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Let the shrill Trumpet's warlike Voice

make Rocksand Hills his Praise rebound; Praise him with Harp's melodious Noise,

and gentle Psalt'ry's filver Sound. 4 Let Virgin-Troops soft Timbrels bring,

and some with graceful Motion dance ; Let Instruments of various Strings,

with Organs join'd, his Praise advance. 5 Let them who joyful Hymns compose,

to Cyırbals set their Songs of Praise; Cymbals of common Ufe, and those

that loudly found on folemn Days. 6 Let all that vital Breath enjoy,

the Breath he does to them afford, In just Returns of Praise employ;

let ev'ry Creature praise the Lord !


I COME, Holy Ghost, eternal God,

proceeding from Above, Both from the Father and the Son,

the God of Peace and Love. 2 Visit our Minds, and into us

thy heavenly Grace inspire; That 'Truth and Godiiness we may

pursue with full Desire. 3 Thou art the very Comforter

in all Grief and Distress :



The heav'nly Gift of God most high,

which no Tongue can express :
4 The Fountain, and the living Spring

of Joy celestial :
The Fire fo bright, the Love so sweet,

and Unction spiritual.
5 Thou in thy Gifts art manifold,

whereby Christ's Church doth stand;
In faithful Hearts writing thy Law,

the Finger of God's Hand.
6 According to thy Promise made,

thou givest Speech with Grace:
That through thy Help God's Praises may

resound in ev'ry Place. V ENI CRÉATOR. P. 2. i Holy Ghost, into our Souls

fend down thy heavenly Light;
Inflame our Hearts with fervent Love

to serve Got Day and Night.
2 Our Weakness strengthen and confirm,

which feeble is and frail:
That neither Devil, World, nor Flesh,

against us may prevail
3 Our Enemies put far from us,

and help us to obtain
Peace in our Hearts with God and Man,

the best and truest Gain.
4 And grant, O Lord, that thou being

our Leader and our Guide,
We may escape che Snares of Sing

and never from thee Ilide,

S Such

5 Such Measures of thy pow'rful Grace.

grant, Lord, to us, we pray; That thou may'st be our Comforter

at the last dreadful Day.

A Prayer to the Holy Ghost, to be sung before

the Sermon,

I COME, Holy Spirit, God of Might,

the Comforter of all:
Teach us to know thy Word aright,

that we may never fall.
2. O Holy Ghost, visit our Land,

defend us with thy Shield: Against all Sin and Wickedness,

Lord, help us win the Field. 3 O Lord, preserve our King, and bless

his Counsel, that they may Be stedfast in the Gospel of

our Saviour Christ alway. 4 O Lord, that giv'st thy holy Word,

send Preachers plenteously: That in the same we may accord,

and therein live and die.

A Prayer to the Holy Ghost, to be sung before

the Sermon. P. 2. i O Holy Spirit, guide aright

the Preachers of thy Word, That thou by them may'st cut down Sin, as it where with a Sword,

2 Depart

2 Depart not from thy Pastors pure,

but aid them at their Need; . 'Who break to us the Bread of Life,

whereon our Souls do feed. 3 Convert all those that are our Foes,

and bring them to thy Light: That they and we may all agree,

and praise thee Day and Night. 4 True Faith in us, O Lord, increase,

and let Love fo abound, That Man and Wife may live in Peace,

and all about us round. 5. In our Time give thy Peace, O Lord,

to Nations far and nigh: And teach them all thy Word, that they may sing to thee, Most-High.

The Lamentation of a Sinner, O Lord, turn not thy Face away

From him that lies proftrate, Lamenting fore his finful Life,

Before thy Mercy-Gate;
2 Which thou doft open wide to those,

That do lament their Sin:
O shut it not against me, Lord,

But let me enter in.
3 Call me not to a strict Account

How I have lived here:
For then I know right well, O Lord,

Most vile I shall appear. 4 I need not to confess

my Lite, For furely thou canst tell:


What I have been, and what I am,

Thou knowi ft very weil. 5 O Lord, thou know'st what Things be paft,

Also the '1 hings that be:
Thou know 'it also what is to come,

Nothing is hid from thee, 6 Before the Heav'ns and Earth where made

Thou-knew 'st what Things were then ;
As all Things else that have been done

Among the Sons of Men,
7 And can the Things that I have done

Be hidden from thee then ?
No, no, thou know it them all, O Lord,

Where they were cone, and when.
8 Wherefore with Fears I come to thee

To beg and to entreat:
Ev'n as a Child that hath done Ill,

And feareth to be beat.
9 So come I to the Throne of Grace,

Where Merey doth abound,
Defiring Merey for my Sin,

To heal my deadly Wound,
10 O Lord, I need not to repeat,

What I do beg or crave:
For thou doft know, before I ask,

The Thing that I would have:
11 Mercy, good Lord, Mercy I ask,

This is the total Sum,
For Mercy, Lord, is all my Suit
Olet thy Mercy come.

The END of the PSALMS,

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