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for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight condition of the concern, but there has been as of glory.

yet no movement in this direction the present 4. Let us not despise the chastening of the

summer. Lord, nor faint when we are rebuked of him. For whom the Lord loveth he chasteneth, and

He has spent some days in riding through scourgetb every son whom he receiveth.” different sections of the country, calling on

A. W, C. Friends, but has found this method rather uoGODFREY, ILL., March 21st.

productive; those residing on farms live too -N. Y. Independent.

remote from each other for a large number to FRIENDS' INTELLIGENCER.

be called upon in a day, and of those called on

some are absent from home, some unprepared to PHILADELPHIA, SEVENTH MONTH 13, 1867. decide upon a subscription at the time, and some

desirous of shifting a burden which belongs to To SUBSCRIBERS.—The Editors have en themselves upon the shoulders of others. deavored to fulll their part of the contract

In the meantime every day brings the fund between them and their subscribers, and wished to avoid any remarks in relation to money mat- already collected nearer its end, and although

the recent subscriptions in the cities have been ters. But as quite a number of subscribers have not complied with their part of the con considerable, the uncertainty in regard to the

time of opening the school increases as the seatract for our paper, I would call attention to

son advances. the CONDITIONS- -"Payments" must be made

To the large number of persons having chilto me, at my office, in advance.

dren to educate, and looking toward this school Those of our city subscribers who are in

as likely to meet their wants, this statement arrears will please call at once. As it is so will appear rather discouraging, but we would unsafe to send money by mail, I would suggest remind such that it is in their power to aid to those in the country and at a distance to re- materially in removing this uncertainty; if mit by check, draft, or P. 0. money order, or in person, between 9 o'clock A. M. and 5 P. M., the extent of his ability this year, and having

every one so circumstanced will contribute to (on Seventh-days, 3 P. M.)

done so

the way

for labor among bis Those receiving our paper and expecting neighbors, the necessary funds can be obtained to have it at club rates will please see that their accounts are settled during the present

in time to open Swarthmore at the time pro

posed. (Seventh) month. If unpaid at 1st of Eighth

We are aware that those most needing this month, I am authorized to collect full subscrip school are not generally those who have most tion price ($3.00.)

means accumulated, but there are few who EMMOR COMLY, Agent.

have not something to spare, and it is by sacri. SWARTH MORE COLLEGE.-In reply to fre- ficing something for an object in which we are quent inquiries as to when this Institution is interested that we can best demonstrate our likely to be opened for pupils, we are prepared sincerity in urging it upon others. · to answer that the building committee are pre- So important is the completion of this school vented from putting the inside work under next summer, that we should esteem a failure contract on account of the deficienoy of funds, to accomplish it a real cause of discouragement. and unless these are provided before the close Hundreds of children who have looked toward of the present building season the school cannot it are already growing past the age to avail ·be opened, as was anticipated, in the Ninth themselves of it, and others who are younger month, 1868.

are anticipating with confidence entering at the The friend upon whom the labor of soliciting time named by the managers, conditioned only subscriptions mainly devolves has solicited ap- on the funds being contributed; the Society of pointments in various sections, being willing to Friends is, meanwhile, suffering for want of the hold conferences at any time which may be influence and strength which such an Institumost convenient, and to inform all who will at- tion is calculated to bestow upon it. All that tend these of the objects, plans and present is wanted is faithfulness, liberality and a con. scientious disposition among those blessed with Died, on the 19th of Second month, 1867, at his means to make them available for the good of residence in Woodbury, N. J., Jonathan Pickering.

on the 29th of Fourth month, 1867, in Philaothers. Will not our friends forward their delphia, Albert G. Walton, in his 430 year. names to Edward Parrish, 800 Arch street, ton, Pa., Sarau C., wife of Israel H. Mather, aged 29

on the 24th of Fourth month, 1867, at Abingwho is authorized to receive their subscriptions, years, and will correspond with them in regard to the CHARLES Mather, youngest son of George A. and

on the evening of Seventh month 2d, 1867, concern.

Eliza Hulme Smith, »ged 4 years, 2 mos. and 12 days;

members of Green St. Monthly Meeting. MARRIED, on Third-day, the 18th of Sixth month,

at the residence of her son J. Gillingham - 1867, with the approbation of Nottingham Monthly Fell

, Mary Wilson, in her 75ih year, widow of Dr. Meeting, Ezra E. Paillips, son of David and Anna Jobn Wilson, of Bucks Co. She was a member of A. Pbillips, to Ada Pyle, daughter of Joseph and Green St. Montbly Meeting. Milcah C. Pyle, all of Cecil Co., Md.

on the 12th of Fifth month, 1867, at the resi.

'dence of her father, at Greenbrook, near Plxinfield, Died, on the 11th of Fourth month, 1867, at bis N. J., MARGARET R., wife of Hugh W. Harned, and residence near Harveysburg, Warren C.., Ohio, A mos daughter of Ephraim and Rebecca Vail, in her 47th UNDERWOOD, in bis 81st year; a member of 'Miami year: a member of Rahway and Plainfield Monthly Monthly Meeting. He appeared prepared for the Meeting, which she was faithful in attending, change, and only anxious thut " patience might have when health permitted. She was an affectionate its perfect work" in awaiting his app 'inted time.

wife and tender mother.

T. at Rush Creek, Wabash Co., Ind., on the 24th

On reading the death of SARAH, relict of the late of Fifth month, 1867, Hannah B, wife of Josiah Jonathan Leedom, the mind naturally reverts to the Thorne, in the 620 year of her age; a member of past. She was a woman of sterling worth, possessing Maple Grove Monthly Meeting. In the death of tbis strong mental and pbysical energies ; her heart and dear friend her family sustains an irreparable loss. band were ever ready to relieve , and being free from All looked up to her for counsel. Her affectionate selfish or sectarian prejudice, was truly a landmark sympathy was ever ready to soothe in sorrow and in the neighborhood. During her protracted lite she comfort in affiction. She was truly a friend in time had many afflicting dispensations, which she ever of need to all within the sphere of her acquaintance. bore with cheerful resignation, evincing, “Not my Sae bore a protracted illness with meekness and will but Thine be done." Her earthly labors are now Christian resignation, often desiring that she might ended, and her pure spirit rests in the arms of her pass quietly away, which was mercifully granted.


L. --, 8nddenly, by accident, at Texas, Md., on the 16th of Fifth monih, 1867, Powell Griscou, in the Association” will meet on Sixth-day afternoon, 7th

The Executive Committee of "Friends' Publication 54th year of his age. It was said of him in public, " We believe we hazard notbing in saying that there

mo. 19th, at 3} o'clock, at Race St. Mo. Meeting Room. was no man in the county more universally beloved.

Lydia H. Hall, Clerk. He was a kind husband, an indulgent parent, a stead. fast friend, and a benefactor to the needy. His great

The following contributions to "Friendz' Publi. kindness to the poor, and his re-dy aid in contribut- cation Association" are hereby acknowledged : ing to the good of his fellow-beings will long be re

From three members of Darby Mo. Meeting.... $25 00 membered. He was foremost in every good work Several Friends in Philadelphia..

66 00 undertaken by the people of his coun'y or village, T. B. L., Germantown.......

25 00 and was ever willing to contribute his means and J. S., Poplar Ridge, N. Y....

2 00 influence to the success of any undertaking that S. L. P., Osmead, N. J....

25 00 might result in their material or moral benefit. We Two Friends at Trenton, N. J.

20 00 have never seen such general sorrow expressed at the S. M., Kenneti Square ...

5 00 death of any citizen of our county."

Friends at West Chester.....

2 00 -, of consumption, at Texas, Md., on the loth A. J. P., Clarksboro, N. J.........

2 00 of Seventh month, 1866, Emily Griscom, in the 27th N. R., Byberry,

5 00 year of her age. She was resigned, and willing to Friends belonging to Fallowfield Mo. Meeting, depart when her beavenly Father deemed best; some

through R. Darlington ......

30 00 times longing for the home only He could give, and H. J., of Camden (Del.) Monthly Meeting...... 20 00 sometines feeling drawn earthward by her strong

A number of subscriptions of $100 each have also. affection for those she must leave behind her. For been received, conditional, tbat fifty Friends are willsome years she had felt it her duty to use her influing to donate that amouni, towards a working capience among her friends, especially the young men of tal for the Association. her acquaintance, to induce them to take high aims As works are being offered to the Association for in life; to leave off habits that would deteriorate publication, it is hoped that Friends will feel interest their characters; and to seek the only help tbat could enough to aid us by their contributions in proportion strengthen them for such work. Her efforts were to their ability. often bappily successful, and though she counted her

Jos. M. TRUMAN, JR., Treasurer, talent small, it was not folded away, but still added

717 Willow St., Philada. to the heavenly treasure, that knows no waste or corruption,

A. G. Years may pass over our heads without af. -, in Bristol, Pa, on the morning of the 2d inst., fording an opportunity for acts of high benefiAbigail, widow of Abraham Warner, in the 83d year cence or extensive utility: whereas not a day of her age.

=, 00 the 27th of Fourth month, 1867, at her passes but in the common transactions of life, residence in Newtowa, Burks Co., Pa., Susan, wife and especially in the intercourse of domestic of Moses Lancaster, in ber 80th year.

society, gentleness finds place for promoting the


happiness of others, and for strengthening in - On the following morning, Nathan Deonis, ourselves the habit of virtue. There are situa- on behalf of the representatives, reported they tions noi a few in life, when the encouraging had conferred together, and were united in reception, the courteous manner, and the look proposing John J. Cornell for Clerk, and Jacob of syns pathy, bring greater relief to the heart is. Cronk for Assistant Clerk. Their pames, than the most bouuteous gift.

after being separately considered, were united with, and they appointed to those services for

one year. From the Mirules of the Yearly Meeting of The Meeting then proceeded to the con-id.

Friends, held at Farmington, N. Y., by ad. eration of the state of Society, as exhibited by journments, from the tenth day of the Sixth the answers to the queries received from our . Month to the thirteenth of the same, inclusive, Quarterly and Half" Yearly Meetings, sum1867.

maries of which were adopted, and directed to On calling the representatives, named in the be recorded as representing our present state. reports received from onr several Quarterly and

As the state of Society was thus brought Half Yearly Mcetings, they all answered except before us, our minls were introduced into fuelfive--and satisfactory reasons were assigned ing and travail for the welfare and advancement for the absence of two of them.

of the flock. The evideuces thus furnished, Certificates of unity from Friends in attend that there was need of more and continued ance from other Yearly Meetings, who are ac. effort, cau-ed much exercise, and lively and ceptably with us, were read, as follows, viz: pertinent counsel was handed furth.

One for George Truman, a minister from the The continned beglect of the attendance of Monthly Mesting of Friends of Philadelphia, our religious meetings, spread a deep concern and endorsed by Philadelphia Quarterly Meet over the Meeting, and we were fellingly reing.

minded that no organization could long hold One for Catharine Truman, wife and com- ! together, unless its members should neet, and panion of George Truman, from the same that if our Society maintained its high position Monthly Meeting.


before the world, it must OFTEN meet together, Epistles were received and read from each of' and meet, too, in that Power which we acknowlthe Yearly Meetings in correspondence with us. edge to have gathered us to be a people; and Their interesting contents contributing to edify when we thus met, as each miod was conand strengthen us, furnishing a renewed evi cerned to seek to know, and strove to perform, dence of the value of such a correspondence. its whole duty, there would be an influence

The following minute was received from the flowing out not only towards our own people, Meeting for Sufferings, viz:

but towards others who may surround us. And Al a Meeting for Sufferingz, held at Mendon, this Power, we should be drawn together by a

as we were concerned to hold such meetings in 4th of Fourth month, 1867, “ The subject of the propriety of taking an by man. The example of those who were first

force beyond anything which could be exertel enumeration of the members belonging to our Yearly Meeting, and of making an improvement manifested, the Power which drew them to

gathered under our name, the devotion they in the manner of keeping a record of them, gether, to sit down and hold sweet coinmunion claiming our attention, resulted in believing with each other and with their God, was feelthat it was best to forward it to the Yearly ingly adverted to. So powerful was this drawMeeting, for its consideration. • Extracted from the minutes, by

ing to meet, and so strengthening to their

minds, that no outward circumstance could de“JOHN J. CORNELL, Clerk."

ter them; no fear of incarceration in loathsome . The subject claiming the deliberate attention dungeons; no fear of armed bands, either withof the Meeting, resulted in the appointment of out their meetings, or their entrance within a committee to take the subject into considera- them, seemed to affect them. And it was tion, and report at a future sitting of this Meet- shown that we, too, might realize the same ing,

Divine iuftuence, enabling us to make any sucThe time for which the representative com. rifices necessary, to fear po outward disturbmittee was appointed, expiring this year, a ances, in order to receive the blessed incomes committee was named to, in conjunction with a of that love which, in those seasons where, like committee of Women Friends, consider of, when gathered, each wind was drawn out in and propose at, a future sitting of this Meeting, devotion to the All-merciful Father, flows froin the names of suitable Friends for that service. vessel to vessel, watering the whole heritage,

The reprezentatives are requested to stop at binding and cementing it together. the rise of this meeting, to consider of, and We were renuinded that love was indeed the propose at our next sitting, the name of a foundation of every true religious structure, Friend for Clerk, and one for Assistant Clerk. land that there could be no true unity unless it was based upon it. And where this was the Fifth-day.--The Minutes of the Meeting for foundation, difference of view or sentiment Sufferings were now introduced and read, and would make no disturbing element; that in the proceedings approved. that bond by which we would be held together, The Committee to whom was referred the we must recognize a unity of spirit in the bond proposition from the Meeting for Sufferings, of peace, out of which flows that charity which made the following report, viz. : acknowledges that difference of view in accord- We, the Committre to whom was referred ance with our different states of experience, may the proposition from the Meeting for Sufferbe main ained, and all under the power of love. ings, reprt that most of our number have met

We were cautioned to watch every avenue of and conferred together; and are united in re.the heart, that nothing may enter to make in- commending that the Yearly Meeting request road upon this pure feeling, and were shows the Monthly Meetings to appoint a committee that were this the case, there would be no oeca- to take an enumeration of their members, and sion to report deficiencies in regard to this im- report to the Quarterly and Half Yearly Meetportant testimony

ings, to be forwarded to the Yearly Meeting, The attention of the young was feelingly the number of members they find on the records. called to a more faithful maintenance of our And we would also recommend that the retestimony, in regard to plaindess. It was shown Corder in each Monthly Meeting should be that althongh it might be said there was no furnished by the Yearly Meeting with a suitareligion in dress, yet by it we manifested before ble book in which may be kept, in alphabetical ined the state of the heart. If our conduct order, on the left hand page or said book, a was right, if the whole desire of the mind was record of all members of ihe Society, and how to be found serving God, this would regulate they became so—whether by birth, request or the outward appearance, and woulil check the certificate; and on the right hand page, oppodesire to conform to the world, either in dress site each oame, a record of their death, reor address; and that in our intercourse with moval, disowoment, or change of name if marmen, we would not be ashamed of the plain ried, as the case may be, sbould either occur. language, which is the language of true affec- On behalf of the commitee, tion; but would be willing, bowever singular it

Joun J. CORNELL, might make us appear, to faithfully bear this

SARAN D. SEARING. testimony before the world.

Farmington, 6ih mo. 11th, 1867. Our testimony against intemperance has The meeting uniting there with, it is directed claimed our attention, and while we bave cause to be forwarded in the extracts to our subordiofor gratitude that the reports show us as a body ate meetings, for their observance. And the to be pearly clear of this great evil, yet, we Meeting for Sufferings is directed to procure wer. reminded, that we should not on that ac- and furnish our Monthly Meetings the necescount relax our vigilance, por cease our efforts sary books to keep such a record, and call on for the checking of the spread of its dire infiu- the Treasurer for the expense, Women's Meetence, and the reclamation of those who have ing concurridg therein. yield d to its seductive temptations.

The committee appointed to propose names of We were reminded that though we were pot Friends to constitute the Meeting for Suffernow suffering from the bold and open attacks of iogs, conferred together, and are united in a bireliog ministry, yet it was working insidi. offering the following nanies, viz.: Nathan Denously in an undercurrent, and we were called nis and others. upon to watch more closely its movements, and Freeman Clark, on behalf of the committee encouraged to wore firmly and faithfully resist to essay replies to the Epistles received from its encroachments.

other Yearly Meetings, reported that the most A lively exercise was felt for the younger of them had met, and were united in proposing portion of the Society, that they might be the adoption of the minute of exercises, together brought forward into a more active coöperation with a few additional paragraphs, as an essay of in its concerns; and they were encouraged to an epistle to each of the Yearly Meetings with manifest their interest by the expression of which we correspond. The essay produced their views. And the eliler portion were ex- being satisfactory, the Clerk is directed to horted, in the appointment to services in the transcribe, sign and forward a copy to each of Society, to let their minds feel with and for the the meetings referred to. young-and thus aid them in assuming their The business for which we have convened, proportion of the responsibilities which devolve having been concluded, during the transaction upon us in the transaction of the affairs of the of which we have witnessed the cementing church.

power of the Divine principle of love, to draw Tomorrow being the day usually set apart us more closely together, and to flow out tofor public Divine worship, the meeting adjourns wards each other, filling our hearts with grati. to 10 o'clock on Fifth-day moroing.

tude to Him from whom every good must come and causing us to feel that in thus mingling is to destroy all relish in the mind for that together, we have been strengthened to more which is of a inore solid and profitable character. faithfully devote ourselves to the services re- Mothers were feelingly admonished to look quired of us by our Lord and Master, to further well to themselves, that they indulge not a His cause in the earth, and to advance our own taste for this kind of reading, and provide that souls' peace. With minds deeply solemnized which will strengthen themselves and children under this holy influence, we adjourn to meet for the many important duties of life. in Pickering, C. W., the usual time next year, The meeting having been favored through if consistent with the Divine Will.

the several sittings with the solemnizing influJohn J. CORNELL, Clerk. ence of the presence of the Great Head of the As the business that claimed the attention of transact all the business that has claimed our

Church, under which we have been enabled to the Women's Meeting was similar to that al. I attention, with sisterly love and condescension, ready published from the Extracts of the Men's for which favor we feel grateful to the Great Meeting, we give only the concluding minutes Giver of all good, we adjourn to meet again at of the exercises :

Pickering, Canada West, the usual time next

year, if consistent with the Divine will. The consideration of the state of Society, as

PHEBE W. CORNELL, Clerk. portrayed in the answers to the queries from our subordinate meetings, brought a deep concern over the mceting, op account of the many

CULTURE OF SORROW.-Nearly all sorrow deficiencies amongst us, and living desires were while it lasts, depresses action, destroys hope, awakened, that our members, in their little and crushes energy; but it renders the sepsimeetings at home, may be incited to greater tiveness more acute, and sympathies more gediligence in their attendance. It was impres. nial, and the whole character less selfish and sively shown that the neglect of this important more considerate. It is said that in pature, duty gave evidence that the first and great com- but for the occasional seasons of draught, the mandment, “ Thou shalt love the Lord thy God best lands would soon degenerate; but these with all thy heart,” was not our goverving seasons cause the land to suck up from the cur. principle. It was also shown in very feeling rents beneath, with the moisture, all those and lively testimonies, that individual faithful- mineral manures, that restore and fertilize the ness to the Divine light in the soul, would pre

soil above. It is thus with sickness and sorrow; parc us to fulfil the second Commandment, that once surmounted, they fertilize the character of loving our neighbor as ourselves; and thus, and develop froin the deep fountains of the huwe should be drawn to meet often together for man heart a joy and fruitfulness not otherwise the purpnse of unitedly worshiping our Father attainable. in Heaven. Mothers have been most feelingly reminded

THE DANDELION. of the great responsibility resting upon them as

BY GEORGE W. BUNGAY, shepherdesses over the tender lambs committed

“For the first time in this journey we rentured to open all to their charge. The dear young women and the windows in our compartment, and enjoy the nir as well as the children were tenderly embraced, as in the the scenery; The evidences of spring increased, but I had no arms of Divine Love; entreaty and supplication the first daudelion—the dear common flower of Lowell, whose was poured forth on their behalf, and they poem thereupon is secure of life while its subject blossoms to anwere shown how good and how acceptable it is manently changed till I see the dandelion.”—Bayard Taylor. to give up the whole heart, and serve the Lord in the springtime of life. A dear aged mother The Architect of sun and star, in Israel was largely drawn out on their behalf, Who lit the orbs that shine afar, with most touching appeals for them to turn He filled its cup with glowing gold,

Planned this bright gem, from the gay and frivolous things of this world, And packed its petals manifold, and make an early sacrifice, and so live that

Upon the stem. when brought on a bed of languishing and he taught the winged seed to fly, death, they may have an assurance that for their He watched it with unsleeping eye, early dedication, and watchful walking through

By day and night. life, they were prepared to put off this mortal, He watered it with dew and rain, and be clothed upon with immortality and He tinted every gleaming vein, eternal life. Much excellent counsel and ad

To please our sight. vice has flowed from deeply exercised minds, He planted it on hill and glen, to our dear young sisters, that they may be And near the dusty ways of men, guarded in their choice of reading, and reject The bluebird and the bobolink,

A light to cheer. that of a pernicious kind, with which the world to put in song the thoughts we think, at the present time is floded; for its tendency

When spring is here.

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