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Sanctify means to set apart. in sanctification in the sense of separation.

On the contrary, Christianity is permeation :

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permeation. To separate the evil from the good helped to health and enjoyment? Hired ser. Dation from all other nations ; certain meats for the poor is a desecration of the Sabbath! It was the aim and work of Judaism ; to sever one / vice for the rich is a necessity, hired service from other meats; certain days from other is right that a thousand should toil for the few very essence of the idea of Hebrew holiness lay country, that a few should toil for thousands on it premeates all evil with good; it aims at over-commandment be binding still, that clause is the world with heaven,--that is the genius of points, then there is nothing left but the broad Accordingly the observance of the Sabbath The whole Sabbath is a shadow of things to


The spirit of barness their horses, stand up to denounce the daism and that of Christianity:

The in private! It is past bearing, in a Christian

the Sabbath-day!
There is only this alternative: If the fourth

no manner of work ;" and so, too,
the spirit of the day of rest in to all other days, is that other important part, the sanctification
coming evil by good; it desires to transfuse unrepealed"
and to spread the holiness of some nation over of the seventh day, and not the first. If the

comprehensive ground taken by the apostle. was entirely in the Jewish spirit. No fire was per- come. In consistency, either hold that none of mitted to be made, on pain of death. (Exod. xxxv. the formal part is abrogated, or else all. The 3.) No food was to be prepared. (ayi. 5. 23.) No whole of the letter of the commandment is buying nor selling. (Nehem. 2. 31.) So rigor- moral, or else none. ously was all this carried out, that a map gath 2. There is, however, in the Sabbath, a subing sticks was arrainged before the congrega- stance, a permanent something,—"a body" tion and sentenced to death by Moses.

which can not pass away. This is Jewish, typical, shadowy it is all

“The body is of Obrist;" the spirit of Christ to pass away., Much already has passed; even is the fulfilment of the law. To have the spirit those who believe our Lord's day to be the de- of Christ is to have fulfilled the law. Let us scendent of the Sabbath admit this. The day bear the mind of Christ on this matter. is changed. The first day of the week has “ The Sabbath was made for man, not man taken the place of the seventh. The computa- for the Sabbath! In that principle rightly uption of hours is altered. The Jews reckoned derstood lies the clue for unravelling the whole from sunset to. sunset; modern Christians matter. The religionists of that day maintained reckon from midnight to midnight. The spirit that the necessities of man's nature must give of its observance, too, is altered. No one con. way to the rigor of the enactment; He taught tends now for Jewish strictness in its details.” that the enactment must yield to man's necessi

ties." “ It will be said, however, the works of ne “Moses prescribed the Sabbath to a nation cessity and works of mercy are excepted by spiritually diseased. He gave the regimen of Christ's example.

rest to men who did not feel the need of spiritTell us, then, ye who are servants of the let- ual rest. He fenced round his rule with preter, and yet do not scruple to use a carriage to cise regulations of detail-one day in seven, no convey you to some church where a favorite work, no fire, no traffic. On what does the ob. minister is heard, is that a spiritual necessity, ligation to obey it rest?' On the authority of or a spiritual luxury? Part of the Sunday the rule, or on the necessities of that nature meal of all of you is the result of a serva.rt's for which the rule was divinely adapted ? Was work. Tell us, then, ye accurate logicians, who man made for the Sabbath to obey it as a slave ? say that nothing escapes the rigor of the pro- Or was the Sabbath made for man? Aod when hibition, which is not neecssary or merciful, spiritual health has been restored, the Law regis a hot repast a work of necessity, or a work of ulating the details of rest may become obsolete, mercy? Oh! it rouses in every true soul a but the nature which demands rest can never deep and earnest indignation to hear men who be reversed.drive their cattle to church on Sundays, because “ If the Sabbath rest on the needs of human they are too emasculated to trudge through nature, and we accept his decision that the Sabcold and rain on foot, io voke the severity of an bath was made for man, then you have an insulted Law of the Decalogue on those who eternal ground to rest on, from which you can. provide facilities of movement for such as can not be shaken. A son of man may be lord of not afford the luxury of a carriage. What, the Sabbath day, but he is not lord of his own think you, would He who blighted the Phari- nature. He cannot make one hair white or sees with such burning words have said, bad black. You may abrogate the formal rulo, but He been present by, while men whose servants you cannot abrogate the needs of your own clean their houses, and prepare their meals, and sonl. Eternal as the constitution of the soul of

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man, is the necessity for the existence of a day difficulty. It is a question of degree. Some of rest. Further, still, on this ground alone can work must be done on the Sabbath day; some you find an impregnable defence of the pro- must sacrifice their rest to the rest of others; portion, one day in seven. On the other for all human life is sacrifice, voluntary or in. ground it is unsafe. Having altered the seventh voluntary. Again, that which is rest to one to the first, I know not why one in seven might map is not rest to another. To require the ilnot be altered to one in ten. The thing, how. literate man to read his Bible for some hours, ever, has been tried; and by the necessities of would impose a toil to him, though it might be human nature, the change has been found per. a relaxation to you. To the laboring man a nicious. One day in ten, prescribed by revo. larger proportion of the day must be given to lutionary France, was actually pronounced by the recreation of his physical nature than is physiologists insufficient. So that we begin to necessary to the man of leisure, to whom find that in a deeper sense thao we at first sug- the spiritual observance of the day is easy pected, “the Sabbath was made for man." and seems all. Let us learn large charitable Even in the contrivance of one day in seveo, it considerateness. Let not the poor man sneer was arranged by uperring wisdom. Just be- at his richer neighbor if, in the exercise of his cause the Sabbath was made for man, and not Christian liberty, he uses bis horses to convey because man was ordained to keep the Sabbath. him to church, and not to the mere drive of day, you cannot tamper even with the iota, one pleasure; but tben, in fairness, let not the rich day io seven.

man be shocked and scandalized if the over" The rest needed by man is twofold. Physi- wearied shopkeeper and artizan breathe the fresh cal repose of the body,--a need which he air of heaven with their families in the country. shares with the animal, through the lower na « The Sabbath was made for man.” Be generture which he shares in common with them.ous, consistent, large-minded. A man may

Thou shalt do no work, nor thy cattle,”--80 hold stiff, precise, Jewish potions on this sub. far, man's Sabbath need places him only on aject; but do not stigmatize that man as a formlevel with the ox and with tbe ass.

alist. Another may hold large Paul-like But besides this, the rest demanded is a reviews of the abrogation of the fourth commandpose of spirit. Between these two kinds of restment, and yet he may be sincerely and zealthere is a very important difference. Bodily re- ously anxious for the hallowing of the day in pose is simply inaction: the rest of the soul is bis household and through his country. Do not exercise, not torpor. To do nothing is physi- call that man a Sabbath-breaker. Remember cal rest: to be engaged in full activity is the the Pharisees called the Son of God a Sabbathrest of the soul.

breaker. They kept the law of the Sabbath ; la that hour, which of all the twenty-four is they broke the law of love. Which was the most emblematic of heaven, and suggestive of worse to break? which was the higher law to repose, the eventide, in which instinctively keep? Take care lest in the zeal which seems Isaac went into the fields to meditate,--when to you to be for Christ, ye be found indulging: the work of the day is done, when the mind has their spirit, and not His." ceased its tension, when the passions are lulled

(To be continued.) to rest, in spite of themselves, by the spell of the quiet star-lit sky,-it is then, amid the si We should feel sorrow, but not sink ander lence and the Jull of all the lower parts of our its impression. The heart of a wise man should nature, that the soul comes forth to do its resemble a mirror, which reflects every object work. Then the peculiar strange work of the without being sullied by any. soul, which the intellect cannot dommeditation -begins. Awe, and worship, and wonder, are SELECTIONS FROM THE WRITINGS OF JOHN in full exercise; and Love begins then in its purest form of mystio adoration, and pervasive

(Continued from page 85.) and undefined tenderness--separate from all

Tothat is coarse and earthly--swelling as if it 19th of Third month, 1836.–Thy last called would embrace the All in its desire to bless, and forth many a fervent aspiration for our mutual lose itself in the sea of the Love of God. This preservation, support and advancement. Ab! is the Rest of the soul the exercise and play of we must cleave to our only, sure refuge, our all the nobler powers."

stronghold, our very present helper,--and then " The apostle urges cbarity: "One man es- all will be well; and we shall be conducted teemeth one day above another; another man through all our exercises and strait places, reesteemeth every day alike." " He that ceiving the end of our faith. 0! it is sweet regardeth the day, regardeth it unto the Lord; to be permitted in travelling along this weary and he that regardeth not the day, to the Lord land, to give and receive a greeting in spirit, he regardeth it not.” Carry out that spirit. to be refreshed together as before the Lord, In the detail of this question there is abundantland to be made to feel that we are members



one of another;—that we are not without com.'ings. Ah! would he have received a burntpapiops in warfare and suffering; and cheered offering at our hands, and would be have shown up by the countenance of a friend, by even us all these things if He were displeased and a few lines, or by a hearty extension of the ready to reject us? as Manoah's wife pleaded. right hand of fellowship. It reminds me of Da Yea, though He slay thee, trust in Him; humble vid, and of his friend Jonathau, wbo" strength - thyself low before him, and in due season all ened his hand in God;" and we may instruct- will work together for thy exceeding good, -for ively, and without presumption, refer to the cir- thy great enlargement in the things of God. cumstances of these individuals, with some de. Therefore, be patient upto the coming, and gree of application to our own case. 0! the through all the dispensations, of thy wonderful trials and strait places, in which some of us are Counsellor. I believe the little ones have no placed in the present day :-and how clear does cause unduly to fear, or to let in discouragement it appear, that if we flinch not, but are faithful and doubts. However, though we may be perto all that the Lord requires of us, to be, to do, mitted to be trampled upon and broken to and to suffer, for his cause and people, we shall pieces, get the blessed Truth will outlive it all. be made instruments, in our measure, to carry | forward his good work, to stand in the breach,

TO J. B- , Cornwall. and to be (whatever we may think of ourselves) | STOKE NewINGTON, 29th of Third month, 1836. as saviours on mount Zion, to judge the mount My Beloved Friend,-—It is a blessed priviof Esau, yea, to turn the battle to the gate. lege to be given to drink into one Spirit, and The Lord will assuredly, in his own time and to be renewedly baptized together; so that, way, sepd deliverance to his little ones; for the whatever apparent occasions of interruption Lamb and his followers must have dominion come between, or clouds of temptation, floods of and victory. Those who are engaged on the afiliction, mountains of opposition, wild wastes Lord's side, and bound to stand by and uphold and howling wildernesses, we know that the his pure cause, cannot escape the peculiar po- Lord is over all ;-we know in whom we have tice of the all-seeing eye of the Captain of sal-believed ;-we know that we have passed from vation; who will not fail to promote, to honor, death unto life, because we love the brethred ; and to make use of, and to dignify, His true-hearted, we know that He is able to keep that which we firm-banded soldiers. So look ye to it,-and have committed unto Him. Although since thou 0! my soul, look thou to it,—that we lose not wrote I bave had my portion of trial in niany any portion of that weight of glory, which the respecte, more than my allotment seemed to Lord desigos for us,-any portion of that line bring with it; in looking back, however, of usefulness, or of Puffering, which would de- although my tears have at times been as it were volve upon us. Let us not plead any excuses, my meat day and night, yet the Lord hath not whether it be trade, family, our own meanness been wanting to command his loving-kindness or insignificance; nor yet like one of old, say in the day time, and in the night season too; to the servant of the Lord, “If thou wilt go His song has been with me, and my prayer has with me, then I will go," &c.- lest it be said, been to the God of my life. I am even ready " the journey,” or tbe proceeding, “shall not to think, that it is through the prayers of mapy, be for thine bonor.” 0! for an unreserved sac. more fit to plead prevailingly than myself, that rifice, and a going on in the strength of the I am now in the land of the living, bodily and Lord, which is made perfect in weakness; and spiritually too;-and as earnest and as willing at also, a standing still in the true faith, to see least, if not as able as ever I was, to wield and to wait for his salvation revealed, and his the weapons of our warfare, in a cause dear to arm made bare for our help.

me as life itself, because crowned with immor. I may assure thee, my dear friend, that thy tality and blessedness. I cannot say, " I shall exercises and self-humiliating baptisms are only not die, but live, and declare the works of the such as are common to us all, and no more than Lord;”—but I can say, "while I live, will I needful for the best of us,—to drive us home praise the Lord; I will sing unto my God, to the preserving power, to lay us low and keep while I bave my being." us there; and are rather marks, how tenderly My general health is wonderfully úpheld, and and closely our holy Head and High Priest, our I have no suffering in my koee, apparently keeper and shade upon the right band, hedges nothing but debility from disuse and disease; us about, as Satan said was Job's favored lot; yet this I am continually sensible of, that my not leaving us to ourselves, as we are ready to times are in His hand, and He who has suppose ; but constantly interposing with his laid low, can do as it seems good in His fatherly chastenings and stripes ;-because he sight, even "raise up and confirm the feeble loves us, and hath a purpose of his own glory knees.” 0! what encouragement to present in our close proving aod refining, as his choice and commit ourselves to Him under every disjewels and gold of Ophir. Dear — -, believe pensation, and thus to be allowed to feel, tbat it is even so, in all thy overturnings and toss. I whether we live or dic, we are the Lord's.

Under precious feelings like these, when unable, seemed to convey a low account. “Behold we to attend meetings, I have longed to be pre-count them happy that endure;"—the spirit of served, but as one of the wrestling seed of glory and of consolation is specially provided worm Jacob; wbo, when he had rested on the for these : and however bitter the chastening pillow of stone, did not forget to place it up as may be at the time, yet afterward it cannot but a pillar and a testimony to the Lord, who ap- yield peaceable and blessed fruits, to those peared unto him, and spake comfortably to rightly exercised, and endeavoring to be given him ;-even that He was with him, and would up thereto. The furnace is even made and keep him in all places whither he went; and heated for the gold, and for nothing else but would not leave him, but would fulfil all He that which is worth refining: therefore, what a had spoken to him. But what shall I say, blessed thing to be counted worthy to be chast« Though bonds and afflictions" abide; yet ened, as a dear child of the Lord, and not to be through all, some of us are encouraged beyond left to one's self. 0! thou knowest not what expectation, and are obliged to hope against are the all-wise, all-merciful intentions of our hope. "I will leave in the midst of thee an Wonderful Counsellor towards thee, and how he afflicted and poor people, and they shall trust would work in, and for, and also through thee. in the name of the Lord :"2" a deceitful tongue Nothing is too hard for Him; and all things shall not be found in their mouth; for they are possible unto his simply obedient children shall feed and lie down, and none shall make who believe, le is able to do all things for them afraid.” “It is enough for the servant them : these he will never leave nor forsake, to be as his master:"-where I am, there shall but keep in the hollow of his hand, and as the also my servant be," wherber in tribulation or apple of the eye. Not one trial, not one pang otherwise. It is a fine lesson to learn, in what will such bave to pass through, more than tbere soever state we are permitted to be, therewith is a need be" for, or more than there will be to be content,-everywhere and in all things to made to work for good unto them, both here be instructed.

and for ever. The only time of late that I have been outl My secret petition is, that you may each disto meeting, was last First-day week, when I had a cern what his good pleasure is concerning you, sweet time; my mind was clothed with grateful and concerning each other, lest in any wise you and humbling feelings, to which I had to give mistake it; and thus miss of any thing that did utterance;" how great is thy goodness," I really belong to you. May you be wholly given &c. There may be, thou koowest, a great up, and give up each other freely, to His orderdoor and an effectual one opened, where there ing and service, whose gifts you are to one are many adversaries. I am privileged with another; lest if there be even the shadow of many visits from Friends, visitors or strangers, a with holding and drawing back, the Lord and sometimes have to speak very plainly to should withdraw his band so full of blessings them on our duty in these times, which I be temporal and spiritual. We may easily reason lieve is, to be honest, firm, and uncompromising. I away the tender and gentle touches of his hand,

I have nearly exhausted my paper, and a so as to doubt whether they are the requirings person would bardly know from it that I had so of the Lord ; and those who are very jealous of many near and dear to me in your county; yet his honor, or clear in their discerning respecting they kaow it, whether they see these lines or the standing and steppings and outgoings of not, and whether I expressly address them or others, bave the greater occasion to beware of not: we are as living epistles to one another, placing so strong a guard against all outgoings, while and so long as the ministration of the as to cramp or cripple either themselves, or Spirit is impressed upon our hearts. Ab! I those with whom they have influence. These cannot easily forget how my poor, dull heart, are days in which the enemy would persuade was made to yearn towards your dear family, some of us that we had better do nothing, lest from one end to the other. .

we should do wrong, or in our attempts to Parents peculiarly have to plow and sow aid the cause, only give pain and trouble to the with tears, often feeling their own infirmities, rightly exercised by our meddling. But O! and how little they can do: but the Lord often how otherwise is the fact! what preservation, interferes for their help; and perhaps, when what help, what direction, and qualification, they are laid in the dust, brings about and fuld have the simple hearted received, whose fils all their petitions, even to the letter. My strength is made perfect in an humbling sepse love to the Friends, and to the poor of the flock, of their own weakness;-out of weakness who wait upon the Lord for mercy; grace and they are made strong. My beloved friend, I peace be renewed unto them at all times. must, go further, and urge on thee to weigh Farewell : cby affectionate friend,

well, (but without undue carefulness, discour.

J. B. agement or distrust,) whether there is not a call To

upon you to double diligence in coming up, in 22 of Eighth month, 1836.-Thy last a noble, disinterested, unbending and unblush


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ing way, to the help of the Lord and his church, , is, so shall our strength be." I feel it is not - to stand in the breach, and fill up your ranks, presumption so to speak; for what greater as those that are deeply concerned for the evidence of Divine Goodness than that nothing spreading, as well as the upholding of the is too weak, too insignificant, to claim His testimonies of Truth. Ab! it is high time mercy and protecting care? If not even a that all who have been awakened to a sense of the sparrow falls unnoticed by Him,

surely we,

in state of things in our poor chureb, were "up," to whom He has breathed the breath of life, shall retrieve and turn the battle to the gate. The Dot be forgotten by Him; and to be willing thus enemy and his willing instruments are busy in- to acknowledge it, is ooly“ to speak our Maker's deed; we see the fruits spriogiog forth on every praise.". In the fulness of the heart exclaim. band; and there are few given up to withstand ing—"To Thee, to Thee alone, belongs all the him in a true-hearted, uncompromising, plain- praise." ness and boldoess. May we then join in an 27th.-This being one of our quiet days, I unqualified surrender of our all, to the dis- feel a wish to add something to my letter composing of Him, who would work in us and for menced two weeks ago. Tbou queries how I us, and also through us mightily, to the subdu- am. There appears but little change in me ing of all within us that would choose, or refuse, since thou saw me last. The very cause (Ery. or chalk out our own line for ourselves, en sipelas) which gives fulness and often a deep trenching ourselves in the rectitude of our own glow to the face, is one of the greatest causes of wills and counsels: whereas, we should be my suffering. This winter has been a very tender as the growing vine, and teachable as trying one to most, and to me, even with every the weaned babe, -no fretting,—but with mor- outward comfort, it has in many ways been very tified wills even slain and dailed to the cross. trying; 80 much suffering with my head, and The time is verily come, when men shall be, in various other ways, which I seldom say much and are, lovers of their own selves, I know; about. But through all I have much, very but the time is also coming, when, if I have much, to be thankful for; and especially so any true vision of what shall be the end and when comparing my case with such as thou issue of these shaking times, men shall not mentions; and all I crave is that patience may love their lives uoto death; but lay down their endure to the end. The remembrance of our lives for the brethren, forego their ceiled friend is very greatful. She surely is a rehouses, their “pleasant bread," and their deemed spirit, and yet we find for some cause couches of ivory, their boats and their nets, and trials are still dispensed to her. Why, it is not their father, to become fishers of men; and for us to know, and “what we can't unravel we count all things but loss.

must learn to trust." (To be continued.)

Surely it can be no part of the wisdom of He is a brave Christian who has much of

Divine Goodness and mercy to permit afflictions Christ within, and wbo accounts nothing his

to visit His children, unless there is a purpose. own that he does not communicate to others. finite vision, we are apt to call in question

What this purpose is, I well know, in our weak The bee stores ber hive out of all sorts of flowers, for the common benefit, and why then, in ready to say why is it that I should be aflicted this, should not every Christiap be like a bee ?

80 much more than others ? Why should I be

as it were “a mark for the archers to aim at ?" LETTERS FROM SARAH G. RICI.

Others have all the enjoyment to be derived (Concluded from page 86.)

from health-the society of their friends and PHILADELPHIA, 41b mo. 13th, 1856. various resources, from which I am greatly ex.

--:-Thy letter of 3d month cluded; and instead, years of suffering and was received with a pleasure which those only privation have been meted out to me. Why, know whose means of social enjoyment are oh, why, is it so? at times says the rebellious brought to what mine are, which, whilst I desire spirit within me. But, again : Seasons there Dot to murmur, are certaioly' calculated to are when all that is within me can and does say, aflix a high value to the few resources of enjoy - What shall I render upto the Lord for all ment left.

And this of conversing in this way His benefits;" for “ His mercies are new every with an absent friend is one I value bigbly, and morning.” Aod of what little moment will it should feel it quite an additional affliction to be be when we reach that shore "where every tear deprived of ; yet, I trust if this is to be my ex. is wiped from every eye” whether our passage perience that strength will be given me ; for I here has been strewn with thorns or roses. must believe we are wonderfully cared for by a Truly little indeed; therefore my soul's desire Father of too tender love and mercy to permit is to " bide my time,” trusting that “ He who any thing to fall upon us which, in' His good-doeth all things well,” would not, without a ness, He will not give us strength to bear, if wise purpose, permit afflictions to fall upon even there is a looking unto Him for strength. I the least of His little ones; and in this trust do think I have in measure proven, “As our day I ever desire to live the present moment, lear

Whet fra

My dear

na y

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