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land, 510-Chap. XIII. Romanism in
Action Ireland, 520 Chap. XIV.
A Peculiarity of Romanism in Ireland,
526-Chap. XV. The Royal College
of Maynooth, 629-Chap. XVI. Edu-
cation at Maynooth-Royal Commis-
sion of Enquiry, 632.
Canada, 326.

Carleton, William, Fardorougha, the Miser;

or the Convicts of Lisnamona, a tale,
Part VI. 95; Conclusion, 250; Rick-
ard the Rake, in three snatches, 364;
Barney Brady's Goose, or dark doings
at Slathbeg, 604.

Castle Connor, the last heir of, a tale,


Censorship of the Press, 532.

Classical Authorities, for modern trifles,

Cologne, the Archbishop of, versus the
Morning Chronicle, 134.
Colquhoun's System of National Educa-
tion in Ireland, Review of, 195.
Combination Outrage in Dublin, 129.
Confessions of Harry Lorrequer-Chap.
XIII. The Chase, 222; Chap. XIV:
Mems. of the North Cork, 229; Chap.
XV. Theatricals, 233; Chap. XVI.
The Wager, 753; Chap. XVII. The
Elopement, 759; Chap. XVIII. De-
tachment Duty, 761.

Cooper, Austin, Murder of, 663.
Crimes in Ireland, Committals for, 779.
Darby Sykes; or the Bribed Cobbler, a

Chapter of Election Romance, 164.
Defeat, Pleasures of, Dr. Stock Re-
warded, 137.

Diamond, the, will be Trumps again,


Diamond, Battle of the, 136.

Edinburgh Review and the Irish Govern-
ment, No. II., 358.
Education, National, 195.
Elements of Civil Government, by a

British Jurist, Review of, 636.

Executorship, the Law of, 554.
Fardorougha, the Miser; or, the Con-
victs of Lisnamona, a tale, by William
Carleton, Part VI. 95; Conclusion,

Fiorelli Italiani-No. X. Modern Rome,


Forgery, strange, 130.
Fortunes of Sir Robert Ardagh, a tale,


Fratricide, 662.

Gallery of Illustrious Irishmen, No. IX.
James Duke of Ormonde, 17; No. X.
John Philpot Curran, 404.
German Brothers, a tale, 646.
Ghost, the, and the Bone Setter, a tale,



Government, the, the Landlords and the
Popular Party" in Ireland, 238.
Hermit Mouse, the, 69.

High Sheriffs, 532; Lord Mulgrave's
Appointment of, 767.
Incendiarism, 662.

Inglis' Rambles in the Footsteps of Don
Quixote, Review of, 574.
Insurrectionary Movements, 125.
Insurrectionary State of the County of
Longford, 121, 662, 781.
Irish Court, 386.
Intimidation, 781.

Irish Government and the Edinburgh
Review, No. II, 358.

Irish History, By-Ways of, 87, 510, 629.
Irish Tranquillity-Parliamentary Re-
turns, 530, 779.

Irishmen, Gallery of Illustrious, No. IV.
James Duke of Ormonde, 17; No. X.
John Philpot Curran, 404.
Irwin, Rev. Henry, Sermon in St. Wer-
burgh's Church, Review of, 624.
Judges, the Twelve, and Baron Richards,

Keightley's History of England, Review
of, 183.

Lamb, Charles, Life and Letters of, Re-
view of, 173.

Last Days of Nero, a drama, 461.

Last Heir of Castle Connor, a tale, 713.
Law of Executorship, 554.
Litera Orientales, Turkish Poetry,
second article, 291.

Lloyd, Dr. late Provost, T. C. D. Bio-
graphical Notice of, 111.
Lockhart's Life of Scott, Vols. V. VI.
and VII. Review of, 667.
Longford County, Insurrectionary State
of, 121, 662, 781.

Longford Election Committee, 386.
Lorrequer, Harry, Confessions of, 222,

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tionary Movements, 125; Attacks
upon Protestant Clergymen and Places
of Worship, 125; Popish Supersti-
tions, 127; Repeal of the Union,
128; Ribbon Processions, 129; Com-
bination Outrage in Dublin, 129;
Strange Forgery, 130; O'Connell
and Lord Mulgrave, 130; O'Connell
and the Trades Union, 130; Horrible
Attack upon a Protestant, 132; Per-
secutions of Protestants, 133; Value
of Liberal Signatures, 133; The
Archbishop of Cologne, versus the
Morning Chronicle, 134; Battle of
the Diamond, House of Commons,
136; Pleasures of Defeat, Dr. Stock
rewarded, 137; The Tithe War, 137;
Murders, 137; The University-the
Provostship, 140; Persecution for
Conscience Sake, 383; The Trades-
Mr. O'Connell, 383; Papal Usurpa-
tions, 384; The Irish Court, 386;
The Longford Election Committee,
386; Murders, 386; Irish Tranquil-
lity- Parliamentary Returns, 530;
High Sheriffs, 532; Censorship of
the Press, 532; Col. Shaw Kennedy,
532; Sacrilege, 662; Persecution of
Protestants, 662; Incendiarism, 662;
Murder of Austin Cooper, 663;
Priests Burke and Sheridan, 664;
Committals for Crimes in Ireland,
Malicious Burning, 780; Mur-
ders, 781; Awful State of the County
of Longford, 781; Intimidation, 781;

Homicide, 781; Attack on a Pro-
testant Clergyman while Performing
the Burial Service, 781; Murders,
782; Brutal Outrage, 782; Six Ma-
gistrates of the County of Carlow,
Superseded, 782.

Meyler, Dr. on Irish Tranquillity, under
O'Connell, Lord Mulgrave, and the
Romish Priesthood, Review of, 500.
Mulgrave, Lord, his Defence in the
House of Lords, 143; his Special
Reporters, 255; his Appointment of
Sheriffs in Ireland, 767.

Murders in Ireland, 137, 386, 662, 782.
National Education in Ireland, 195.
Nero, Last Days of, a Drama, 461.
Oath, the Roman Catholic, 3.
O'Connell, and Lord Mulgrave, 130;
and the Trades Union, 130; and the
Trades, 338.

Ordnance Survey-Greenan, 853.
Orphans of Dunasker, a Tale, 54, 271,
543, 736.

Outrage, Brutal, 782.
Papal Usurpations, 384.

Persecution for Conscience sake, 383.
POETRY-Sonnet, 16; The Diamond
will be Trumps again, 49; The Her-
mit Mouse, from Pignotti's Fables, 69;
Sonnets by R. S. Mackenzie, LL.D.
86; Consolations in Winter-Sonnets
by Coul Goppah, 124, 172; All must
Fade, 172; To Una, with a Shell,
172; The Rubi, a Tale of the Sea,
in Six Cantos, 260, 391, 564, 691;
I Fiorelli Italiani, No. X. Modern
Rome, 601; De Trop, 689.
Popish Superstitions, 127.
Protestant Clergymen, and Places of
Worship, Attacks upon, 125, 781; At-
tempt to burn the House and Family
of, 662; Attack on, while Performing
the Burial Service, 781.
Protestant Church, attack on a, 662.
Protestant, horrible attack upon a, 132.
Protestants, persecutions of, 133, 662.
Provost, the late, 111.
Recollections of a Disturbed District—
No. I., The Barracks of Temple-
Bredin, 486.

Repeal of the Union, 128.
REVIEW-Of Lover's Rory O'More,
71; Of Lord Mulgrave's Speech
in the House of Lords, in reply
to the Earl of Roden, 143; Of
Charles Lamb's Life and Letters,
173; Of Keightley's History of Eng-
land, 183; Of the System of National
Education in Ireland, 195; Of Meyler
on the State of Ireland, 500; Of Wood-
ward's Sermons, 535; Of Inglis' Ram-
bles in the Footsteps of Don Quixote,
574; Of Alison's History of Europe,
Vol. VI, 582; Of the Rev. Henry
Irwin's Sermon, 624; Of Elements of

Civil Government, by a British Jurist,
636; Of Lockhart's Life of Scott,
Vols. V. VI. and VII., 667.
Ribbon Processions, 129.
Richards, Baron, and the Twelve Judges,

Rickard the Rake, in three snatches, by

Wm. Carleton, 364.

Roden, Earl of, his Speech in the House
of Lords, on the tranquillity of Ireland,

Roman Catholic Oath, 3.
Rory O'More, review of, 71.

Rubi, the, a Tale of the Sea, in Six
Cantos Canto I., The Escape, 260;
Canto II., The Captive, 391; Canto
III., The Banquet, 564; Canto IV.,
The Midnight Hour, 691.

Sacrilege, 622.

Scott, Sir Walter, Life by Lockhart,
review of, 667.

Sheridan, Priest, 664.

Sonnets, by R. S. Mackenzie, LL.D.,
86, 291.

Sonnets, by Coul Goppah, 124, 325,


-The Ghost
and the Bone Setter, 50; The Orphans
of Dunasker, 54, 271, 543, 736; Far-
dorougha the Miser; or the Convicts
of Lisnamona, by William Carleton,
95, 250; Darby Sykes, or the Bribed
Cobbler, 164; Confessions of Harry
Lorrequer, 222, 753; Fortunes of Sir
Robert Ardagh, 313; Rickard the
Rake, in three snatches, by William
Carleton, 364; Recollections of a
Disturbed District No. I.,
Barney Brady's Goose, by William
Carleton, 604; The German Brothers,
646; An Anachronism, or Missing
One's Coach, 701; The Last Heir
of Castle Connor, 713.
Tithe War, 137.

Sheriffs in Ireland, appointment of, by Turkish Poetry, second article, 291.

Lord Mulgrave, 767

Signatures, value of liberal, 133.

Sligo County, disturbed state of, 662.
Sonnets, 16, 259, 452.

Trades, the, and O'Connell, 383.
University-the Provostship, 140,


What are the Irish Conservative Members
about? 747.

Woodward's Sermons, review of, 535.

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