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5 Weep o'er your Desire and Hope

With Tears of huinbleft Love; Sing, for Jesus is gone up,

And reigns enthron’d above! Lives our Head to die no more,

Power is all to Jesus giv'n; Worshipp'd as he was before,

Th’immortal King of Heav'n. 6 Lord, we bless thee for thy Grace

And Truth which never fail,
Haft'ning to behold thy Face

Without a dimning Veil:
We shall see our heavenly King,

All thy glorious Love proclaim,
Help the Angel Choirs to fing

Our dear triumphant Lamb.

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LAMB of God, whose bleeding Love

We now recal to Mind,
Send the Answer from above,

And let us Mercy find:
Think on us who think on thee,

And ev'ry strugling Soul release:
O remember Calvary,

And bid us go in Peace,
By thine agonizing Pain,

And bloody Sweat we pray,


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By thy dying Love to Man,

Take all our Sins away ;
Burst our Bonds and set us free,

From all Iniquity release:
O remember Calvary,

And bid us go in Peace.
3 Let thy Blood by Faith applied,

The Sinners Pardon feal,
Speak us freely justified,

And all our Sickness heal:
By thy Passion on the Tree,

Let all our Griefs and Troubles cease:
O remember Calvary,

And bid us go in Peace.
4. Never will we hence depart,

Till thou our Wants relieve,
Write Forgiveness on our Heart,

And all thine Image give:
Still our Souls shall cry to thee,

Till perfected in Holiness:
O remember Calvary,
And bid us go

in Peace.



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LL hail, the true Elijah,

The Lord our God and Saviour!
Who leaves behind
For all Mankind,


The Tokens of his Favour:
The never-dying Prophet,
Awhile to Mortals given,

This folemn Day

Is wrapt away,
By flaming Steeds to Heaven
2 Come see the rising Triumph,
And proftrate fall before him;

He mounts, he flies

Above the Skies,
Where all his Hofts adore him,
Born on his fiery Chariot,
With joyful Acclamation

Pursue the Lord,

To Heav'n restor'd,
The God of our Salvation.
3 Who see their Lord at parting,
They shall on Earth inherit

A double Pow'r,

A larger Show'r
Of his descending Spirit.
The Spirit of our Master
Shall rest on each Believer,

And surely we

Our Master see,
Who lives and reigns forever.
4 Yes, our exalted Jesus,
By Faith we now adore thee,

And still we fit

Before thy Feet,
And triumph in thy Glory.



In vain the flaming Chariot
Hath parted us afunder,

We still thro' Grace

Behold thy Face,
And shout our loving Wonder.
5 By Faith we catch thy Mantle,
The Covering of thy Spirit;

By Faith we weat,

And gladly share
Thine all-involving Merit.
We rest bencath thy Shadow,
Till by the Whirlwind driven,

From Earth we rise,

And mount the Skies,
And grasp our Lord in Heaven.



"O God, of Good th' unfathom'd Sea!

Who would not give his heart to thee! Who would not lovethee with his Might? O Jesu, Lover of Mankind! Who would not his whole Soul and Mind

With all his Strength to thee unite? 2 Thou shin'st with everlasting Rays Before th’insufferable Blaze;

Angels with both Wings veil their Eyes, Yet free as Air thy Bounty streams On all thy Works: thy Mercy's Beams

Difufive as thy Sun's arise.

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Astonish'd at thy frowning Brow,
Earth, Hell, and Heav'n's strong Pillars bow;

Terrible Majesty is thine!
Who then can that vast Love express,
Which bows thee down to me, who less

Than Nothing am, till thou art mine!
* High thron'd on Heav'n's eternal Hill,
In Number, Weight, and Measure itill

Thou sweetly order'st all that is : And yet thou deign'st to come to me, And guide my Steps, that I with thee

Enthron'd may reign in endless Bliss.
5 Fountain of Good, all Blessing flows
From thee; no Want thy Fulness knows:

What but thyself canst thou desire?
Yes: self-sufficient as thou art,
Thou dost desire my worthless Heart;

This, only this thou doft require.
6 Primeval Beauty ! in thy Sight
The first-born fairelt Sons of Light

See all their brightest Glories fade:
What then to me thine Eyes could turn?
In Sin conceiv'd, of Woman born,

A Worm, a Leaf, a Blast, a Shade!
6 Hell's Armies tremble at thy Nod,
And trembling own th' almighty God,

Sov'reign, of Earth, Hell, Air, and Sky;
But who is this that comes from far,
Whofe Garments roll'd in Blood appear?

'Tis God made Man, for Man to die.

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