are handsomely

31st year of ber age; a member of Middletowa acknowledged in the author's preface,) pre. Monthly Meeting. This dear young woman bore her pared a complete series of geographical books, extreme suffering witb a meek and quiet spirit, and 1. Primary," ** Common Schools," and " Teach

often expressed a desire that she might be supported

often expres ers” editions—together with a splendid set of

to the end, and tbat she might be fouud ready when

ever the final summons came. Her desire, we bemodern and ancient wall maps, which make a liere, was mercifuliy granted, and she was fully use perfect whole. This series is published by 'sured of an acceptance with her Heavenly Father.


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DIED, on the 24th of Fourth month, 1864, near At-1 It being believed that an advantage would tleborough, Bucks Co., Pa., SALLIE, youngest daugb. larise from haviog an official correspondent for ter of Samuel H. and Sarab R. Paxson, in the 13th

each of our Quarterly Meetings and Monthly year of her age; also a member of Middletown Month. iy Meeting.

Meetings throughout the Yearly Meeting, each

of our Quarterly Meetings is directed to for• AGENT'S NOTICE.

ward, in its report to this Meeting next year, la writing to persons on business of our own, re- the name of a suitable Friend for a Correspon

|dent for the Quarterly Meeting, and for each of benefit, we should always remember to enclose a postage stamp, or stamped envelope, to meet this its constituent Montbly Meetings; and thereexpense.

after each year, report to the Yearly Meeting I receive a great many letters relating to business any change that may occur in such Correspon. consected with my office. The expense of replies to dents, in order tbat a correct list may be anmost of these properly belongs to tbe different

oually published in our Extracts. . . . branches of my business; quite a dumber do not

But I am in receipt of numerous letters of inquiry! The following report from the Trustees of on various subjects, some of which are entirely for the Fair Hill Fund was received and read, and eign to any part of my business; of ioterest, perbaps, it was approved and sanctioned by the Meeting, to the writer only. Sometimes-and very properly-loin. provision is made for a reply, but generally not. Some are sent me to forward to persons with wbose To the Yearly Meeting now sitting : particular address it is supposed (or perbaps ex

The Trustees in charge of the Fair Hill Fund pressed) tbe writer is unacquainted; some of these require re-mailing. It is unpleasant thus to make report that they have received for interest since allu-ion to these seeming trifles,—but this term, from last year, the sum of nine hundred dollars, long use, loses its fitness !

which, in addition to the four hundred dollars Altbough I bave pleoty of business, I am willing reported to the Yearly Meeting last year, has still to render my friends such services as my time and ability will admit of; but hereafter, no one need

| been paid to the Committee having charge of expect me to give attention to letters of the two last

the education of the children of some of our named classes, unless they bring with them the Friends in Virginia, who have been stripped of necessary accompaniments.

their property by the late war, as directed by Philada., 11th mo. 7. Emmor Comly, Agent. I the Yearly Meeting. . . . . . . FRIENDS' ASSOCIATION FOR THE AID AND ELE

| Thirty-first of the month and fifth of the week. VATION OF THE FREEDMEN.

| -The Committee appointed at a former sitting The Monthly Meeting of this Association will be beld on Fourth-day evening next, Eleventh month

to endeavor to embody some of the exercises of 20th, at 71 o'clock, at Race Street Meeting. House. the Meeting, now produced the following min. (Monthly Meeting Room.) Interesting statements ute, which was approved, and directed to be may be expected from one who bas been among this embodied in our printed extracts for the benefit people..

of our absent members, viz. : Anne COOPER, }

The attendance here of delegates from the

Meetings for Sufferings-or Representative FRIENDS' SOCIAL LYCEUM.

Committees of each of the Yearly Meelings Eleventh mo. 19th, Reading of Essays, Declama-with which we cori espond, in order to confer tions, &c., by members.

with us in relation to lodian affairs, bas imEXTRACTS FROM BALTIMORE YEARLY MEET- parted to the Yearly Meetiog a peculiar and ING OF MEN FRIENDS.

unusual interest. (Continued from page 571.)

L A painful solicitude has been awakened in Twenty-ninth of the month and third of the our miods by the accounts received of the desoweek.—The meeting entered upon the conside lating war between the Indians west of the Misration of the state of Society, and proceeded sissippi and the National forces, and we earttherein through this sitting, that in the after-estly desire that such just and humane meag. noon, and part of the sitting on the afternoonures may be pursed as will put an end to the of the 30tb, under the solemnizing influence of effusion of blood, and secure & lasting peace the great Head of the Church, during which with that afflicted people. many living testimonies were borde, tending to The warping voices of some of the faithful encourage all in a firm trust in the reality and watchmen on the walls of our Zion were heard efficiency of the great principles and testimo. very early in our opening sitting, calling our nies held by our religious Society. . . . . attention to the fundamental principle and

The subject of adopting a different mode of foundation stone of our organization--the light appointiog members of the Meeting for Suffer- of truth in the soul, as our all sufficient guide ; ings, which was referred to this Meeting from and renewing the injunctions of that devoted last year, being now brought up for considera- servant of the Most High,“ George Fox," " 10 • tion, it was referred to the Committee appointed mind the light,” and “hold all our Meetings in at a former sitting for the revision of our Book the authority of Truth,may we remember tbat of Discipline.

| it is not our own work we are engaged in, but



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me of



the Lord's work; and, to promote it availingly, fulness, may bave deviated from the path of we must seek for the qualification that comes rectitude, or have failed to comply strictly with from him. It is only under this qualifying in the rules of our Discipline, a spirit of restoring fluence that we can enter into the field of labor, love, remembering that it is the object of Chrisand bring forth fruit to the glory and honor of tian discipline to restore, rather than to cut off. the great Husband mad.

If we rely only on rules of order to keep our On considering the condition of our religious members in the enclosure, we shall find brians Society, and our short-comiogs in relation to add tbords to grow where we expected fruit. the Christian testimonies we have to bear be. The tenderness and gospel love recommended fore the world, the Meeting was baptized into by Geo. Fox, in dealing with offenders, was rea feeling sense of our great responsibility to the rived in our Meeting. He says: "Now conAuthor of all our blessings. We feel assured cerning Gospel order; though the doctrine of there is no less need now than at any former Jesus Christ requireth bis people to admonish period, for upholding the testimonies of Truth, a brother or sister twice, before they tell the and that the dedicated followers of the Lawb church, get that limiteto none, so that they shall will always be led in the narrow path of self use no longer forbearance before they tell the denial.

church, but that they sball Dot Less than twice, In answer to the question, Wbat shall we do admonish their broiher or sister before they to increase the atteodance at our meetings ? it tell the church. And it is desired of all, that was shown that nothing can effect this purpose before they publicly complain, they wait in the and gather us as a people, but the operations of power of Gud, to feel if there is no more tethe Divine spirit in the soul. The animal man (quired of them to their brother or sister, be must be subject to the spiritual, and the spirit- fore they expose bim or her to the church; let ual man to God. Encouragement was held this be weightily considered.” “And fu cher, forth to Friends residing in places where our when the church is told, and the party

admonmeetings are small and neglected, and where ished by the church again and agaio, and be or vocal ministry is seldom heard. They may, by they remain still insensible and unrecouciled, let watchfulness and obedierce, have access to the not final judgment go forth against him or her “true Tabernacle which God hath pitched, and until every one of the Meeting has cleared bis Dot man," and tbere they may hear the voice or her couscience, that if anything be upon of the Son of God which gives life to the soul. any, to further visit such transgressor, they may

By this means a living ministry would be clear themselves, that if possible the party may found to iocre ase among us, and though in the be reached and saved." begioning it is usually in “weakness, and fear, During the several sitttings of the Yearly and much trembling," yet by the exercise of Meeting we have been comforted and refresbed the gift, in humility, it grows and affords editi. by the evidence of Divide life and love felt cation to the church.

among us, for which we are bound to ascrite The language of George Fox on this subject thanksgiving unto that Eternal Power who is worthy of especial potice and remembrance. rules the universe, and yet condescends to visit Io one of his epistles he writes : * All my dear his creature man. friends in the noble seed of God, who have The Committee appointed to prepare Essays known bis power, life and presence among you, of Epistles to the several Yearly Meetings let it be your joy to hear or see the springs of with which we correspond, produced obe eulife break forth in aby, through which ye have bodying the minute of the exercises of the all unity in the same feeling, life and power." Meeting, which the Clerk was directed to tran

The Christian doctrine of regeneration bas scribe, sign on behalf of the Meeting, and for. been beld forth amongst us in accordance with ward to ihe Yearly Meetings of Philadelphia, the declaration of Jesus, " Except a man be New York, Genesce, Ohio, and Indiana, reborn again, he cannot enter into the kingdom spectively. of beaven," and the language of Paul, “That The Committee continued from last year 01 is not first which is spiritual, but that which is the subject of giving aid toward the education Datural, and afterwards that which is spiritual." of the children of Frieods in Virginia who The seed of Divine life implanted in man by had suffered loss of property from the war, prathe Author of our being, if permitted to grow duced the following report, which was satisand overshadow the soul, will bring forth fruits factors to the Meeting; and in accordance with to the glory of God and the good of mankind. the suggestion therein contained, the CommitBut, in order that this growth may take place, tee was released. there is a work required on our part, to keep The Trustees of the Fair Hill Fund were clear the ground of the heart, and eradicate directed to pay the balance of $551.84, men. from it every pernicious plant.

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rioned therein, to the person to whom it is due. We were earnestly exhorted to exercise to. To the Yearly Meeting now sitting : wards those who, through weakness or unwatch The Committee cuatinued from last year on





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the subject of Schools in Virginia, report that isolated Friends. And further, that Friends they have attended to the service, and that their throughout the Yearly Meeting, who feel this expenditures on account of this concera of the coacero, be encouraged to apply to their respecYearly Meeting has amounted to the sum of tive Monthly Meetings for minutes of concurtwo hundred and eighteen dollars. · The in renco to co operate with the Quarterly Meeting

terest from the Fair Hill Buod, paid to us by Committees. al body order of the Yearly Meetiag, has discharged We propose also, that the several Quarterly

pine huodred dollars of the indebtedness ia. Meetiogs be requested to report to our next carred last year, leaving, with the expenditures Yearly Meeting their progress in this service. of the present year, a balance due us of five With feelings of reverent thankfulaess for

hundred and fifty-four dollars an i eighty-four the mercies and favors still continued to us, be decents, which will be paid out of the next in. and the evidence that has been vouchsafed to

terest maey received from the same source.. us throughout the several sittings of this meet

The committee are of the judgment that ing, that not withstanding the many deficieocies further care of the Yearly Meeting in this con- which exist among us, the great Head of the cern does not appear to be needed, and there. Church stili condescends to favor us, with the fore ask to be released, if it meets the approval sınile of His countenance, bestowing the spirit of the Meeting.

of discernment, and lending a helping hand to The meeting directed our Treasurer to pay perform his work, the sum of one hundred dollars to Elkanah The meeting adjourned, to meet again at the Fawcett, with which to pay the rent of a house usual time next year, if consistent with the

in Winchester, Virginia, in which Friends' Divine Will. dey meetings are being held since the destruction

of their meeting-house during the war.
A concern was weightily spread before this

Meeting, io regard to the care of our distant, “Oh, messengers of God, are ge beside us ?
Deglected meetings; and after weighty con Fair, loying angels, are ye tarrying oigh
sideration, it was concluded to refer the subject With gentle bands ever outstretched to guide us ?"

We ask in childhood, looking to the sky;
to Friends appointed to consider what course
shall be adopted to give relief to the concera, Drinking its dazzling depths with eyes unfailing,
and if it shall be thought best to appoint a com: Woile a mysterious, gudden bush prevailing,

Unshadowed by the budding April trees, mittee of the Yearly Meeting to visit our dif Seems to hold back the voice of bird and breeze ferent meetings, as way opens therefor, to

In watchful awe, and willow blooms, half broken, bring forward the names of suitable Friends to

Leap from our hands, forgetfal of their hold, constitute such committee.

Because our souls are listening for some token,
Oo assembling in the afternoon, the commit Waiting for some bright presence to unfold
tee on the Indian concern produced a report,* Its glory to our eyes,-in lily vesture,
which was read, aod was satisfactory, and the With silver wings, and dimly shining bair,
labors of the committee approved and sanc- Meeting our earnest gaze with loviog gesture,

And eyes that loog unseen have watched us there.
The committee appointed during this morn-

And on through life, longing for bands to guide us,
ing's sitting produced the following report, Our hearts repeat again, with yearning sigh,
which was approved, and Quarterly Meetiogs "Oh, messeagers of Gud, are ge beside us ?
were encouraged to endeavor to act upon the Strong, loving angels, are ye tarrying nigh ?"
recommeodations made, believing, that although And asking so, we learn the lessons slowly;
those who engage therein may feel weak, help Esch duy's events may be an angel sent
from the true and Everoal Source will be given with messages for the trustful heart and lowly,

That holls no idol of self-made intent. to all who humbly “ask” and seek" therefur :

Yea, the daily things our senses greeting, Ty the Yearly Meeting nou sitting :

The green bud bursting in the du.ky bedge ; The Joint Committee of men and womeo The solema clouds through evening silence fleeting Friends appointed to consider the subject Above soma city house top's blackened edge; of visiting our distant and neglected meetings, The fame of Christian deeds, whereat we woader, as way may open, report : That we have de. And hear in them a voice that calls us on; liberated upon the subject under a weighty The sight of means, whereby good deeds we ponder,

Tura by occasion into good deeds done; concern to be rightly directed, and have concluded to propose to the Yearly Meeting, that A smile noasked, a wayside salutation,

The cloudless brightness of some household face, it advise each of our Quarterly Meetings to per. By these bow often God sends forth salvation, form this service within its own borders, by To souls that faint in their appointed place, the appointment of suitable committees to visit, Nor always are ibey messengers, whose beauty in Gospel love, the subordinate meetings and Is to our gaze revealed without disguise ;

They meet us too in form of steroest duty * Which will be published aext week.

Wbose guerdoa far in the bereafter lies.

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All hours of sorrow, all distress and danger, and water that these want. What a different
The coming of a thousand daily cares,

food is ham from acords! Yet even a pig can Aye, death itself may enter as a stranger,

bring about the change. What would you do And prove an angel honored vnawares !

English Lyrics."

for your sandwiches if he couldn't or wouldn't?

Is it not a happy thing that we do not have

to fight with the plants for our food, but that

what they want to take we cannot bear, and (Continued from page 674.)

what we dislike they are willing to feed and Do you think this is a dull lesson and bas flourish upoo? little to do with the Flora of Plants? Are And not only do we enjoy and flourish upon we not bound to consider, you ask, the beauty this food, prepared for us by other animals; we of leaves, flowers and fruits, and not tire our too find it stored for us in the many fruits we heads with thinking of their use?

have been considering. Wbat admirable places That little, but very tiresome word use, why are the Autumn Agricultural Fairs to leare this! did it ever come iuto the lavguage, except for There you can see the various chests, differing the purpose of plaguing children? And we one from another, in which our vegetable food is elders acknowledge that we are tired of the stored, wheat and squashes, pears, tomatoes books that are always trying to instruct child and watermelons, side by side. drea, and pretending that they ought to be use And how gayly and happily have the leaves ful. A useful child! It calls up the pictures done all this ! Even when they must drop of woro-out children working in factories,- of away and die, they have not put on any color of tired little girls in crowded streets, old before mourning, but the maple, the sumach-mang their time, laboring fur father and mother, and of the trees appear then in their gagent and younger brothers and sisters, -of news boys, most gorgeous tipts. never having time to play! No: let a child It is left for some of the little chemists that be a child while it will. Their enjoyments and read this, perhaps, to find out the cause of these pleasures are not so wondrous as elder years bright colors, and why it is that they are more paint them, out of their fancy or misleading brilliant with us than in other countries. The memories of some few gay hours. Do not heap frost bas very little to do with the autumn coupon them the pains and responsibilities that lors, for often in July or August a single tree come with the growth of the reasoning powers. among the maples turns scarlet or crimson,

But as for our joy of the flowers,—it is surely while the other trees are still green. The red enbanced to think of all the beautiful uses it maple has evidently a fondness for its bright bas. And just at this season, when the year's colors, for early in the spring it puts its seed. leaves are floating down the wind, it would vessels into deep red; and the little, young seem ungrateful not to think of all the cheerful, yearling maples, as we have seen, hurry to show unselfish work they have been so gay over all what family they belong to, by putting their summer loog A child is no less a child when few leaves into gay colors. it is cheerful all through a bot day's journey, It may be the trap.parency of our atmosor unselfishly gives the largest cocoa-nut cake phere, says Mr. Emerson, and therefore the to a younger brother. So it will do us po barm greater intensity of the light; that gives the to think a little of the glad gifts these very greater glow to our autumnal foliage, the leaves have brought us. For all these services same cause which renders a much larger puuwe have to thank the plants. Not only do they ber of stars visible by night, and which clothes purify the air for animals; they also produce our flowering plants with more numerous flowall the food and fabric of animals. Neither the ers, and those of richer and deeper tints--girherbivorous nor the carnivorous animals can ori- ing somewhat of tropical splendor to our really ginate any organic matter. They destroy and decolder parallels of latitude." We have no right compose it; they take it ready made from plants. to consider our autumn days the “saddest of And we, men, women and children, -even when the year." Not only mapleg and sumarbs, but we are not Nebuchadnezzars ourselves, and do the oaks, put on their most brilliant colors. not directly take in the lettuce and spinach and There are scarlet oaks and crimson oaks, --spots green peas,--yet accept it in the fabric of the of color that shine of a cloudy day, and that animals we eat. We accept it, as I have said, glow when the sun is out,-yellow chestnutin our beef and mutton and real.

leaves, many-colored dogwood, and pale ferns. When you see the castle, the sheep, and the But in the November days these are of the past. calves, you little think how they are cropping From root to topmost bough, from potato up up fut for you

But tbe fat of these animals is to chestnut, there is no part of the plant but mostly drawo from the oily and waxy matters what some species of herb, sbrub, or tree, has in the vegetables tbat make their food. They somewhere turned it into food for us. A com. take what they need, then breathe out, hy way prehensive botany is, then, this child's botany, of return to the vegetables, the carbonic acid with its two classes.' What is there that does




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