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question, shall not be taken on the motion to reconsider on the same day on which the decision proposed to be reconsidered shall take place, unless by unanimous consent; and a motion to reconsider being once put and lost, shall not be renewed, nor shall any subject be a second time reconsidered without the consent of the Convention. If the motion to reconsider shall not be made on the same day or the day after that on which the decision proposed to be reconsidered was made, three days' notice of the intention to make the motion shall be given.

19. The preceding rules shall be observed in a committee of the whole, so far as they are applicable, except that part of the 17th rule which restricts members from speaking more than twice upon the same question, and except that the call for ayes and noes, and the previous question, and the motion to adjourn, shall not be applicable to the committee of the whole, but a journal of the proceedings in committee of the whole shall be kept.

20. The President may admit such and as many Reporters within the bar of the house as he


proper. 21. Petitions, and communications from the Governor, the State officers, and from all other persons to whom inquiries may be addressed by order of the Convention.

22. Reports of committees.
23. Motions, resolutions and notices.
24. Unfinished business.
25. Special orders.
26. General orders.




1. The apportionment, election, tenure of office, and compensation

of the Legislature.
Mr. Wm. Taylor,

Mr. Burr,
Mr. R. Campbell,

Mr. Sanford,
Mr. Salisbury,

Mr. W. B. Wright.
Mr. White,

2. The powers and duties of the Legislature, except as to matters

otherwise referred.
Mr. Stetson,

Mr. Harrison,
Mr. Powers,

Mr. J.J. Taylor,
Mr. Miller,

Mr. McNitt.
Mr. St. John,

3. Canals, internal improvements, public revenues, and property,

public debt, and the powers and duties of the Legislature in reference
thereto ; and the restrictions, if any, proper to be imposed upon the
action of the Legislature in making donations from the public funds,
and in making loans of the moneys or credit of the state.
Mr. Hoffman,

Mr. W. H. Spencer,
Mr. Tilden,

Mr. Greene,
Mr. Gebhard,

Mr. Richmond.
Mr. Hunter,

4. The elective franchisethe qualification to vote and hold office. Mr. Bouck,

Mr. Dorlon,
Mr. Gardner,

Mr. Wood,
Mr. Kennedy,

Mr. E. Huntington.
Mr. Dodd,

5. The election, tenure of office, compensation, powers and duties

(except the power to appoint or nominate to office), of the Governor and Lieutenant-Governor.

Mr. Morris,
Mr. Porter,
Mr. Hyde,
Mr. Kingsley,

Mr. Penniman,
Mr. Clark,
Mr. Waterbury.

6. The election or appointment of all officers, other than legislative

and judicial, and the Governor and Lieutenant-Governor, whose
duties and powers are not local, and their powers, duties and com-
Mr. Chatfield,

Mr. Nicholas,
Mr. Perkins,

Mr. Danforth,
Mr. Kemble,

Mr. Shaver.
Mr. Strong,

7. The appointment or election of all officers whose functions are local ; and their tenure of office, powers, duties and compensation. Mr. Angel,

Mr. Maxwell,
Mr. Jones,

Mr. Hawley,
Mr. Archer,

Mr. Shaw.
Mr. Dubois,

8. The militia and military affairs.
Mr. Ward,

Mr. Stanton,
Mr. Chamberlain,

Mr. Kernan,
Mr. McNeil,

Mr. A. Wright.
Mr. Bruce,

9. Official oaths and affirmations; and the competency of wilnesses,
and oaths and affirmations in legal and equity proceedings.
Mr. Rhoades,

Mr. Brundage,
Mr. Baker,

Mr. Brayton,
Mr. Forsyth,

Mr. Hotchkiss.
Mr. Cornell,

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10. The judiciaryand the appointment or election of judicial offi-
cers, and their tenure of office and compensation.
Mr. Ruggles,

Mr. Simmons,
Mr. O'Conor,

Mr. Bascom,
Mr. Kirkland,

Mr. Brown,

Mr. Stephens,
Mr. Jordan,

Mr. Paterson,
Mr. Loomis,

Mr. Sears.
Mr. Worden,


11. The rights and privileges of the citizens of this state.
Mr. Tallmadge,

Mr. D. D. Campbell,
Mr. Ayrault,

Mr. Witbeck,
Mr. Swackhamer,

Mr. Yawger.
Mr. Parish,

12. Education, common schools, and the appropriate funds.
Mr. Nicoll,

Mr. Tuthill,
Mr. Munro,

Mr. Willard,
Mr. Bowdish,

Mr. Hunt.
Mr. A. W. Young,

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