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2 Night unto Night his Name repeats,

the Dav renews the Sound,
Wide as the Heav'n on which he fits

to turn the Seasons round.
3 'Tis he supports my mortal Frame,

my Tongue shall speak his Praise ; My Sins would rouse his Wrath to Flame,

and yet his Wrath delays,
4 Great God, let all my Hours be thine,

while I enjoy the Light;
Then shall my Sun in Smiles decline,
and bring a pleasant Night.

I HOSANNAH, with a cheerful Sound,

to God's upholding Hand;
Ten thousand Snares attend us round,

and yet secure we stand.
2 That was a most amazing Pow'r,

which rais'd us with a Word; And ev'ry Day and ey'ry Hour

we lean upon the Lord. 3 The Ev’ning reits our weary Head,

and Angels guard the Room; We wake and we admire the Bed,

which was not made our Tomb. 4 The rising Morning can't affure

that we shall end the Day; For Death ftands ready at the Door

to make our Lives his Prey.

5 God


5 God is our Sun whose daily Light

our Joy and Safety brings; Our feeble Frames lie fate at Night, beneath his guardian Wings.

I WELCOME, (weet Day of rest,

That law the Lord arise;
Welcome to this reviving Breaft,

And these rejoicing Eyes.
The King himself comes near,

And feasts his Saints to-day;
Here we may fit, and see him here,

And love, and praise, and pray. 3

One Day amidst the Place,

Where our dear God hath been, Is sweeter than ten thouiand Days

Of plealurable Sin.
4 My willing Soul would stay,

In such a Frame as this;
And fit, and fing herself away,
To everlasting Bliss.

I AWAKE, our drowsy Souls,

Shake off each flothful Band,
The Wonders of this Day,

Our noblest Songs demand, Auspicious Morn! thy blissful Ray's Harmonious Songs of Seraphs grace.

2 At thy approaching Dawn

Reluctant D ath resign'd,
The glorious Prince of Life

Her dark Domains confin'd.
Th' angelic Hoft around him bends,

And ’midst their Shouts the God ascends. 3 All hail, triumphani Lord,

Heav'n wi.h Hosannas rings;
While Earth in humbler Strains,

Thy Praise responfive fings:
Worthy art thou who once wast flain,

Through endless Years to live and reign. 4 Gird on, O God, thy Sword,

Ascend thy conqu’ring Carr,
While Justice, Truth and Love,
Maintain the glorious War.
Victorious thou thy Foes shalt tread,

And Sin and Hell in Triumph lead, 5 Make bare thy potent Arm,

And wing th' unerring Dart
With falutary Pangs,

To each rebellious Heart.
Then willing Souls shall round thee bow,
Num'rous as Drops of morning Dew.


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I GREAT God, this facred Day of thine,

Demands our Soul's collected Powers:
May we employ in Work divine,
These folemn, these devoted Hours!
O may our Souls adoring own
The Grace which calls us to thy Throne!
Hence, ye vain Cares and Trifles, fly!
Where Gad refides appear no more,
Omnifcient God, thy piercing Eye
Can every fecret Thought explore.
O may hy Grace our Hearts refine,

And fix our Thoughts on Things divine. 3 The Word of Life dispens'd to-day,

Invites us to a heav'nly Feast;
May every Ear the Call obey,
Be every Heart a humble Guest!
O bid the wretchd Sons of Need,

On foul-reviving Dainties feed!
4 Thy Spirit's powerful Aid impart,

O may thy Word with Life divine,
Engage the Ear and warm the Heart;
Then fhall the Day indeed be thine:
Then shall our Souls adoring own
The Grace which calls us to thy Throne.


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RISE betimes and praise the Lord;

Be all Attention to his Word;
Call on his Name with fervent Prayer ;

Deny myself; for Death prepare.
2 Each Moment piously improve;

For Friends and Foes breathe ardent Love;
Guard well my ever-roving Thoughts;

Hate and for fake my fav'rite Faults.
3 In Virtue's Dress adorn my Life;

Keep far from Pride, Luft, Paffion, Strife;
I.ive still by Faith on Jesus' Name;
My Maker's Prajse be all my Aim.
No Thoughts so much indulge, as those
Of Judgment, Heaven, and endless Woes;
Prudence and Truth my Lips still guard;

Quell fland'rous Talk as soon as heard.
5 Rath Promises avoid with Care;

Speak gracious Words with pious Fear;
Take daily Food with Pray'r and Praise;

Use it for Strength in heav'nly Ways.
6 Wise be my Intimates and few;

Exactly pay to all their Due;
Yet lay up Store with frugal Care;
Zealous the Poor may largely share.


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