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other assistance than a few general instructions laid down in the Directory annexed to the * Confession of Faith.

As no attempt has hitherto been made by any Minister of the Church of Scotland to remedy this óbvious inconvenience, the Author flatters himself that the following work, with all its imperfections, will be favourably received by his younger Brethren, for whose use it is chiefly intended. And since every subject in Divinity has been so often discussed by a variety of able writers, it would be unreasonable to expect that all the sentiments or even all the expressions in this work, should be new and original. The candid reader will be satisfied, if he shall find in this manual a selection of suitable matter arranged under proper heads.

It is by no means intended to obtrude these Forms upon those who are able to compose

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much better ones for themselves. On the contrary, it will afford sincere pleasure to the Author, to see a more perfect work soon published, on the plan which he has here attempted.

To the many respectable characters who have honoured this well-meant attempt with their patronage and support, much gratitude is justly due. It was certainly the intention

of the Author to have prefixed their names to the work; but a correct list could not easily be procured for publication.


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