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2 Crimes of such Horror to forgive
Such guilty daring Woms to spare,
This is thy grand Prerogative,
And none shall in the Honour thare.

Who is, &c. !
3 Angels and Men, resign your Claim

To Pity, Mercy, Love, and Grace ; These Glories crown Jehovah's Name, With an incomparable Blaze.

Who is, &c.
4 In Wonder loft, with trembling Joy,

We take the Pardon of our God,
Pardon for Crimes of deepest Dye,
A Pardon, bought with Jesus' Blood.

Who is, &c.
5 O may this strange, this matchless Grace,

This godlike Miracle of Love,
Fill the wide Earth with grateful Praise,
And all th' angelic Hosts above!,
Who is, &c.

LET others boaft their ancient Line

In the proud Lift let Heroes shinc,

And Monarchs swell the State: Descended from the King of Kings, Each Saint a nobler Title fings.

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2 Pronounce


Pronounce ma; gracious God, thy Son,
Own me an Heir divine:
I'll pity Princes on the Throne

When'l can call thce mine:
Sceptres and Crowns unenvy'd rise,

And lose their Lustre in my Eyes.":
3 Content, obscure I påss my Days,

To all I meet unknown,
And wait till thou thy Child shalt raise,,?
And seat me near thy:Throne.
No Name, no Honours here. I crave,

Well pleas’d with those beyond the Grave. 4 Jesus, my elder Brother, lives,

With him I too shall reign;
Nor Sin, nor Death, while he survives,
Shall make the Promise vain.
In him my Title stands secure,
And shall while endless Years endure.
$ whën he, in Robes divinely bright,

Shall once again appear,
Thou too, my Soul, shalt shine in Light,
And his full Image bear.
Enough! I wait th' appointed Day,
Bless'd Saviour, hafte and come away!

GRACE! tis a charming Sound !

harmonious to the Ear; Heav'n with the Echo shall resound, and all the Earth shall bear..


2 Grace

2 Grace first conttiv'd a Way

to save rebellious Man, And all the Steps that Grace display

which drew the wondrous Plan. 3 Grace taught my toving fett

to tread the heav'nly Road; And new Supplies exeh Hout i dette

while prelling on to God. 4 Grate all tfic Work thall town

through everlasting Duys; It lays in Heav'n the topriok Stont, mid well dtferves the Priitt.

H Y M N tvi. : WHY

will you layish but your Yeon,

Amidh a thousand trifting Cares! While in this various Range of Though,

The one thing herafal is forgot! 2 Why

will you chase the fleeting Windy And Famith an iñññortal Mind? While Angels with Regrer look down,

to see you spürh a heav'nly Crown. 3 Th'eternal God talts from above,

And Jesus pleads his dying Love)
Awaken'd Conscience gives you Pain;

And shall they join their Pleas in vain? 4

Not so yout dying Eyes shall view
Those Objects, which you now purftë;
Not fo shart Hetty and HeMapptor,
When the decište Hour is fear.

5 Almighty

s Almighty God, thy Pow'r impart

To fix Conviction on the Heart;
Thy Pow'r unveils the blindeft Eyes,
And makes the proudest Scorner wife,

• WHEN rifing from the Bed of Death,
o'erwhelm'd with

Guilt and Fear,
I see my Maker Face to Face,

O how mall I appear?
2 If yet, while Pardon may be found,

and Mercy may be fought,
My Heart with inward Horror thrinks,

and trembles at the Thought:
3 When thou, O Lord, shalt stand disclos'd

in Majesty severe,
And fit in Judgment on my Soul,

O how thall I appear!
4 But thou he told the troubled Mind,

who does her Sins lament,
The timely Tribute of her Tears,

1hall endless W9e prevent.
5 Then see the Sorrows of my Heart,

e'er yet it be too late ;
And hear my Sayiour's dying Groans,

to give those Sorrows Weighs.
6 For never shall my soul despair
her Pyden ta procurs,
Z 2



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Who knows thy only Son hath dy'd:
to make her Pardon sure.

I VITAL Spark of heav’nly Flame!

Quit, oh quit this mortal Frame
Trembling, hoping, lingering, flying,
Oh the Pain, the Bliss of dying!
Cease, fond Nature, cease thy Strife,

And let'me languish into Life.
2 Hark! they whisper, Angels say,
Sister Spirit, come away;

What is this abforbs me quite ?
Steals my Senfes, shuts my Sight,
Drowns 'my Spirits, draws my Breath?

Tell me, my Soul, can this be Death'? : 3 The World recedes, it disappears, Heav'n opens on my Eyes, my Ears

With Sounds seraphic ring:
Lend, lend your Wings, I mount, I fly,
O Grave, where is thy Victory!
O Death, where is thy Sting!

BLEST is the Man who fears the Lord,

And walks with Pleasure in his Ways, Who trembles at his holy Word, And gladly his Commands obeys: His House with Blessings shall abound,

His Seed be mighty and-renown'd. ::

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