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To ease me first I wilh'd her to remove :
But she would not. I su'd her then above,

And begg'd the court of heaven, but in vain,
To cait her out. No, I could not evade
The bargain, which she pleaded I had made,

That, whilst both lived, I should entertain,

At mine owo charge, both ber and all her train, No help then, but or I must die, or the; And yet my death of no avail would be:

For one death I had dy'd already then, When firt fhe liv'd in me; and now to die Another death again were but to tie *

And twist them both into a third, which when

It once hath seiz'd on, never looseth men, Her death might be my life; but her to kill. 1, of myself, had neither power por will.

So desp'rate was my case. Whilf I delay'd, My guest fill teem'd, my debts ftill greater grew; The less I had to pay, the more was due.

The more I knew, the more I was afraid :

The more I mus'd, the more I was dismay'd. At last I learn'd, there was no way but one: A friend must do it for me.' He alone,

That is the Lord of life, by dying can Save men from death, and kill corruption : And many years ago the deed was done,

His heart was pierc'd; out of his fide there ran

Sin's corrosives, restoratives for man.
This precious balm I begg’d, for pity's fake,
At Mercy's gate : where Faith alone may takes

What Grace and Truth do offer lib'rally.
Bounty said, Come, I heard it, and believed ; ; : :
None ever there complain’d, but was relieved.

Hope waiting upon Faith said inftantly,

That thenceforth I should live, Corruption dic, And so she dy'd, I live. But yet, alas! We are not parted : she is where she was,

Cleaves fást unto me till, looks thro' mine eyes, Speaks in my tongue, and museth in my mind, Works with' mine hands; her body's left behind,

Altho' her soul be gone. My miseries

All flow from hence; from hence my woes arise, I loath myself, because I leave her not: Yet cannot leave her. No she is my lot,

Now being dead, that living was my choice: And still, tho’ dead, she both conceives and bears Many faults daily, and as many fears :

All which for vengeance call with a loud voice,

And drown my comforts with a deadly noise
Dead bodies kept unbury'd quickly stink,
And putrify: how can I then but think

Corruption noisome, even mortify'd ?
Tho' such she were before, yet such to me
She seemed not. Kind fools can never see,

Or will not credit, until they have try'd,

That friendly looks oft false intents do hide.
But mortify'd Corruption lies unmask'd,
Blabs her own secret, filthiness unask'd,

To all that understand her. That do none,
In whom she lives embraced with delight;
She first of all deprives them of their right:

Then doat they on her, as upon their own,

And she to them seems beautiful alone,
But wo is me! One part of me is dead:
The other lives. Yet that which lives is led,

Or rather carry'd captive unto sin,
By the dead part. I am a living grave,
And a dead body I within me have.

The woise part of the better oft doth win:

And when I should have ended, I begin... The scent would choak me, were it not that Grace Sometimes vouchfafeth to perfume the place

With odours of the Spirit, which do eafe me, And counterpoise Corruption. Blessed Spirit, Altho' eternal torments be my merit,

And of myself transgressions only please me.

And grace enough being reviv'd to raise me, Challenge thine own. Let not intruders hold Againft thy right, what to my wrong I sold.

Having no state myself, but tenancy,
And tenancy at will, what could I grant
That is not voided, if thou say, avaunt!

O speak the word, and make these inmates flee:
Or, which is one, take me to dwell with thee. ,

?!. The Curb. insya DEACE, rebel-thought ; dost thou 'not know thy King,

My God, is here ?
Cannot his presence, if no other thing,

Make thee forbear?
Or were he abfent, all the standers-by

Are but his spies :
And well he knows, if thou should'st it deny,

Thy words were lies.
ers will not, yet I must and will,
If others will not, vet I muft and will.. . **

Myself complain.
My God, ev'n now a bale rebellious thought .

Began to move,
And subt'lý twining with me would have wrought

Me from thy love :
Fain he would have me to believe that fin,

Aud thou might both

Take up my heart together for your inn,

And neither lothe .
The other's company; a while fit Mill, "

And part again.
Tell me, my God, how this may be redrest.

The fault is great,
And I the guilty party have confeft.

I must be beat.
And I refuse not punishment for this,

Tho' to my pain:
So I may learn to do no more amiss,

Nor sin again :
Correct me, if thou wilt; but teach me then,

What I shall do.
Lord of my life, methinks I heard thee say,

That labour's eas'd:
The fault, that is confeft, is done away,

And thou art pleas’d.
How can I sin again, and wrong thee then,

That do'st relent,
And cease thine anger straight, as soon as men

Do but repent ? .
No, rebel-thought; for if thou move again,

I'll tell that too.

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Of thorns in down,
Sorrow, be gone;


And joy alone

My honey-moon,
Be packing now,

Ye cumb'rous cares and fears :
Mirth will allow

No room to sighs and tears,
Whilst thus I lay,

As ravish'd with delight,
I heard one say,

So fools their friends requite.
I knew the voice

My Lord's,

And at the noise
His words

Did make, arofe.
I look'd, and spy'd,

• Each where,

And loudly cry'd,
My dear,

But none reply'd :
Then to my grief

I found my love was gone,
Without relief,

Leaving me all alone.


The Search HITHER, Oh! whither is my Lord departed ? VV What can my love, that is so tender-hearted, Forsake the soul, which once he thorough darted,

As if it never smarted ?

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