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Dying Love's mysterious Cause;

But the Blessing Down to all, to me, it flows. 5 This hath set me all on Fire,

Strongly glows the Flame of Love;
Higher mounts my Soul, and higher,
Struggles for its swift Remove;

Then I'll praise thee
In a nobler Strain above.


H Y M N CCCCLX, WHEN the fierce North Wind with his

airy Forces Rears up the Baltic to a foaming Fury; And the red Lightning with a Storm of Hail.

Rushing amain down. 2 How the poor Sailors stand amaz'd and

tremble ! While the hoarse Thunder, like a bloody

Roars a loud Onset to the gaping Waters

Quick to devour them. 3 Such shall the Noise be,and the wild Disorder,

(If Things eternal may be like those earthly) Such the dire Terror whenthe greatArchangel

Shakes the Creation; 4 Tearsthe strongPillars of the Vault of Heaven, Breaks up old Marble, the Repose of Princes;



See the Graves open, and the Bones arising,

Flames all around 'em! 5 Hark, the thrill Outcries of the guilty

Lively bright Horror, and amazing Anguish,
Stare' thro’ their Eyelids, while the living

Worm lies Gnawing within them. 6 Thoughts, like old Vultures, prey upon

their Heartitrings, And thesmart twinges, when the Eye beholds The lofty Judge frowning, and a Flood of

Veng'ance Rolling afore him. 7. Hopeless Immortals! how they scream and

While Devils push them to the Pit wide-

Hideous and gloomy, to receive them

headlong Down to the Center, 8 Stop here, iny Fancy: (all away, ye horrid

Doleful Ideas,) come, arise to JESUS; How he fits Godlike! and the Saints around him

Thron’d, yet adoring! 9 Omay I fit there when he comestriumphant,

Dooming the Nations! then ascend to Glory
While our Hosannas all along the Passage

Shout the Redeemner.



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I Love the Lord; but ah! how far

My Thoughts from the dear Object are !
This wanton Heart, how wide it roves !
And Fancy meets a thousand Loves.
2 If my Soul burn to see my God,

I tread the Courts of his Abode:
But Troops of Rivals throng the Place,

And tempt me off before his Face. 3 Would I enjoy myLord alone ?

I bid my Paffions all be gone,
All but my Love; and charge my Will

To bar the Door and guard it ftill. 4 But Cares, or Trifles, make or find

Still new Avenues to the Mind,
Till I with Grief and Wonder see

Huge Crowds betwixt my Lord and me. 5

This foolish Heart can leave her God,
And Shadows tempt her Thoughts abroad;
How shall I fix this wandring Mind?
Or throw my

the Wind ? 6 Look gently down, almighty Grace,

Prison me round in thine Embrace;
Pity the Soul that would be thine,
And let thy Pow'r my Love confine.

Fetters on




me, .. thou great Jehovah ;

Pilgrim thro' this barren Land, I am weak, but thou art mighty,

Hold me with thy pow'rful Hand; Bread of Heaven, Bread of Heaven,

Feed me till I want no more, 2 Open now the crystal Fountain,

Whence the healing Streams do flow;
Let the fiery cloudy Pillar

Lead me all my Journey through:
Strong Deliverer, Strong Deliverer,

Be thou still my Strength and Shield. 3 When I tread the Verge of Jordan,

Bid my anxious Fears fubfide;
Death of Death's, and Hell's Destrudion,

Land me safe on Canaan's Side,
Songs of Praises, Songs of Praises,
I will ever give to thee.



IS a Point I long to know,

Oft it causes anxious Thought; Do I love the Lord, or no?

Am I his, or am I not? 2 If I love-why am I thus ? Why this dull and lifeless Frame


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Hardly? sure can they be worse,

Who have never heard his Name! 3 Could my Heart so hard remain

Pray'r a Talk and Burden prove-
Ev'ry Trifle give me Pain-

If I knew a Saviour's Love?
4 When I turn my Eyes within,

All is dark, and vain, and wild :
Fill'd with Unbelief and Sin,

Can I deem myself a Child ? 5 If I pray, or hear, or read,

Sin is mix'd with all I do ;
You that love the Lord indeed,

Tell me-is it thus with you?
6 Yet I mourn my stubborn Will

Find my Sin a Grief and Thrall-
Should I grieve for what I feel,

If I did not love at all ?
7 Could I joy his Saints to meet-

Choose the Ways I once abhorrid-
Find, at Times, the Promise sweet-

If I did not love the Lord ?
8 Lord, decide the doubtful Case !

Thou who art thy People's Sun;
Shine upon thy Work of Grace,

If it be indeed begun ! 9

Let me love thee more and more,
If I love at all, I pray;

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