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Ye pure in Heart obtain the Grace,

To see without a Veil his Face. 4

Ye that have here receiv'd,
The Unction from above,
And in his Spirit liv'd,

Obedient to his Love;
Jesus shall claim you for his Bride;

Rejoice with all the Sanctifi'd! 5 The everlasting Doors

Shall foon the Saints receive,
Above yon Angel-Powers

In glorious Joy to live;
Far from a World of Grief and Sin,

With God eternally shut in. 6 Then let us wait to hear

The Trumpet's welcome Sound;
To see our Lord appear,

Watching let us be found;
When Jesus doth the Heav'ns bow
Be found--as Lord, thou find'ft us now!


OTHOU! by whose almightyNod the Scale

Of Empire rises, or alternate falls, Send forth the saving Virtues round the Land, In bright Patrol: white Peace, and social Love; The tender looking Charity, intent On gentle Deeds, and shedding Tears thro'

Smiles ;


Undaunted Truth, and Dignity of Mind; Courage compos'd, and keen; sound Tem

perance, Healthful in Heart and Look; clear Chastity, With Blushes reddening as she moves along, Disorder'd at the deep Regard the draws ; Rough Industry; Activity untir'd, With copious Life inform'd, and all awake: While in the radiant Front, fuperior shines The first paternal Virtue, Public Zeal; Who throws o'er all an equal wide Survey, And, ever musing on the common Weal, Still labours glorious with some great Design.


'I will extol thee, Lord, on high,

At thy Command Diseases fly, Who but a God can speak and lave

From the dark Borders of the Grave? 2 Sing to the Lord, ye Saints of his,

And tell how large his Goodness is;
Let all your Pow'rs rejoice and blets,

While you record his Holiness. 3 His Anger but a Moment stays;

His Love is Life and Length of Days; Tho' Grief and Tears the Night employ, The Morning-Star restores the Joy.

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LONG to behold him array'd,

With Glory and Light from above, The King in his Beauty display'd,

His Beauty of holiest Love: I languish and figh to be there,

Where Jesus hath fixt his Abode: Oh when shall we meet in the Air,

And fly to the Mountain of God! 2 With him I on Sion shall stand,

(For Jesus hath spoken the Word) The Breadth of Immanuel's Land

Survey by the Light of my Lord: But when on thy Bosom reclin'd

Thy Face I am strengthen’d to see, My Fulness of Rapture I find,

My Heaven of Heavens in thee. 3 How happy the People that dwell

Secure in the City above! No Pain the Inhabitants feel,

No Sickness or Sorrow shall prove: Physician of Souls, unto me

Forgiveness and Holiness give;
And then from the Body set free,

And then to the City receive.

WE foon shall see the cause,

Why unassuming worth in secret lives,


And dies, neglected: why the good man's share
In life is gall and bitterness of soul:
Why the lone widow and her orphans pine
In starving solitude; while luxury
In Palaces, lies straining her low thought,
To form unreal wants: why heav'n-born truth,
And moderation fair, wears the red marks
Of superstition's scourge: why licens'd pain,
That cruel spoiler, that embofom'd foe,
Imbitters all our bliss. Ye good distrest!
Ye noble few! who here unbending stand
Beneath life's preisure, yet bear up a while,
And what your bounded view, which only saw
A little part, deem'd evil, is no more:
The storms of wintry time will quickly pass,
And one unbounded spring encircle all.



FIRM was my Health, my Day was bright,

And I presum'd 'twould ne'er be Night:
Fondly I said within my Heart,
Pleasure and Peace shall ne'er depart.
2 But I forgot thine Arm was strong,

Which made my Mountain stand so long;
Soon as thy Face began to hide,
My Health was gone, my Comforts dy'd.

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EADER of faithful Souls and Guide

Of all that travel to the Sky,
Come and with us, ev'n us abide,

Who would on thee alone rely:
On thee alone our Spirit ftay,

While held in Life's uneven Way. 2 Strangers and Pilgrims here below,

This Earth we know is not our Place,
And haften through the Vale of Woe,

And restless to behold thy Face :
Swift to our heav'nly Country move,

Our everlasting Home above.
3. We have no abiding City here,

But seek a City out of sight,
Thither our steady Course we steer,

Aspiring to the Plains of Light;
Jerusalem the Saint's Abode,
Whofe Founder is the living God.
4. Patient th' appointed Race to run,

This weary World we caft bebind,
From Strength to Strength we travel on,

The New Jerusalem to find;
Our Labour his, our only Aim,

To find the New Jerusalem, 5 Through thee who all our Sins hast borne,

Freely and graciously forgiv'n,
With Songs to Zion we return,

Contending for our native Heav'n;


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