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He will find in these two laft such

an Absurdity and Confufion of “ Stile, with such a comparative “ Poverty of Imagination, as will “make him very sinsible of what I " have been here advancing.

“ Since we have tlierefore such a Treasure of Words, so beautiful “in themselves, and so proper for “the Airs of Music, I cannot but ( wonder that Persons of Distinctio "on should give so little Attention " and Encouragment to that Kind " of Music, which would have its "Foundation in Reason, and which "would improve our Virtue in Pro

portion as it raised our Delight. « The Passions that are excited by “ ordinary Compositions generally « flow from such filly and absurd " Occasions, that a Man is asham"ed to reflect upon them ferious .

ly; but the Fear, the Love, the "Sorrow, the Indignation that are


“ awakened

si awakened in the Mind by Hymns « and Anthems, make the Heart $ better, and proceed from such “C:ufes as are altogether reafona« ble and praife-worthy. Pleasure " and Duty go Hand in Hand, and "e the greater our Satisfaction is, the greater is our Religion.

Homer and Hepod intimate to “ us how this Art should be applied,

when they represent the Mutes as “ furrounding Jupiter, and warb

ling their Hymns about his " Throne. I might shew from in“ numerable Passages in ancient “ Writers, not only that vocal and 6, instrumental Music were made « use of in their religious Wor lip, « but that their most favourite Di“ verfions were filled with Songs “and Hymns to their respective " Deities. Had we frequent En

aments of this Nature as, they would not a little


« purify and exalt our Passions, gives C

our Thoughts a proper Turn, " and cherish those divine Impulses « in the Soul, which every one “ feels that has not stifled them by “ fenfual and immoderate Plea« fures.

" Music, when thus applied, " raises noble Hints in the Mind “ of the Hearer, and fills it with

great Conceptions. It strengthens " Devotion, and advances Praise “into Rapture. It lengthens out

every Act of Worship, and pro" duces more lasting and permanent

Impressions in the Mind, than “ those which accompany any tran«c fient Form of Words that are " uttered in the ordinary Method of " religious Worship.

“ Divine Music diffufes a Calmcc ness all around us, it makes us “ drop all those vain or immodest " Thoughts which would be an

B 2 Hindrance

66 Hindrance to us in the Perform“ance of that great Duty of “ Thanksgiving, which, as we are “ informed by our almighty Bene“ factor, is the most acceptable « Return which can be made for “ those infinite Stores of Blessings, “ which he daily condescends to

pour down upon his Çreatures, " When we make use of this pathe“ tical Method of addressing our'« felves to him, we can scarce con“ tain from Raptures! The Heart “ is warmed with a Sublimity of “Goodness! We are all Piety and « all Love!

“ How do the blessed Spirits rea

joice and wonder to behold un“thinking Man prostrating his “ Soul to his dread Sovereign in “ such a Warmth of Piety as they ss themselves might not be alhamed $ ot!".

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The royal Psalmift's Opinion and Practice are well known.

Praise ye the Lord. Praise God in bis Sanctuary: Praise him in the Fira mament of bis Power. Praise him for bis mighty Acts : Praise bim according to his excellent Greatness. Praise him with the Sound of the Trumpet :: Praise bim with the Psaltery and Harp. Pruise bim with the Timbrel and Dance: Praise him with Aringed Instruments, and Organs. Praise bim upon the loud Cymbals : Praise him upon the bigb-founding Cymbals. Let every 'i bing that bath Breath praise the Lord. Praise ye the Lord. Psalm 150.

Nor is this Practice of singing the Praises of God with Inftruments, any where prohibited under the New Testament Dispensation, as some well-meaning, but, in this Respect, erroneous, People are willing to suggest For we find our Saviour touk every Opportunity of


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