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Liability of county clerk.

SEC. 4. Immediately upon the completion of said canvass, the secretary shall return said ballots and poll-books to the several county clerks.

Sec. 5. Any county clerk failing to transmit the ballots and poll-book as required by this act, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and be fined not less than one hundred dollars.

SEC. 6. Whereas, an emergency exists, this act shall be in force from and after its passage.

Approved February 23, 1887.

Emergency clause.


AN ACT to amend section 48 of article 1 of chapter 4 of the Com

piled Statutes of 1885, entitled “Animals," and to repeal the said section so amended.

Section amended.

Lien on the get of stallions, jacks, and bulls.

Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of

Nebraska: SECTION 1. That section 40 of article 1 of chapter 4 of the Compiled Statutes of 1885 entitled “Animals," be amended to read as follows:

That owners of stallions, jacks, and bulls in the state of Nebraska have a lien upon the get of such stallion, jack, or bull for the period of nine months after the birth of same for the payment of the services of said stallion, jack, or bull, provided that the owner of the stallion, jack, or bull shall have filed in the office of the clerk of the county in which such get is owned, a description of the same, with


date of birth within one hundred and twenty days after the birth thereof. Said lien may be at any time after the filing of said description, foreclosed in manner and form as provided by law for foreclosing of chattel mortgages.

Sec. 2. That section 40, of article 1, of chapter Hanseling 4, of the Compiled Statutes of 1885, entitled “Animals,” as now existing, be and the same is hereby repealed.

Approved April 4, 1887.




1. State Veterinarian, live stock

2. Oath.
3. Duties of Veterinarian.
4. Report of same to governor.
5. Duties of live stock agents.
6. Quarantine, how to establish.
7. Destruction of diseased ani-

8. Appraisement of animals to

9. Proclamation of quarantine.
10. Employment of assistants.
11. Railway corporations shall

disinfect cars.
12. Payment for animals de-

13. Daty of owners to report sus-

picion of disease.
14. Sheriff sball make report.

15. Bringing diseased animals

into the state.
16. Resistance to examination.
17. Violation of quarantine.
18. Payment for animals killed.
19. Quarantine against other

states. 20. Inspector of live stock at pub

lic stock yards. 21. Live stock agents may have

their orders executed. 22. Violations, penalties. 23. Live stock indemnity fund

tax. 24, Transmission to state treas


25. Agents may administer oaths. 26. Report to Commissioner of

Agriculture. 27. Period of liability of state.


AN ACT to amend an act entitled "An act concerning the care of and

to prevent the spread of contagious and infectious disease among domestic animals, to provide for the appointment of a live stock sanitary commission and state veterinary surgeon, defining their powers and duties and regulating their compensation," approved March 5th, 1885, and to repeal said act.

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Atate Veter-
Inarlan, live


Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of


SECTION 1. The Governor is hereby authorized Compensation, to employ four agents, one of whom shall be a com

petent and skilled veterinary surgeon, who shall be a graduate in good standing of a recognized college of veterinary surgery, and who shall be known as the state veterinarian, and shall receive twentyfive hundred dollars ($2,500) per annum for his services. And three of said agents shall be practica! stockmen, who are actually engaged in stockraising, and shall each receive five dollars per diem, and shall be known as the Live Stock Agents of the State of Nebraska. And each of such agents shall receive their actual traveling expenses by them incurred and paid while in the discharge of their duties as such agents.

SEC. 2. Before entering upon their duties the said agents shall take and subscribe an oath to faithfully discharge the duties of such office, and shall execute a bond to the State of Nebraska in the sum of five thousand (5,000) dollars, with good and sufficient security, conditional upon the faithful performance of the duties of their office, which bond and security shall be approved by the Governor. And said bond, together with their oaths of office, shall be deposited in the office of the Secretary of State.

Oath of office and bond.


Shall repori to


SEC. 3. It shall be the duty of the veterinarian Duties of Veter. to investigate any and all cases of contagious and infectious diseases among domestic animals of the state, which may come to his knowledge, or be brought to the notice of the Live Stock Agents, and for this purpose shall visit at once any locality within the state where such contagious or infectious disease of domestic animals may be reported to exist, and make a full and careful examination of all animals supposed to be diseased, and inquire into the nature and cause of any such disease which he may discover, prescribe the proper care, necessary remedies, and direct the sanitary measures necessary to prevent the spread thereof, and to make a full report of his findings and doings in the prem-five stoere ises to the Live Stock Agents, with recommendation and suggestions as to the means necessary ot be employed to prevent the spread, and best calculated to exterminate any and all such contagious or infectious diseases by him found to exist among the domestic animals of the state.

SEC. 4.. The State Veterinarian shall make a Report of same continuous scientific study, investigation, and research of all contagious diseases of domestic animals, and the causes, preventatives, and cures thereof, and report the result of his study and investigation to the Governor, giving in plain, ordinary language the symptoms by which


such disease may be identified, how liable to be introduced and spread, the causes and conditions to which may be attributed the introduction of any such diseases and the sanitary and other measures

to governor.

Duties of live stock agents.


best calculated to prevent the germination and spread of any such contagious or infectious diseases among live stock, together with the best known treatment and remedies, in time for publication in the several reports required by law, and peform such other services and duties as may be required by law, or directed by the Governor or the live stock agents in the interest of the state.

SEC. 5. It shall be the duty of the agents provided for in the first section of this act to protect the health of the domestic animals of the state from all contagious and infectious diseases of a malignant

character, and for this purpose it is hereby authorMayrentablish ized and empowered to establish, maintain, and en

force such quarantine, sanitary, and other regula-
tion as it


It shall be the duty of any member of said agents upon receipt by him of reliable information of the existence among the domestic animals of the state of any malignant disease to at once notify the veterinarian, who shall go at once to the place where any such disease is alleged to exist, and make a careful examination of the animals believed to be affected with any such disease, and ascertain, if possible, what, if any, disease exists among the stock reported to be affected, and whether the same is contagious or infectious or not; and if such disease is found to be of a malignant, contagious, or infectious character he shall direct the temporary quarantine and sanitary regulations necessary to prevent the spread of any such disease and report his finding and actions to the live stock agents.



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