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and with Success the Plots are crown'd,

Which they maliciously devise.
2 From Anger ceafe, and Wrath forsake;
Let no ungovern'd Passion make

Thy wav'ring Heart espouse their Crime:
For God shall finful Men dertroy;
Whilst only they the Land enjoy,

Who trust on him, and wait his Time. 3 How soon shall wicked Men decay ! Their Place shall vanish quite away,

Nor by the strictest Search be found;
Whilst humble Souls pofless the Earth,
Rejoicing still with godly Mirth,

With Peace and Plenty always crown'd.

PSA L M XXXVII. P. 3 I WHILE finful Crowds, with false Design,

Against the righteous Few combine, And gnash their Te. th and threat'ning stand;

Gou shall their empty Plots deride, And laugh at their defeated Pride;

He sees their Ruin near at hand. 2 They draw the Sword, and bend the Bow,

the Poor and Needy to o'erthrow, And Men of upright Lives to Nay;

But their strong Bows shall soon be broke, Their sharpen'd Weapons mortal Stroke

Thro’their own Hearts shall force its Way. 3 A Little, with God's Favour blest,

That's by one righteous Man possess'd,


The Wealth of many Bad excels;

For God supports the just Man's Cause; But as for those that break his Laws,

Their unfuccessful Pow'r he quells, 4 His constant Care the Upright guides,

And over all their Life presides; Their Portion shall for ever last:

They, when Distress o'erwhelms the Earth, Shall be unmoy'd, and ev’n in Dearth

The happy Fruits of Plenty taste.

I THE good Man's Way is God's Delight;

He orders all the Steps aright
Of him that moves by his Command:

Thọ he sometimes may be distress’d,
Yet shall he ne'er be quite oppress’d;

For God upholds him with his Hand, 2 From my first Youth till Age prevail'd,

I never saw the Righteous fail'd,
Or Want o'ertake his num’rous Race;

Because Compaffion fill'd his Heart,
And he did cheerfully impart,

God made his Offspring's Wealth increase. 3 With Caution (hun each wicked Deed,

In Virtue's Wavs with Zeal proceed, And so prolong your happy Days:

For God, who Judgment loves, does still Preserve his Saints secure from Ill,

While soon the wicked Race decays, 4 The Upright shall possess the Land, His Portion shall for Ages stand,


D 2

His Mouth with Wisdom is fupply'd :

His Tongue by Rules of Judgment moves; His Heart the Law of God approves ;

Therefore his Footsteps never side.

PSALM XXXVII. P. 5. + THE Wicked I in Paw'r have seen,

And, like a Bay-Tree, fresh and green, That spreads its pleasant Branches round: But he was gone as quick as Thought, And tho’in ev'ry Place I sought,

No Sign or Track of him I found. 2 Observe the perfect Man with Care, And mark all such as upright are;

Their roughest Days in Peace shall end : While on the latter End of those, Who dare God's facred Will oppose,

A cominon Ruin shall attend. 3 God to the Just will Aid afford; 'Their only Safeguard is the Lord;

Their Strength in Time of Need is he: Because on him they still depend, The Lord will timely Succour send,

And from the Wicked set them free.

PSA L M XXXIX. * LORD, let me know my Term of Days, how foon my

; The num'rous Train of Ills disclose, which this frail State attend.

2 My Life, thou know'st, is but a Span,

a Cypher sums my Years : And ev'ry Man, in best Estate,

but Vanity appears.
3. Man, like a Shadow, vainly walks,

with fruitless Cares oppress'd;
He heaps up Wealth, but cannot tell

by whom 'twill be possess’d.
4 Why then should I on worthless Toys,

with anxious Care attend? On thee alone my stedfast Hope

Thall ever, Lord, depend.

PSA L M XXXIX. O. V. I LORD, number out my Life and Days,

which yet I have not past; So that I may be certify'd

how long my Life shall last. 2 For thou hast pointed out my Life,

in Length much like a Span: Mine Age is Nothing unto thee,

so vain is ey'ry Man. 3 Man walketh like a Shade, and doth

in vain himself annoy In getting Goods, and cannot tell

who Thall the same enjoy. 4 Therefore, O Lord; what wait I for,

what Help do I desire ? Truly, my Hope is ev’n in thee, I Nothing else require.


PSALM XL. ! Waite

Taited meekly for the Lord,

'till he vouchfaf 'd a kind Reply'; Who did his gracious Ear afford,

and heard from Heav'n my humble Cry. 2 He took me from the dismal Pit,

when founder'd deep in miry Clay: On solid Ground he plac'd my Feet,

and luffer'd not my Steps to stray. 3 The Wonders he for me has wrought,

shall fill my Mouth with Songs of Praise: And others, to his Worship brought,

to Hopes of like Deliv'rance raise.

PSA L M XL. 0. V. s I Waited long and fought the Lord,

and patiently did bear;
At length to me he did accord,

my Voice and Cry to hear.
a He brought me from the dreadful Pit,

out of the Mire and Clay : Upon a Rock he fat my Feet,

and he did guide my Way. 3 To me he taught a Pfalm of Praise,

which I must shew abroad :
And sing new Songs of Thanks always,
unto the Lord our God.


APPY the Man, whose tender Care
relieves the Poor distress'd :


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