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shall see remorseless Sinners drown'd, 6 Thy Favour, Lord, in al Distress,

my Tow'r of Refuge I must own;
Thou shalt my haughty Foes suppress,
and me with Songs of Triumph crown.

LET all the Just to God with Joy,

For well the Righteous it becomes,

to fing ģlad Songs of Praile. 2 Let Harps, and Psalteries, and Lutes,

in joyful Concert meet; And new-made Songs of loud Applaufe

2 the Harmony complete. 3 For faithful is the Word of God,

his Works with Truth abound; · He Justice loves; and all the Earth

is with his Goodness crown'd. 4 Our Souls on God with Patience wait;

our Help and Shield is he; Then, Lord, let ftill our Hearts rejoice,

because we trust in thee, 5 The Riches of thy Mercy, Lord,

do thou to us extend; Since

we, for all we want or with, on thee alone depend.

PSALM XXXIV. 1 "HRO’ all the changing Scenes of Life, in Trouble and in Joy ;


The Praises of my God shall still

my Heart and Tongue employ. 2 Of his Deliv'rance I will boast,

'till all that are distress’d,
From my Example Comfort take,

and charm their Griefs to rest. 3 O! magnify the Lord with me,

with me exalt his Name : When in Distress to him I callid,

he to my Rescue came.
4 O! make but Trial of his Love,

Experience will decide
How bleft they are, and only they,

why in his Truth confide.
5 Fear him, ye Saints, and you will then

have Nothing elle to fear; Make you

his Service your Delight, he'll make your Wants his Care.

P. 2.

APPROACH, ye piously dispos’d,

Instruction hear;
I'll teach you the true Discipline

of his religious Fear. 2 Let him who Length of Life desires,

and prosp'rous Days would see, From Nand'ring Language keep his Tongue,

his Lips from Falthood free. 3 The crooked Paths of Vice decline,

and Virtue's Ways pursue ;


Establish Peace, where 'tis begun;

and where 'tis loft, renew. 4 The Lord from Heav'n beholds the Just

with favourable Eyes;
And when distress'd, his gracious Ear

is open to their Cries :
5 But turns his wrathful Look on those

whom Mercy can't reclaim,
To cut them off, and from the Earth

blot out their hated Name.
6 The Wicked from their wicked Arts

Their Ruin shall derive;
Whilst righteous Men, whom they deteft,

shall them and theirs survive.
7 For God preserves the Souls of those,

who on his Truth depend ; To them, and their Pofterity, his Blessings shall descend.


Lord, thy Mercy, my sure Hope,

the highest Orb of Heav'n transcends ; Thy sacred Truth's unmeasur'd Scope

beyond the spreading Sky extends. 2 Thy Justice, like the Hills, remains ;

unfathom'd Depths thy Judgments are; Thy Providence the World sustains;

the whole Creation is thy Care. 3 Since of thy Goodness all partake,

with what Assurance should the Just Thy shelt'ring Wings their Refuge make,

and Saints to thy Protection trust!


4 Such Guefts fhall to thy Courts be led,

to tanquet on thv Love's Repast; And drink, astrom a Fountain's Head,

of Joys that shall for ever last. 5 With thee the Springs of Life remain;

thy Presence is eternal Day; O! let thy Saints thy Favour gain;

to uj right Hearts thy Truth display.

PSA L M XXXVI, O. V. i Lord, thy Goodness doth ascend

above the Heav'ns most high: So doth thy Truth itself extend

unto the cloudy Sky. 2 Much more than Hills both high and steep,

thy Justice is exprelt; Thy Judgments like the Seas most deep,

thou fav ft both Man and Beast. 3 Thy Merey is above all Things,

O God, it doth excel :
In Truit whereof, as in thy Wings,

the Sons of Men thall dwell.
4 Within thy House they shall be fed

with Plenty at their Will:
Of all Delights they shall be sped,

and take thereof their Fill.
5 Because the Well of Life most pure

doth cver flow from thee :
And in thv Light we are full sure

eternal Light to see

6 From such as thee defire to know,

let not thy Grace depart:
Thy Righteousness declare and show,

to Men of upright Heart.

1 THOwicked Men grow rich or great,

Yet let not their successful State
Thy Anger or thy Envy raise:
For they, cut down like tender Grass,
Or like young Flow'rs, away fhall pass,

Whole blooming Beauty loon decays.
2 Depend on God, and him obey,
So thou within the Land shalt stay,

Secure from Danger and from Want:
Make his Commands thy chief Delight,
And he, thy Duty to requite,

Shall all thy earnest Wishes grant. 3 In all thy Ways trust thou the Lord, And he will needful Help afford

To perfect ev'ry just Design:
He'll make, like Light ferene and clear,
Thy clouded Innocence appear,
And as a Mid-day Sun to shine.

WITH quiet Mind on God depend,

And patiently for him attend;
Nor let thy Anger fondly rise,
Tho' wicked Men
with Wealth abound,


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