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my , Haft made thy Truth and Love appear; Before mine. Eyes I set thy Laws,

And thou hast own'd my righteous Cause. 2 Since I have learn'd thy holy Ways,

I've walk'd upright before thy Face;
Or it my Feet did e'er depart,

'Twas never with a wicked Heart.
3 What sore Temptations broke my Roft !
What Wars and Strugglings in


Breaft! But thro' thy Grace that reigns within

I guard against my darling Sin. 4 That Sin that close besets me still,

That works and strives against my Will; When shall thy Spirit's sov'reign Pow'r Destroy it that it rise no more?

H Y M N CCLXX. TO thine almighty Arm we owe

the Triumphs of the Day; Thy Terrors, Lord, confound the Foe,

and melt their Strength away. 2 'Tis by thine Aid our Troops prevail,

and break united Pow'rs, Or burn their boasted Fleets, or scale

the proudest of their Tow'rs.

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3 How have we chas'd them through the Field

and trod them to the Ground,
While thy Salvation was our Shield,

but they no Shelter found !
4 In vain to Idol Saints they cry,

and perish in their Blood;
Where is a Rock so great, so high,

so pow'rful as our God?
5 The Rock of Isr'el ever lives,

his Name be ever bleft;
'Tis his own Arm the Viet'ry gives,

and gives his People Rest.

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I NOW may the God of Pow'r and Grace

Attend his People's humble Cry!
Jehovah hears when Isr’el prays,
And brings Deliv'rance from on high.
The Name of Jacob's God defends
Better than Shields or bràzen Walls;
He from his Sanctuary sends

Succour and Strength when Zion calls,
3 Well he remembers all our Sighs,

His Love exceeds our best Deserts;
His Love accepts the Sacrifice

Ofhumble Groans and broken Hearts.
4 In his Salvation is our Hope,
And in the Name of Ifr'el's God,


Our Troops shall lift their Banners up,

Our Navies spread their Flags abroad. 5 Some trust in Horses train'd for War,

And some of Chariots make their Boasts;
Our lurest Expectations are
From thee the Lord of heav'nly Hosts.


"IVE to the Lord, ye Sons of Fame,

Give to the Lord Renown and Pow'r;
Ascribe due Honours to his Name,

And his eternal Might adore.
2 The Lord proclaims his Pow'r aloud

Over the Ocean and the Land;
His Voice divides the wat'ry Cloud,

And Lightnings blaze at his Command. 3 He speaks, and Tenpeit, Hail and Wind,

Lay the wide Forest bare around;
The fearful Hart, and frighted Hind,

Leap at the Terror of the Sound, 4 To Lebanon he turns his Voice,

And lo, the stately Cedars break;
The Mountains tremble at the Noise,

The Valleys roar, the Deserts quake.
5 The Lord fits Sov'reign on the Flood,

The Thund'rer reigns for ever King;
But makes his Church his blest Abode,
Where we his awful Glories sing,

6 In gentler Language there the Lord

The Counsel of his Grace imparts:
Amidst the raging Storm his Word
Speaks Peace and Courage to our Hearts.

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I BASE man, forgetful of his maker's grace

No less than angels, whom he did ensue, Fell from the hope of promis'd heavenly place Into the mouth of death, to finners due, And all his offspring into thraldom threw, Where they forever should in bonds remain

Of never-dead yet ever-dying pain.
2 Till that great lord of love, which him at first

Made of meer love, and after liked well,
Seeing him lie like creature long accurst
In that deep horror of despaired hell,
Him, wretch, in dool would let no longer

dwell, But cast out of that bondage to redeem,

And pay the price, all were his debt extreem. 3 Out of the bosom of eternal bliss,

in which he reigned with his glorious fire,
He down descended, like a most demiss
Abject thrall, in flesh’s frail attire,
That he for him might pay fin's deadly hire,
And him restore unto that happy state
In which he stood before his hapless fate.

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4. In flesh at first the guilt committed was,

Therefore in flesh it must be satisfide;
Nor spirit,norangel, though they manfurpass,
Could make amendsto godfor man’smisguide,
But only man himself, whose felf did fide:
So taking flesh of sacred virgin's womb,

For man's dear sake he did a man become. 5 And that most blessed body, which was born

Without all blemish or reproachful blame,
He freely gave to be both rent and torn
Of cruel hands, who with despightful shame
Reviling him, that them most vile became,
At length him nayled on a gallow-tree,

And New the just by most unjust decree. 6 O huge and most unspeakable impression Of love's deep wound, that pierst the piteous

Of that dear lord with fo entire affection,
And sharply launcing every inner part,
Dolours of death into his soul did dart,
Doing him die that never it deserved,
To free his foes, that from his heast had

fwerved! 7

Whatheart canfeel leasttouchof sofore launch, Or thought can think the depth of fo dear

wound? Whofe bleeding source their streams yet

never staunch, But still do flow, and freely still redownd, To heal the fores of sinful fouls unfound,


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