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When he's by Trouble compass'd round,

the Lord shall give him Reft. 2 The Lord his Life, with Blessings crown'd.

in Safety fhall prolong; ': And disappoint the Will of those

that seek to do him Wrong. 3 If he in languishing Estate,

opprest with Sickness lie; The Lord will ealy make his Bed, and inward Strength fupply.

PSA L M XLII. * AS pants the Hart for ccoling Streams,

when So longs my Soul, O God, for thee,

and thy refreshing Grace. 2 For thee, my God, the living God,

my thirsty Soul doth pine; O! when shall I behold thy Face,

thou Majesty divine ! 3 Why restless, why caftdown, my

Soul? trust God, and he'll employ His Aid for thee, and change these Sighs

to thankful Hymns of Joy.
4 Why restless, why cast down, my

hope ftill, and thou shalt fing
The Praise of him, who is thy God,
thy Health's eternal Spring.

LET me with Light and Truth be bleft;
be these my Guides to lead the Way,


Till on thy holy Hill I rest,

and in thy facred Temple pray. 2 Then will I there fresh Altars raise

to God, who is my only Joy; And well-tun'd Harps, with Songs of Praise,

Thall all my grateful Hours employ. 3 Why then cast down, my Soul ? and why

so much oppress’d with anxious Care?
On God, thy God, for Aid rely,
who will thy ruin'd State repair.

PSA L M XLIII. O. V. i Lord, send out thy Light

and Truth, and lead me with thy Grace; Which may conduct me to thy Hill,

and to thy Dwelling-Place: 2 Then shall I to thy Altar go,

with Joy to worship there: And on my Harp give Thanks to thee,

O God, my God most dear. 3 Why art thou then so fad, my Soul,

and frett'st thus in my Breaft? Still trust in God; for him to praise

I hold it always best. 4 By him I have Deliverance

from all my Pain and Grief; He is my God who doth always at Need send me Relief.

PSA L M XLIV. ' AWAKE, arise ; let seeming Sleep no longer thee detain ;


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Nor let us, Lord, who sue to thee,

forever fue in Vain. 2 O! wherefore hideft thou thy Face

from our afflicted State ; Whose Souls and Bodies link to Earth,

with Grief's oppressive Weight? 3 Arise, O Lord, and timely Halte

to our Deliv'rance make;
Redeem us, Lord ;---if not for ours,
yet for thy Mercy's Sake.

GOD is our Refuge in Distress ;

A present Help when Dangers press; To him, undaunted, we'll confide;

Tho' Earth were from her Center toss'd, And Mountains in the Ocean loft,

Torn piece-meal by the roaring Tide. 2 A gentler Stream with Gladness still,

The City of our Lord shall fill, The royal Seat of God most high:

God dwells in Sion, whose fair Tow'rs, Shall mock th' Affaults of earthly Pow'rs,

While his almighty Aid is nigh. 3 In Tumults when the People rag'd,

And Kingdums War against u wag d,
He thunder'd, and dispers'd their Pow'rs:

The Lord of Hofts conducts our Arms,
Our Tow'r of Refuge in Alarms,

Our Father's Guardian-God, and ours.
4 Submit to God's almighty Sway;
For him the Heathen ihall obey,



And Earth her fov'reign Lord confess:

1 he Lord of Hults conducts our Arms, Our 'I ow'r of kefuge in Alarms,

As to our Fathers in Distress..

PS A L M XLVII. 1 All ye People, clap your Hands,

and with triumphant Voices fing; No Force the mighty Pow'r withstands

of God, the universal King. 2 God is gone up, our Lord and King,

with Shouts of Joy and Trumpet's Sound; To him repeated Praises fing,

and let the cheerful Song go round. 3 Your utmost Skill in Praule be lhewn,

for him who all the World commands, Who fits upon his righteous Throne,

and spreads his Sway o'er Heathen Lands.

PSA L M XLVII. O. V. 1 YE People all, with one Accord,

clap Hands, thout and rejoice; Be glad, and sing unto the Lord,

with sweet and pleasant Voice. 2 For high the Lord and dreadful is,

his Wonders n anifold; A mighty King he is likewise,

in all the Earth extoll'd: 3 Our God afcend.d up on high with joy and pleasant Noise.


The Lord goes up above the Sky

with Trumpet's roval Voice. 4 Sing Praises to our God, fing Praise,

fing Praises to our King: For God is King of all the Earth, all skilful Praises fing.

PSA L M L. THE HE Lord hath spoke; the mighty God

Hath sent his Summons all abroad, From dawning Light, 'till Day declines,

The liftning Earth his Voice hath heard, And he from Sion hath appear’d,

Where Beauty in Perfection shines. 2 Attend, my People: Ifr'el, hear;

Thy strong Accuser I'll appear; Thy God, thy only God, am I;

'Tis not of Off’rings I complain, Which, daily in my Temple Nain,

My sacred Altar did supply. 3 Think'st thou that I have


On slaughter'd Bulls and Goats to feed,
To eat their Flesh, and drink their Blood?

The Sacrifices I require,
Are Hearts which Love and Zeal inspire,

And Vows with strictest Care made good. 4 In Time of Trouble call on me,

And I will set thee safe and free;
And thou: Returns of Praise shalt make :

But to the Wicked thus faith God,
How dar'st thou teach my Laws abroad,
Or in thy Mouth my Covnant take?


5 Mark

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