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Then let us not stop,

But continue in Hope,
Rejoicing, till all in his Image wake up.

His Purity share,

His Character bear,
And the Truth of his hallowing Promise
Thus, thus let us stay,

[ declare. And wait for the Day Wien the Angels are sent to conduct us

When with Joy we remove [away:

To our Brethren above,
And Aly up to Heav’n in a Chariot of Love.

I PRAISE the Lord enthron’d on high,

Praise him in his Sanctity,
Praise hiin in his mighty Deeds,

Praise him who in Pow'r exceeds.
2 Praise with 'Trumpets pierce the Skies,

Praise with Harps and Pfalteries,
Praife with Timbrels, Organs, Flutes,

Praise with Violins and Lutes. 3 Jesus is gone up on high,

Takes his Seat above the Sky;
Shout the Angel Choirs aloud,
Echoing to the Trump of God!

4 Sons of Earth the Triumph join,

Praise him with the Hofts divine;
Emmulate the heav'nly Pow'rs,
Their victorious Lord is ours.




TO thee, O Lord our God and King,

whose Mercies ne'er decay, We thus in artless Numbers fing,

and thus our Praise we pay.
2 What e'er is human ebbs and flows,

as wasting Time prevails;
But Grace divine no Changes knows:

Charity never fails. 3 From thence dow plenteous Streams and

and may they never cease;
'Tis you who plant and water bere;

'tis God that gives th' Increale. 4 May he your pious Alms regard,

your Warmth of Zeal approve; With ample Blessings still reward

the Labour of your Love.
5 Rescu'd from Ignorance and Shame,

we'll all our future Days
Our great Creator's Love proclaim,

and live but to his Praise.




OME and let us sweetly join,

Christ to praise in Hymns divine!
Give we all with one Accord,
Glory to our common Lord !
Strive we, in Affection strive,
Let the purer Flame revive,
Such as in the Martyrs glow'd,

Dying Champions for their God. 2 Sing we then in Jesu's Name,

Now as Yesterday the same;
One in ev'ry Age and Place
Full for all of Truth and Grace:
Christ is now gone up on high,
Thither may our Wishes fly,
Sits at God's right Hand above,
There with him

we reign in Love,



CLAP your Hands, ye People all,

Praise the God on whom ye call, Lift your Voice and shout his Praise,

Triumph in his fov'reign Grace. 2 Glorious is the Lord most high,

Terrible in Majesty;
He his fov'reign Sway maintains,
King o'er all the Earth he reigns,

3 On himself he takes our Care,

Saves us not by Sword or Spear;
Safely to his House we go,

Fearless of th' invading Foe.
4 God keeps off the hostile Bands,

God protects our happy Lands;
Stands as Keeper of our Fields,

Stands as twice ten thousand Shields. 5 Wonderful in saving Pow'r,

Him let all our Hearts adore;
Earth and Heav'n repeat the Cry,
Glory be to God most High.



ET Earth and Heav'n agree,

Angels and Men be join'd,
To celebrate with me

The Saviour of Mankind;
To adore the all-atoning Lamb,

And bless the Sound of Jesu's Name. 2 Jesus, transporting Sound !

The Joy of Earth and Heav'n;
No other Name is found;

No other Name is giv’n,
By which we can Salvation have;

But Jesus came the World to fave.
3 Jesus, harmonious Name!
It charms the Hosts above!


They evermore proclaim,

And wonder at his Love; 'Tis all their Happiness to gaze,

'Tis Heav'n to see our Jesu's Face. 4 His Name the Sinner hears,

And is from Sin set free; 'Tis Music in his Ears,

'Tis Life and Victory : New Songs do now his Lips employ,

And dances his glad Heart for Joy. 5 Stung by the Scorpion Sin,

My poor expiring Soul,
The balmy Sound drinks in,

And is at once made whole:
See there my Lord upon the Tree!

I hear, I feel, he did for me. 6 O unexampl'd Love!

O all redeeming Grace !
How swiftly didst thou move

'To save a fallen Race !
What shall I do to make it known

What thou for all Mankind hast done!
Ż O for a Trumpet-Voice

On all the World to call,
To bid their Hearts rejoice

In him who di'd for all!
For all my Lord was crucify'd,

For all, for all my Saviour dy'd !
8 To serve thy blessed Will,
Thy dying Love to praise,


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