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No. 3.


Selections from the Writings of John Barclay.

Letters from Sarah G. Rich..



Philadelphia in 1685..
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47 AGENTS -- Joseph S. Cohn, New York. An Old Document.

Henry Haydock, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Benj. Stratton, Richmond, Ind.
Dangerous Paper

William II. Churchman, Indianapolis, Ind.
Jaines Baylies, Ballimore, Md.


BELECTIONS FROM THE WRITINGS OF JOHN my poor soul a little, to testify and sing of his BARCLAY.

power. (Continued from page 19.)

Horsham, 1st of Tenth month, 1830. [In the Eighth Month, 1830, he obtained a I trust I do feel, however inadequately, that certificate from his Monthly Meeting (King. it is through renewed mercy and favor I am ston,) for religious service, in the Quarterly here, and again made willing to do and to sufMeeting of Dorset and Hapts, his concern being fer whatever may be meted out for me, if it be to visit the meetings, as well as the families but for the Lord's precious cause and to His glory. generally; with liberty to include the counties O! saith my soul, that the dwelling of each of Keut, Sussex and Surrey, if Truth should one of us may be so near the right spot, that we open the way.

may not only truly and fully discern, but appreIo the First month, 1831, he returned the ciate, what may make for our own peace, and certificate, at the same time ackoowledging the our progress heavenward. llowever heavily gracious dealings of the Lord, in supporting the hand of the Lord may in any wise be laid bim through this engagement, and in granting upon us, is it not for good, and should we not the sweet incomes of peace.

even kiss it, as well as bear and submit? It is The following are brief extracts from some of but little, very little, that we can give up, and bis letters, written during this engagement. but for a short season, unto Him, who hath

Alton, 22d of Eighth month, 1830. given us all things that we hold dear: 0 ! then, Having now got through this part of our bu. that we may prize and eherish the privilege of piliating path, and being about to depart on the lending to the Lord; who will assuredly love morrow, I thought I might attempt a few lines the cbeerful giver, and restore and enhance his to tell thee that we got well here; and we have own gifts to such, with increase. been so closely engaged, as indeed hardly to We have had a sweet, precious uditing sealeave time for conversation with Friends, or for son together this day, not only in meeting, but relaxation of any sort. It is humbling work in since; and though with myself it has not been decd, and I have been so low, that it seemed as a high day, yet I have been sensible of that if I should not have held ont; but the water which bas stayed and sustained, and even aniseems turned into wine, beyond all expectation. mated my soul to run on with patience. I am I have not been silent in any sitting, though intending to be on First-day at Godalming, at Dearly so in both meetings this day. Oh, may the interment of a Friend, whose awfully sudthe Lord continue unto us strength and wis- den removal will be affecting to thee:-when dom; and, if it be His wil, may He enlarge sitting at dinner with ber family, she was

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smitten as it were in a moment, and was a

To corpse in a very few minutes : I understand a Second Month, 1831.—Whilst writing, I can. striking silence prevailed with them, from the not well forbear expressing something of the time they sat down at table.

sense I often have, of thy deep un remitted in. GuilFORD, 6th of Tenth month, 1830.

terest iv the welfare of our Society, and the Since I wrote last, I have been favored to sympathy which, I believe, very many besides get along confortably, having been well in wyself, feel towards and with thee, under the health and spirits, cheerful in mind, and wound many exercises and engagements which are thy up in some good degree, I humbly trust to my portion, and which may be said nearly to absorb business, from hour to hour. · I have been en

the whole man. I trust it will pot prove unabled to go through what has come before me welcome, if I venture to say how I have longed as duty, even with alacrity; so that often the that thy hands may be strengthened according acknowledgment has arisen, -"By thee I have to all thy need. No doubt thou hast at times run through a troop, and leaped over a wall." occasions of dismay and discouragement on Do not, however, suppose that I am undulg ele. various accounts : but it is consoling and animavated; but am rather preserved in a calm, ting, to have the truth of the declared decree steady trust, and in resignation to the Lord and sealed afresh to our wearied spirits,—" yet have to this disposal; desiring only to do all his good I set my king upon my holy hill of Zion;" and pleasure, or that it may be fulfilled and accom again, the enemies of the Lord shall be as plished in me; ever bearing io mind, that I am

the fat of lambs, into smoke shall they consume not yet (so far as I can see of the future) put- away.”. Be assured there are many with thee, ting off the armor or harness, but have still to (and with others that desire to be true bearted fight and to labor, still to keep under this poor laborers, when and wherein thou little thinkest frail body; and in soul and spirit, also to seek this to be the case : and though the fathers and to be sustained and subjected in all things upto mothers in our Israel be removed, without any the end.

doubt, it is the same almighty, all-wise band, I attended the Monthly Meeting at Torsbam, who removes these, that is able of the stones to on Seventh-day, and was notwithstanding the raise up children. It is often remarkable, how flow of doctrine and exhortation we bad had from time to time the Head of the church, posthe day before) led pretty largely to testify sibly after a time of treading down and bumiliaamong Friends. I proceeded to Godalming on tion, raises up instruments and aids in all the First-day morning, where the interment was to different ofices, one here and another there; take place. I concluded to join the wourvers even so, that we cannot fiud any cause to murat dinner, and attended their evening meeting. mur against "the good man of the house," alWe commenced the next morning visiting the thongh it be according to His own purposes, families, which we have now concluded, much grace, and goodwill, and not according to our to my relief and satisfaction: after much exer mere human apprehensions of what would be cise and endeavor for a long season to know best. Thus he renews the face of his earth what might be best as to this service, and as to spiritually, and brings forth a song in the hearts the time, I believe that I have been well direct- of his children, somewhat similar to those beaued thus far. I feel that the Lord will fulll his tiful words in Psalın lxxxix. 6, 7, 8, 16, 17 precious promises, and be unto me all I stand verses": Who in the heaven can be com. in need of, while I look unto Him in simplicity pared unto the Lord,” &c. and faith, striving to obey Him.

1831.-0! the glory, the excellency of the FOLKSTONE, 13th of Twelfth month, 1830.

power and wisdom and truth of our God and

Saviour! We have now completed at Dover, and have

How was he manifested, and his entered this day into our labor here. O! surely when the groans and cries of some of his poor

grace and goodness, and plenteous redemption, the Lord is no hard master, and sendeth not any furth at their owa charges; but is very gra-Igled clouds of incense! “For the sighing of

oppressed and exercised ones went up as winciously disposed to fit out according to his own the poor, for the cry of the needy, now will I purposes : : thus are removed all sufficienog or arise, said the Lord.” When things are appare dependence on any thing short of the fresh and humbling ability that He gives. We have had ently at the lowest,-—when our prayers seem to some precious seasons, reviving to our drooping

return into our own bosom, -when the heavens spirits, when even at the lowest ebb; and we ness, then the coming of the Lord on bigh is

are wrapped in thick folded curtaius of dark. are bound to rejoice and give thanks, and go on often as the vivid lightning, enlightening the our way in faith, with alacrity and patieuce of skies, from the east to the west ; in effect desoul, come what may.

claring to poor mortals, that it is He alone who [He was favored to return home from this can create light and darkness,--can cause the close and laborious service in peace, the 25th of light to shine in and out of darkness, and can Twelfth month, 1830.)

turn the night season spiritually into the roonday.

list Ererpot

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than ever,

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1832, 11th of First Vonth.Employed on nessing the spirit and proceedings of these Jaffray nine hours Some days this week, I was times, convinces me beyond all hesitation, that exceedingly stripped, low, and tempted, almost we are fast verging to a crisis-an alarming beyond measure : but on Fourth-day, had a crisis, and a shaking sifting crisis, when every good meeting, and a sweet silent opportunity foundation will be discovered, -every covering with a young person who has applied for mem- removed. And though many will say, “ Lo, bership. These words were impressed on my here is Christ, and lo there!" is be not with us, mind, “ If yo abide in ine, and my words abide and do we not own him and follow him ? Yet io you, ye shall ask whai ye will, and it shall be a clean separation will take place between the doce unto you."

chaff and the wheat; and nothiog will be able 1832, 21st of Fifth Month.-I resume these to endure the refining heat of that day, besides notes, and it is under a sense, greater if possible the beaten gold. O! how loose, how crude,

of my incompetency to set forth my how mixed are the views of many; bow accom.
many feelings and exercises, either in reference modating, how shifting is the ground they
to wy owu coudition, or that of the gathered stand upon; how lofty and superficial is their
church with whom I associate. I cannot recur edifice, though beautiful and apparently solid
in this place to what bas transpired, since I also. O! for more humiliation, fasting, wait-
last wrote in this little book; sufice it to say, ling! O! for less activity, less self-conceit, less
my soul does feebly desire to bless the great taking of the name of Christ in vain! May
name of the Lord, my Saviour, for the very such a view of things conduce to drive and keep
thought and hope now presented before me me yet nearer to the Source of all safety and
that because He lives, I lire also. To be pre- of all succor; that I may abide in Him, and
served alive in the Truth unto this day, and grow up in Him in all things, who is the Head.
once more to meet with and recognize my [Io the spring of 1833, he was first attacked
friends in the Truth, in the life of it,--this is with an inflainmatory complaint in the knee-joint,
indeed a favor. And to be given to koow, in brought on by a longer walk than usual, but
any measure, what has aimed at the life, and is aggravated it was believed by a depressed state
yet seeking to derour, leads to some hope of a of constitution, consequent in some degree on
conplete deliverence from the snares of death. his too close application to the Diary of Alexan-
Ever since I have attended this Yearly Meet- der Jaffray, &c.;—this left a weakness upon
iog, my nind has been deeply exercised, ac- bim so as never after to be able to take his for-
cording to my capacity, for the welfare of this mer portion of exercise, on which he had felt
people. As I proceed in my pilgrimage, I trust his general health so much depended : the limb
my confidence is increasing, that the great “I was kept for some time under surgical care,
AM," the King of Sion, still reigns, and will and many means were resorted to for its resto-
reign to the overthrow of all his epeinies ; and ration, but without success.]
that he alone is equal to take care of his church,

(To be continued.)
and to overrule all things for the good of his
little dependent ones. Yet, O! how awful do

the times appear in which we live; and how Would that women could be taught from
awfully critical is our standing among the vari- their childhood to recognize, as an evil spirit,
pus professions around us : doubtless, it always the spirit of causeless melancholy; this demon
has been so, perhaps more so, than those of any which dwells among the tombs, and yet which
particular age may have thought. Every period first shows i{self in such a charming and
bas had its dangers, its temptations, its respon- picturesque form that we hug it to our innocent
sibilities. Yet surely ours are, if not new, very breasts, and never suspect that it may enter in
specious spares; and when I look around, I am and dwell there till we are actually "possessed;"
ready to think, who, even among the highest, cease almost to be accountable beings, and are
in knowledge, in faith, or in gifts, is not fear' fitter for a lunatic asylum than for the home
fully liable to fall into some of these snares. 0! circle, which, be it ever so bright and happy,
I have this day seen, as I think, in the light of has always, from the inevitable misfortunes of
the Lord, the enemy endeavoring to deceive, if life, only too much need of sunshine, rather
it be possible, the very elect. There are baits thao sbadow or permanent gloom. Oh, if such
already laid, golden baits, which if they are not women did but know what comfort there is in
Been and shunned, will even devour those who a cheerful spirit! how the heart leaps up to
devour them. I see not bow gome, who now meet a sunshiny face, a merry tongue, an even
take the lead amongst us, will or can escape temper, and a heart which from conscieatious
being carried away, as with a sweeping flod, principles bas learned to look at all things on
by that which they are now swimming in ; un their bright side, believing that the Giver of
less the Lord prevent, I see not how this Soci-life being all perfect Love, the best offering we
ety can escape being landed, yea, stranded, on a can make to Him is to enjoy to the full what
rock. Every day, every fresh occasion of wit-1 he sends of good, and bear what he allows of

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evil like a child, who, when once it thoroughly tween time and eternity. I think our spirits
believes in its father, believes in all his dealings can dwell upon this subject understandingly;
with it, whether it understands them or not. I though I ofttimes fear for myself, that I do not
will put it to most people's experience, which yet feel it in its reality; but for many months
is better than a hundred homilies, whether, have considered ny disease in its nature incura-
though they may have known sincere Chris- ble; yet not until within a few weeks bas it 80
tians, who, froin various causes, were not allo- fully depicted its true character, and when that
gether bappy, they ever knew one happy per- evidence did appear, I felt as if the view I had
son, man or woman, who, whatever his or her taken of it, though not changed, was yet reduced
form of creed might be, was not in beart and to an indescribable feeling of reality. Yet
speech, and daily life, emphatically a follower even then I was jealous of my own heart, fear-
of Christma Christian ?- From " Women's ing I was experiencing a solemness and resig.
Thoughts about Women."

nation, when perhaps I ought to have felt

otherwise But often does the aspiration ascend There are many toiling ones whose time is from my spirit, Oh, may I not deceive myself pot at their own command, but there is no ove and cry, “ Peace, when there is no peace;" but who cannot hold converse with God.

His ear

oh, Father! do thou show my spirit in its true can hear amid the clang and roar of machinery, light; and may not thy "hand spare, nor thine or the hum of hundreds of voices. The heart eye pity, until all, all is done away that is not can go up to him no matter what the surround. in accordance with thy blessed spirit.

Oh! my ings. Wherever Abrabam pitched his tent, there dear, I au not insensible of my frailities; no inhe raised up an altar to the Lord. So, wherever deed! I feel that I have been encompassed by the Christian heart is, there is also an accepta- them all my lifetime; but

magnified and ble altar from which the incense of prayer and, adored be His ever blessed spirit, which has ever praise may ascend.

followed me, and been as a swift witness, re

proving whenever through error I bave concealed
For Priends' Intelligencer.

myself from His presence. Oh! is it not all
I have felt that it would be a satisfaction to 'unspeakable blessing that His divine unceasing
myself, as well as a duty I owed to my dear, love thus follows us; and when in the cool of
worthy and greatly aflicted friend, Sarah G. the day, a time when we are best prepared to
Rich, to preserve from oblivion some of her let. listen to His fatherly reproofs, to be able to
ters to me, hoping they may be as way marks to hear His voice, calliog to us as unto Adam,
some sincere traveller Zion ward, and that the “ Where art thou ?" This to me, the nearer I
impressive language, “ Follow me as I have en, feel myself approaching that crisis which truly
deavored 10 follow Christ,” may be conveyed must prove a "detecter of the beart,” is a bless-
through them. We are so constituted as to ing of invaluable weight, for truly can and do
deed all the help we can obtain, to enable us I reflect upon past trials and vicissitudes, and
to pursue steadily and without faltering the have humbly to cry out, “ Where, oh! where
“high and holy way” which is cast up for the should I ere this time have been landed, bad it
"ransomed and redeemed to walk in." And not been for these proofs of a Father's love!"
how often does the cxperience of those who have Yea, truly do I often mentally exclaim, Bless
gone before have the tendency to stimulate us the Lord, oh! my soul, and magnify bis ever
who remain on the active stage of life, to "run adorable name.” 'I know not why I have been
and not be weary, walk and not faint."
May we, one and all, be willing to cast " our do the like, desiring most earnestly I may never

led on to express my feelings thus, for I seldom
mite into the treasury ;' resting assured, that if make an ostentatious display to others of feel.
it be even comparable to that of the “poor inge which are only intended as a support to
widow," we shall in no wise lose our reward.

my own soul; for truly though at times I am Second month, 1837.

M. L. B.

led to praise and adore, there is no moment of PHILADELPHIA, Second month 28th, 1847. time that I do not know my only safety is in My dear Friend.-My mind had been so much constantly keeping on the watch-tower, sensibly with thee, that I thought I would write, but feeling that it is only through mercy that I am had not done so when we beard of thy illness; not wholly cast off and forsaken ; and it is tbis and then of course it was postponed until we feeling of unworthiness that inspires in me should hear again from theo, which we had not such deep gratitude for every token of a done till -called with thy letter; and now, if Father's love ; and I feel that I can indeed strength is granted me, I desire once more to thank Him for all most for the severe." converse with my absent friend, whom I look 3d mo. 27th. I took the pen two days ago,

inupon as one almost raised from the confines oftending to finish this letter, but was prevented. the grave; for such have been the accounts we Yesterday was one of my very suffering days, have had of thee. I doubt not thou hast fully therefore it bad to wait, and to-day, though more, felt the solemnity of being passed as it were be-l comfortable, I feel unlike interesting apy one ;

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by dhar (1

but I feel disposed, while I can write at all, to samoug the possibilities that thou wight be do my part toward stirring up the pure mind of strong enough to have come on with , and thee, my friend, by way of remembrance, that the made me a visit. As this has not been the link of friendship which existed in former days case, the pen must be the substitute for personbrigbtly between us might not become dim or al intercourse ; and in this way do we not at rusty, because we are debarred personal inter- times experience a sweet mingling of spirit? course. I have pot entered into particulars of Yes, I feel in it a cementing influence, by which my situation, neither can I, without a longer the bond of sisterly feeling is strengthened, detail than I feel like entering into, therefore, often to the invigorating of the mind, when al. will only say that my infirmities increase. It most ready to sink into despondency, under ac. is about sixteen months since I sat up balf-an-cumulated trials. How often do we feel in hour at a time. My limbs are contracted perusing these testimonials of love as though a greatly, being many months since they could be new spring had been touched, and we vivified straightened, even forcibly; and the pain in with reverence, strength and hope in that in. them at times very severe ; besides, there is fluence which thus brings minds into near and much internal disease, which causes much ex- sweet fellowship, when many miles may separate treme suffering of various kinds. I am able to our bodies. Thy W. made us a pleasant little vary my position scarcely any, from week to visit yesterday, by whom I am pleased to learn week, yet through all this, I feel that I bave that thou art still improving; trust thou wilt be much, very much to be thankful for; and may restored to at least usual health, which do my heart wore apd more be filled with that doubt thou feels to be very desirable, circumlove, which only can qualify us in any state to stanced as thou art with the charge of an interlive as we should. Affliction, abstractedly, will esting family, notwithstanding thou didst feel pot enable us to do it, but when we allow affic. the mind brought to a state of resignation to tions to have the softening, tendering influence leave them, had thy day's work been done. upon us which they should, then indeed may wel What beauty! what strength there must be turn them into blessings, and then we would in that attainment which can enable the mind view suffering, pot as an avenging dispensation. Ito exclaim, “ Or life or death is equal; neither but as sweet proofs of a Father's love. For dó weight-all weight in this; Oh! let me live to we not feel that we are ofttimes in danger of thee." either soaring above a safe spot, or becoming This I feel, my dear sister, to be where I deburied in the earth and its cares, to the neg sire-oftener than the morpiog-my mind may be lect of that which would be to our peace, if it brought to; then indeed will neither weigh; but were not for the gentle admonition of a Father's experience teacbes us that when for a time we love? and does not this enable us to see that are favored to arrive at this point, nothing but our affliction is no proof of a vindictive Provi. continual watchfulness can keep the mind deocc, but rather the consequence of some in- there ; and I find it hard work ofttimes to arrive fringement of the law of nature, and that suffer- at perfect resignation, when the idea suggests ing must as inevitably follow as pain does upon itself, that & length of time may possibly yet exposing the finger to the fire. In this view we be before me of an entirely helpless state. see that nature's laws are God's laws. Well, I This, I can assure thee, is far beyond human . my dear friend, this may be difficult for thee to strength to bear up uuder; but even this I feel read, and my pains warn me to stop, unless it my bounden duty to be resigned to, if it is to I go on transgressiug those laws I have been be so, for doubtless it will be in wisdom; but speaking of. I must close; but let me first say, this I look not forward to for a very long time, if thou hast sufficiently recovered for writing, a having every reason to believe that the disease, letter from thee would be very cordial to my (a tumor of an incurable character,) is progressfeelings; particularly so, being so much curling. The fore part of this week I experienced tailed in my intercourse with my friends; and I a time of very severe suffering therefrom, but think no one enjoys social intercourse more for the last two days I am better, which I esteem than I do. If thou find it difficult to read a great favor, for it would have been a trial not this, thou must remember, it was written lying to be able to see my friends, who are in attend. directly upon my back, with a box lid resting ance of the Yearly Meeting. (After giving upon the cushion, which I have to support my more of the particulars of her disease, and the limbs, with my paper upon it; therefore, I progress thereof, she adds,) And now all I de- . trust, no apology is needful.

sire is, that the mind may be brought to Affectionately thy friend, SARAH G. RICH a true state of resignation to suffer either a

PAILADELPHIA, 5th mo. 13th, 1847. longer or shorter time, that the designs of an My dear M.-The receipt of thy letter was so all-wise l'ather may be fulfilled, aod that my cordial to my feelings that the desire to answer soul may be redeemed, purified, and prepared it was almost irresistible at the time; but it to enjoy Him for ever and ever. Amen, sayeth was put off until the present time, thinking it my soul ! Under this feeling I have an assur

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