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H Y M N CXLVI. MY Soul, abjure th' accursed Throng,

Whose profp'ring Wealth increases fast By Fraud, by Violence and Wrong,

Still thriving for the Thunder's Blast.
2 If high or low my Station be,

Of noble, or ignoble Name,
By uncorrupted Honesty,

Thy Blessing, Lord, I'd humbly claim.
3 Enrich'd with that, no Want I'll fear,

Thy Providence shall be my Trust;
Thou wilt provide my Portion here,

Thou Friend and Guardian of the Just,
4 Oh may I with sincere Delight

To all the Talk of Duty pay;
Tender of ev'ry social Right,

Obedient to thy righteous Sway,
5 Such Virtue thou wilt not forget

In Worlds where ev'ry Virtue shares
A fit Reward, tho' not of Debt,
Yet what thy boundless Grace prepares,

COME, let us search our Ways and try,

have they been just and right? Is the great Rule of Equity

our Practice and Delight? ? What we would have our Neighbour do, have we still done the same?


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And ne'er delay'd to pay his Due,

nor injur'd his good Name? 3 Do we relieve the Poor distress'd?

nor give our Tongues a Loose To make their Names our Scorn and Jelt,

nor treat them with Abuse? 4. Have we not found our Envy grow

to hear another's Praise ? Nor robb'd him of his Honour due,

by fly malicious Ways? 5 In all we sell, and all we buy,

is Justice our Design? Do we remember God is nigh,

And fear the Wrath divine ? 6 In vain we talk of Jesu's Blood,

and boast his Name in vain,
If we can sight the Laws of God,
and prove unjust to Men.


'Tis a lovely Thing to see

a Man of prudent Heart, Whose Thoughts, and Lips, and Life agree

To act a useful Part.
2 When Envy, Strife, and Wars begin

in little ang’ry Souls;
Mark how the Sons of Peace come in,

and quench the kindling Coals.

3 Their

3 Their Minds are humble, mild and meek,

nor let their Fury rise :
Nor Passion moves their Lips to speak,

nor Pride exalts their Eyes. 4 Their Lives are Prudence mix'd with Love;

good Works employ their Day; They join the Serpent with the Dove,

but cast the Sting away. 5 Such was the Saviour of Mankind,

such Pleasures he purlu'd; His Manners gentle and refin'd, his Soul divinely good.

H Y M N OXLIX. 'LET those who bear the Christian Name

their holy Vows fulfil; The Saints, the Followers of the Lamb,

are Men of Honour still. 2 True to the solemn Oaths they take,

though to their Hurt they swear : Constant and just to all they speak,

for God and Angels hear. 3 Still with their Lips their Hearts agree,

nor flatt'ring Words devise : They know the God of Truth can see

through every false Disguise. 4 They hate th’ Appearance of a Lie, in all the Shapes it wears ;


Firm to the Truth; andwhen they die,
eternal Life is theirs.'

ALL-seeing God ! 'tis thine to know

To judge, by Principles within,

When Frailty errs and when we fin. 2 Who among Men, high Lord of all,

Thy Servant to his Bar shall call ?
For Modes of Faith judge him a Foe,

And doom him to the Realms of Woe! 3 Who with another's Eye can read?

Or worship by another's Creed ?
Revering thy Commands alone,

We humbly seek and use our own.
4 If wrong, forgive; approve, if right;

While faithful we obey our Light;
And cens ring none, are zealous still

To follow, as to learn thy Will.
5 When shall our happy Eyes behold

Thy People falhion' in thy Mould?
And Charity our Lineage prove
Deriv'd from thee, O God of Love?




and vain Attempt ! to bind With iron Chains the free-born Mind; To force Conviction, and reclaim

The Wand'ring by destructive Flame.
2 Bold Arrogance! to snatch from Heav'n

Dominion not to Mortals giv'n;
O'er Conscience to usurp the Throne,

Accountable to God alone.
3 Mad Zeal! that with Hell-fury burns,

The Rights of God and Man o'erturns;
Whofe blind Presumption sanctifies

Murders, Rebellions, Plots and Lies. 4 Thus Rome afferts her proud Decrees,

Enforc'd by fierce Anathemas;
And stirs up Vengeance to devour

The Foes of antichristian Pow'r.
5 Jesus ! thy gentle Law of Love
Doth no luch Cruelties approve :
Mild as thyself, thy Doctrine wields

No Arms but what Persuasion yieids. 6 By Proofs divine and Reason strong

It draws the willing Soul along;
And Conquests to thy Church acquires
By Eloquence which Heav'n inspires.


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