The Portfolio, Том 5

Лицевая обложка
David Urquhart
J. Maynard., 1837

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Стр. 496 - Khallnalick, at a distance of not less than two hours. All the countries situated to the south and west of this line of demarcation, towards the...
Стр. 484 - Que, pour determiner ce qui caracterise un port bloque, on n'accorde cette denomination qu'a celui ou il ya, par la disposition de la puissance qui 1'attaque avec des vaisseaux arrete's ou suffisamment proches, un danger evident d'entrer.
Стр. 414 - The right of the citizens of the United States to hold commerce with the aboriginal natives of the northwest coast of America, without the territorial jurisdiction of other nations, even in arms and munitions of war, is as clear and indisputable as that of navigating the seas.
Стр. 573 - ... favourable which can be elicited from the papers before us. Count Bulgari tells us of something besides ignorance, — ' Greece does not contain, in general, among the most influential class, either the virtues or the knowledge, upon which well organized political societies generally depend. ... As long as liberal institutions are neither consecrated by the moral habits of the people, nor by time, it must be confessed that the three allied courts would destroy with one hand the work which they...
Стр. 414 - existence of the United States as an independent nation, "their vessels have freely navigated those seas, and "the right to navigate them is a part of that indepen
Стр. 415 - Religious enthusiasts, who had preached " war in the name of the faith," when taken prisoners, were cut open or hung up by the feet and left to die. But these barbarities inflamed instead of quenching the spirit of resistance in the mountaineers, while they excited the disgust of all classes, and the sympathy of the whole body of Mahommedans. Individuals devoted themselves to certain destruction if they could but revenge their slaughtered brethren, and the Russian General, Lessanowitch, was assassinated,...
Стр. 495 - Caucasus, having been for many years and in perpetuity united to the empire of Russia, and that empire having besides, by the treaty concluded with Persia, at Tourkmantchai, on the 10th of February, 1828, acquired the Khanats of Erivan and of...
Стр. 485 - ... moins par deux vaisseaux du côté de la mer, ou par une batterie de canons du côté de la terre, de manière que les navires ne puissent y entrer sans un danger manifeste.
Стр. 275 - No ! its turn must come, and soon we will only have to treat with this people at Calcutta ; her false policy has compromised her tranquillity. Let her go and ally herself with the negroes of Africa, to whom she wishes so much good, and for whom Europe is her dupe. We, barbarians and slaves, as her papers call us, — we will teach her a lesson ; meantime let them go on, it is just what we want.
Стр. 221 - ... and the beasts of burthen that he has brought with him, at a ruinous expense, till it may please the storekeeper to receive his contribution ; and during his absence from home, his agricultural labours are necessarily arrested or impeded. The passage of troops in war, or for the relief of corps, may impose upon him the necessity, at whatever season it may be, however ruinous to his farm, of assisting with his cattle in the transport of baggage or stores. Soldiers of a different creed are billeted...

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