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5 From East to West, from West to East,

his restless Course he goes : And, thro' his Progress, cheerful Light

and vital Warinth bestows.

PSA L M XIX. P. 2.

OD's perfect Law converts the Soul,

reclaims from falfe Defires; With sacred Wisdom his sure Word

the Ignorant inspires. 2 The Statutes of the Lord are just,

and bring sincere Delight: His pure Commands in Search of Truth,

allift the feebleit Sight. 3 His perfect Worship here is fix'd,

on sure Foundations laid: His equal Laws are in the Scales

of Truth and Justice we gh'd. 4. Of more Esteem than golden Mines,

or Gold refin'd with Skill; More sweet than Honey, or the Drops,

that from the Comb diftil. 5 My trusty Councellors they are,

and friendly Warnings give; Divine Rewards attend on those, who by thy Precepts live.

PSA L M XXIII. IT "HE Lord himself, the mighty Lord, vouchsafes to be my Guide;

The Shepherd bv whose constant Care

my Wants are all supply'd. 2 In tender Grass he makes me feed,

and gently there repose; Then leads me to coul Shades, and where

refreshing Water flows.
3 He does my wand'ring Soul reclaim,

and to his endless Praise,
Instruct with humble Zeal to walk

in his most righteous Ways.
4 I pass the gloomy Vale of Death,

from Fear and Danger free;
For there his aiding Rod and Staff

defend and comfort me.
5 In Presence of my spiteful Foes

he does my Table spread ;
He crowns my Cup with cheerful Wine,

With Oil anoints mine Head.
6 Since God does thus his wondrous Love

through all my Life extend, That Life to him I will devote,

and in his Temple spend.


MY Shepherd is the living Lord,

nothing therefore I need: In Pastures fair, near pleasant Streams,

he setteth me to feed. 2 He shall convert and glad my Soul,

and bring my Mind in frame;


To walk in Paths of Righteousness,

for his most holy Name.
3 Yea, tho' I walk in Vale of Death,

yet will I fear no Ill;
Thy Rod and Staff do comfort me,

and thou art with me still. 4. And in the Presence of my

my Table thou shalt spread:
Thou wilt fill full my Cup, and thou

anointed hast my Head.
5 Thro' all my Life thy Favour is

so frankly shew'd to me, That in thy House for evermore my dwelling Place shall be.


HIS spacious Earth is all the Lord's,

the Lord's her Fulness is; The World and they that dwell therein,

by foy'reign Right are his. 2 He fram'd and fix'd it on the Seas;

and his almighty Hand, Upon inconstant Floods has made

the stabie Fabric stand. 3 But for himself this Lord of all

one chosen Seat design'd: O! who shall to that facred Hill

desery'd Admittance find? 4 The Man whose Hands and Heart are pure,

whose Thoughts from Pride are free; Who honeft Poverty prefers To gainful Perjury.

5 This, this is he, on whom the Lord

shall show'r his Blessings down; Whom God his Saviour Thall vouchsafe with Righteousness to crown.

I ERECT your Heads, eternal Gates :

unfold, to entertain
The King of Glory: see! he comes

with his celestial Train.
2 Who is the King of Glory? who?

the Lord for Strength renown'd, In Battle mighty, o'er his Foes

eternal Victor crown'd.
Erect your Heads, ye Gates, unfold,

in State to entertain
The King of Glory : fee! he comes

with all his shining Train.
4 Who is the King of Glory? who?

the Lord of Hosts renown'd: Of Glory he alone is King,

who is with Glory crown'd.

PSA L M XXV. I *HY Mercies and thy Love,

O Lord, recall to mind; And graciously continue still,

As thou wert ever, kind. 2 Let all my youthful Crimes

be blo ted out by thee : And, for thy wond'rous Goodnefs fake,

in Mercy think on me.

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3 His Mercy and his Truth

the righteous Lord displays,
In bringing wand'ring Sinners home,

and teaching thein his Ways. 4. He those in Justice guides,

who his Direction seek;
And in his sacred Paths shall lead

the Humble and the Meek. 5 Thro' all the Ways of God

both Truth and Mercy shine, To such as with religious Hearts,

to his blest Will incline.

PSA L M XXV. P. 2. I Since Mercy is the Grace

that most exalts thy Fame, Forgive my hainous Sin, O Lord,

and-so advance thy Name, 2 Whoe'er with humble Fear,

to God his Duty pays, Shall find the Lord a faithful Guide,

in all his righteous Ways. 3 His quiet Soul with Peace

Thall be for ever blest,
And by his num 'rous Race the Land

successively possest.
For God to all his Saints

his sacred Will imparts, And does his gracious Cov’nant write in their obedient Hearts,


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