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4 Thither we travel, nor intend

short of that Bliss to rest :
Nor we, 'till in the Sinner's Friend

our weary Souls are bless’d. 5 Friends of the Bridegroom we shall reign,

Saviour, we ask no more ;
Hail Lamb of God, for Sinners slain,
whom Heav'n and Earth adore !

I TESU, Lover of my Soul,

Let me to thy Bofom fly,
While the nearer Waters roll,

While the Tempest still is high;
Hide me, O my Saviour, hide,

'Till the Storm of Life is past:
Safe into the Haven guide,
O receive


Soul at last! 2 Other Refuge have I none,

Hangs my helpless Soul on thee;
Leave, ah ! leave me not alone,

Still support and comfort me:
All my Trust on thee is stay'd,
All mine Help from thee I bring,

defenceless Head
With the Shadow of thy Wing.
3 Thou, O Christ, art all I want,

More than All in thee I find :
Raile the Fallen, chear the Faint,

Heal the Sick, and lead the Blind.
Just and holy is thy Name,

Cover my


I am all Unrighteousness!
Vile and full of Sin I am,

Thou art full of Truth and Grace. 4 Plenteous Grace with thee is found,

Grace to pardon all my Sin:
Let the healing Streams abound,

Make and keep me pure within:
Thou of Life the Fountain art,

Freely let me take of thee,
Spring thou up within my Heart,
Rile to all Eternity!


ESU, thy Blood and Rightcousness,

My Beauty are, my glorious Dress; 'Midit flaming Worlds in these array'd,

With Joy shall I lift up my Head.
. When from the Dust of Deaih I rife

To claim my Mansion in the Skies,
Ev'n then shall this be all my Plea;

Jesus hath liv'd and dy'd for me.
3 Bold shall I ftand in that great Day,

For who ought to my Charge shall lay?
Fully thro' thee absolvd I am

From Sin and Fear, from Guilt and Shame. 4 Thus Abraham, the Friend of God,

Thus all the Armies bought with Blood, Saviour of Singers thee proclaim,

Sinners of whom the Chief I am. $ This spotless Robe the same appears

When ruin'd Nature finks in Years!






No Age can change its glorious Hue,

The Grace of Christ is ever new.
6 O let the Dead now hear thy Voice,

Now bid ihv banish'd Ones rejoice,
Their Beauty this, their glorious Dress,
Jesus, the Lord our Righteousness.

THE God of Abram praise,

Who reigns enthron'd above;
Antient of everlasting Days,

And God of Love.
Jehovah, great I AM!

By Earth and Heav'n confeft;
I bow and bless the sacred Name,

For ever bless’d.
The God of Abram praise,

At wnofe fupreme Command,
From Earth I rife---and seek the Joys' A

At his Right-Hand ;
I all on Earth forsake,

Its Wisdom, Fame and Paw'r;
And him ry only Portion make,

My Shield and Tow'r,
3 The God of Abram praise,

Whofe alt-fufficient Grace
Shall guide me all my happy Days

In all my Ways:
He calls a Worm hs Friend!

He calls himself my God!
And he shall save me to the End,

Thro' Jesu's Blood,


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4 He by himself hath sworn,

I un his Oath depend,
I shall, on Eagle's Wings up born,

To Heav'n ascend:
I shall behold his Face,
I shall his Pow'r adore,
And fing the Wonders of his Grace

- For evermore. 5

Tho' Nature's Strength decay,

And Earth and Hell withstand,
To Canaan's Bounds I urge my Way,

At his Command:
The wat’ry Deep I pass,

With Jesus in my View;
And thro' the howling Wilderness,

My Way pursue.
6 The goodly Land I fee,

With Peace and Plenty bless’d;
A Land of sacred Liberty,

And endless Reft;
There Milk and Honey flow,

And Oil and Wine abound,
And Trees of Life for ever grow,

With Mercy crown'd. 7

There dwells the Lord our King,

The Lord our Righteousness;
Triumphant o'er the World and Sin,

The Prince of Peace:
On Sion's sacred Height,
His Kingdom still maintains ;


And glorious with his Saints in Light,

For ever reigns. 8 He keeps his own secure,

He guards them by his Side,
Arrays in Garments white and pure

His spotless Bride:
With Streams of sacred Bliss,

With Groves of living Joys,
With all the Fruits of Paradise,

He still supplies.
9 Before the great Three-One

They all exulting stand;
And tell the Wonders he hath done,

Thro’ all their Land:
The list’ning Spheres attend,

And swell the growing Fame;
And sing, in Songs which never end,

The wond'rous Name. 10 The God who reigns on high,

The great Arch-Angels fing,
And Holy, Holy, Holy, cry,

Almighty King!
Who was, and is the same;

And evermore shall be ;
Jehovah - Father-Great I Am !

We worship Thee.
II Before the Saviour's Face

The ransom'd Nations bow,
O’erwhelm’d at his almighty Grace,

For ever new:
He thews his Prints of Love


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