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Who therefore hath beftow'd
On us a longer Space:
Thou didst in our Behalf appear,

And lo, we lee another Year!
5 Then dig about our Root,
Break up our fallow Ground,

And let our gracious Fruit
To thy great Praise abound:
O let us all ihy Praise declare,
And Fruit unto Perfection bear!

HY MN XLV. i SONS of Men, behold from far,

Hail the long-expected Star;
Jacob's Star, that gilds the Night,

Guides bewilder'd Nature right.
2 Fear not hence that there shall flow

Wars or Pestilence befow;
Wars it bids and Tumults cease,

Ush'ring in the Prince of Peace. 3 Mild he shines on all beneath,

Piercing thro' the Shades of Death ;
Scatt'ring Error's wide-spread Night,

Kindling Darkness into Light. 4 Nations all, far off and near,

Hafte to see your God appear;
Hafte, for him your Hearts prepare;
Meet him manifefted there.

5 There

5 There behold the Day-Spring rife,

Pouring Eye-Sight on your Eyes;
God in his own Light survey,

Shining to the pertect Day.
6 Sing, ye Morning-Stars, again;

God descends on Earth to reign!
Deigns for Man his Life t'employ,
Shout, ye Sons of God, for Joy.


I ALAS! and did my Saviour bleed!

and did my Sou'reign die? Would he devote that sacred Head

for such a Worm as I? 2 Was it for Crimes that I had done

he groan'd upon the Tree? Amazing Pity! Grace unknown!

and Love beyond Degree!
3 Well might the Sun in Darkness hide,

and shut his Glories in;
When Christ the mighiy Maker dy'd,

for Man the Creature's Sin.
4 Thus might I hide my blushing Face,

while his dear Cross appears; Diffolve my Heart in Thankfulness,

and melt mine Eyes to Tears.

S Bus

5 But Drops of Grief can ne'er repay

the Debr of Love I owe;
Here, Lord, I give Myself away,
'tis all that I can do.

"O! If my Soul was form’d for Wo,

how wou'd I vent my Sighs! Repentance fhould like Rivers flow

from both my streaming Eyes. 2 'Twas for my Sins my deareft Lord

hung on the cursed Tree, And groan'd away a dying Life,

for thee, my Soul, for thee. 3 O how I hate those Lufts of mine,

that crucify'd my God; Those Sins that pierc'd and nail'd his Flesh

fast to the fatal Wood.. 4 Yes, my Redeemer, they shall die,

my Heart hath fo decreed; Nor will I spare those guilty Things,

that made my Saviour bleed. s Whilft with a melting, broken Heart,

my murder'd Lord I view, I'll raise Revenge against my Sins,

and Nay the Murd'rers too.

[blocks in formation]


IS finish'd, the Redeemer said,

And meekly bow'd his dying Head; O wond'rous loving Pain! Come, Sinners, and mark well the Word; There view the Conquest of our Lord,

Complete for helpless Man. 2 Finish'd the Righteousness of Grace; Finish'd the Pain that bought our Peace;

The Sinner's Debt is paid: Accusing Law cancell’d by Blood, The Wrath of an offended God

In sweet Oblivion laid, 3

Who now shall urge a second Claim!
The Law no longer can condemn,

Faith a Release can fhew:
Matice itself a Friend appears,
The Prison-House a Whisper hears,

Loose him, and let him go.
4 O Unbelief, injurious Bar!
Source of tormenting fruitless Fear,

Why dost thou yet reply? Where'er thy law Objections tall, · Tis finith's, y answer all,

And tilence ev'ry Cry.


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HY MN XLIX. THE Lord is risen! He who came

To suffer Death, and conquer too, Is risen ; let our Songs proclaim

The Praise to Man's Redeemer due : To him whom God in tender Love,

* Always alike to blets inclin'd, Sent to redeem us from above; To fave, to fanctify Mankind.

CHORU WORTHY of all Pow'r and Praise,

HE who did, and rose again; Lamb of GOD, and pain to raise

MÁN, to Life redeemd_AMEN. 2 That Life which Adam ceas’d to live,

When to this World he turn'd his Heart, And to his Children could not give,

The second Adam can inpart. We, on our earthly Parent's Side,

Could but receive a Life of Earth; The Lord from Heav'n, he liy'd, and did, And rose to give us heav'nly Birth.

CHO. c. 3 This mortal Life, this living Death,

Shews that in Adam we all die; In Christ we have immortal Breath, And Life's unperishing Supply:


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