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OIN all the glorious Names

Of Wisdom, Love, and Pow'r,
That ever Mortals knew,

That ever Angels bore:
All are too mean to speak his Worth,
Too mean to set my Saviour forth.

Array'd in mortal Flesh,
He like an Angel stands,
And holds the Promises

And Pardons in his Hands: Commiffion's from his Father's Throne,

To make his Love to Mortals known. 3

Great Prophet of my God,
My Tongue would bless thy Name;
By thee the joyful News

Of our Salvation came;
The joyful News of Sins forgiv'n,
Of Hell subdu'd, and Peace with Heav'n.

Jesus, my great High Priest,
Offer'd his Blood and dy'd;
My guilty Conscience seeks

No Sacrifice befide.
His pow'rful Blood did once atone;

And now it pleads before the Thronę, 5 My grear almighty Lord,

My Conqu’ror and my King,
Thy Sceptre and thy Sword,
Thy reigning Grace I sing.

Thine is the Pow'r; behola I lit

In willing Bonds beneath thy Feet. 6 Now let my Soul arife

And tread the Tempter down;
My Saviour leads me forth

To Conquest and a Crown.
A feeble Saint shall win the Day,
ThoughDeath and Hell obstruct theWay.

WITH Extafy of Joy

Extol his glorious Name,
Who rais'd the spacious Earth,

And rais'd our ruin'd Frame:
He built the Church who built the Sky,
Shout and exalt his Honours high.

See the Foundation laid
By Pow'r and Love divine ,
Jesus, his first-born Son,

How bright his Glories Mine!
Low he descends, in Duft he lies,

That from his romba Church might rife. 3 But he forever lives; ;

Nor for himself alope ;
Each Saint new Life derives

From him, the living Stone:
His Influence spreads through every Soul,

And in one House unites the whole, 4

To him with Joy we move;
In him cemented stand;


The living Temple grows,

And owns the Founder's Hand. That Structure, Lord, still higher raise,

Louder to found its Builder's Praise. 5

Descend and shed abroad
The tokens of thy Grace,
And with more radiant Beams

Let Glory fill the Place:
Our joyful Souls shall prostrate fall,
And own, our God is All in all.

H Y M N XCVI. ! WHENIsra’lfreed from Pharaoh's Hand,

Left the proud Tyrant and his Land, The Tribes with cheerful Homage own

Their King, and Judah was his Throne. 2 Across the Deep their Journey lay;

The Deep divides to make them Way:
Jordan beheld their March, and fled

With backward Current to his Head. 3 The Mountains shook like frighted Sheep,

Like Lambs the little Hillocks leap!
Not Sinai on her Base could stand,

Conscious of sov'reign Pow'r at hand. 4 What Pow'r could make the Deep divide?

Make Jordan backward roll his Tide!
Why did ye leap, ye little Hills ?
And whence the Fright that Sinai feels?


5 Let ev'ry Mountain, ev'ry Flood,

Retire, and know th' approaching God,
The King of Ifra'l: See him here;

Tremble, thou Earth, adore and fear,
6 He thunders, and all Nature mourns,

The Rock to standing Pools he turns;
Flints spring, with Fountains at his Word,
And Fires and Seas confess their Lord.


-HOU God of glorious Majesty,

To thee against myself, to thee
A Worm of Earth I cry;
An half awaken'd Child of Man,
An Heir of endless Bliss or Pain,

A Sinner born to die.
2 Lo! on a narrow Neck of Land,
'Twixt two unbounded Seas I stand

Secure, insensible:
A Point of Life, a Moment's Space
Removes me to that heav'nly Place,

Or shuts me up in Hell.
3 O God, mine inmost Soul convert,
And deeply on my thoughtful Heart

Eternal Things impress :
Give me to feel their folemn Weight,
And tremble on the Brink of Fate,

And wake to Righteousness.
Before me place in dread Array,
The Pomp of that tremendous Day,

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When thou with Clouds shalt corne To judge the Nations at thy Bar: And tell me, Lord, shall I be there

To meet a joyful Doom?
5 Be this my one great Business herc,
With serious Industry and Fear,

My future Bliss' t' insure,
Thine utmost Counsel to fulfil,
And suffer all thy righteous Will,

And to the End endure.
6 Then, Saviour, then my Soul receive,
Transported from this Vale, to live,

And reign with thee above,
Where Faith is sweetly lost in Sight,
And Hope in full supreme Delight,
And everlasting Love.

HE Lord my Pasture shall prepare,

And feed me with a Shepherd's Care,
His Presence shall my Wants supply,
And guard me with a watchful'Eye;
My Noon-day Walks he shall attend,

And all my Midnight Hours defend. 2. When in the sultry Glebe I faint,

Or on the thirsty Mountain pant,
To fertile Vales, and dewy Meads
My weary, wand'ring Steps he leads;
Where peaceful Rivers foft and now,
Amid the verdaht Landskip flow.

'THE Lord

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