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Abbey, Rev. R. Diuturnity; or, The Abbott, Jno. S. C. Praetical ChrisComparative Age of the World.

tianity. N.Y., 1862. 16°............ 11b Cin., 1866. 12o.

11f Abeel, David. Residence in China and Abbott, A. 0. Prison Life in the

the Neighboring Countries. N.Y., South in 186+5. N.Y., 1865. 12o. 91c 1836. 12o.

85d Abbott, B. V., A., and L. Cone Cut Abeja, La. Revista Cientifica y Litera

Corners. N.Y., 1855. 12° ............. 69b ria. Barcelona, 1858-9. 40............ 100f -B. V. and A. See New York Di- Abend-Schule, 1865–6. St. Louis, gest, and Reports.

1865-6. r

. 100 - See United States Digest.

Abercrombie, Jas. The Mourner Abbott, Chas. On the Law relative to Comforted. A Selection of Extracts, Merchant Ships and Seamen; with

Consolatory on the Death of Friends. Annotations by Jos. Story. Exeter,

Steubenville. 1832. 12° .....

......... 11b 1822. 8o. .....

250 Abercrombie, Jno. Inquiries con-Law of Merchant Ships and Seamen ; cerning the Intellectual Powers, and Notes by Story and Perkins. Bos

the Investigation of Truth. N.Y., ton, 1850. So..... ....+25c 1840. 18o.

4b Abbott, J. Harper's School Histories: Same. Boston, 1846. 12° .............. 4b

vol. I. Ancient History (to the Fall Abich, H. Ueber eine im Caspischen of Rome). II. English History (to Meere erschienene Insel, nebst Beithe American Revolution). III. trag zur Kenntn. der SchlammAmerican History (to the Adoption vulkane der Caspischen Region. of the Constitution). N.Y., 1864. St. Petersburg, 1863. 4°.... *46a 3 v. 12o...

.......31e5 - Sur la Structure et la Géologie du - Narrative of the General Course of Daghestan. St. Petersbourg, 1862. History, from the Earliest Periods


*48a to the Establishment of the Ameri- - Grundzüge der Geologie der Halbin

can Constitution. N.Y., 1856. 120..31e5 seln Kertsch und Paman. St. - A Summer in Scotland.

Petersburg, 1866. 4°......

*48a 1859. 12o.. ....

........... 842 Abildgaard, s. Physikalisch-mine- The Teacher; Moral Influences em- ralogische Beschreibung des Vorgeployed in the instruction and gov

birges auf der Insel Möen. Aus dem ernment of the Young. N.Y.,

Dän. Kopenhagen, 1783. 16° ..... 48a 1856. 8°...............

31a Able to Save; or, Encouragements to - Young Christian Series. N.Y., Patient Waiting. N.Y., 1864. 18o. 11b n. d. 4 v. 12°, as follows:

11b About, Edm. Germaine. Boston, The Young Christian.

1860. 12°

69b The Corner Stone.

- The King of the Mountains. Boston, The Way to do Good.

1861. 12o.

69b Hoary-hcad and McDonner.

- The Map with the Broken Ear. N. Abbott, Jno. S. C. The Empire of

Y., 1867. 12°.

69b Russia, from the Remotest Periods The Nose of a Notary. Boston, n. d. to the Present Time. N.Y., 1860.


69b 94h · The Roman Question. N.Y.,1859. 12o. 280 The French Revolution of 1789. Abrégé de Géométrie Pratique. Par N.Y., 1859. 8°..... 91c F. P. B. Paris, 1850. 16o..

38 History of the Civil War in America; Achilles Tatius. Loves of Clitopho and v. 1. N.Y., 1863. 8°....

91c Leucippe. See Heliodorus. — History of Napoleon Bonaparte. Acton, Wm. On Venereal Diseases. N. N.Y., 1864. 2 y. 8°

97b Y., 1846. 8°..... - Napoleon at St. Helena.

Adalbert, Prince, of Prussia. Travels 1855. 8°........

97b in the South of Europe and in BraKings and Queens; or, Life in the zil, with a Voyage up the Amazon, Palace. N.Y., 1855. 12°............... 97 etc. London, 1819. 2 v. 8°.......... 87b

12° ........


....... 57b


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V. 8.

Adam, A. Latin Grammar. Addi- Addison, Josepb. Works. N.Y.,1853. tions by B. A. Gould. Boston,

5 v. 12°....

98b 1836. 16o.

33c Evidences of the Christian Religion. Latin Grammar. With Additions by See Watts, l.

David Patterson. N.Y., 1833. 12o. 33c Papers in the Spectator. British - Roman Antiquities. London, 1801. Essayists.

90b - Poems. See Chalmers' English Same. N.Y., 1819. 8o.

90b Poets, v. 9. Adams, Charles. Charles Wesley, - Sir Roger De Coverley, Boston,

. Preacher and Poet. N.Y., 1859.

1852. 16°...

69b 16o.

97b Address in Vindication of the I. 0. 0. Adams, c. B. Catalogue of Sheils F. (No title page.) Pamphlets, collected at Panama; with Notes.

Miscellaneous, v. 2. NÀY., 1852. 4.

.*50b Adler, G. J. Dictionary of the Ger- Descriptions of New England Shells. man and English Languages. N. Y., 89. Pamphlets, Natural History,

1849. Roy. 8°.


- Progressive German Reader. N.Y., - Fresh Water and Land Shells of Ver

1863. 12o.

730 mont. 8o. Pamphlets, Natural Adventurer, The. See British EssayHistory, v. 8.

ists. - Second Report on the Geology of Ver- Ænone. N.Y., 1866.


69b mont. Burlington, 1846. 89.. 48a Æschines and Demosthenes. OraAdams, F. C. Story of a Trooper. N.

tions on the Crown; with Notes, Y., 1865. 12°..

69b etc., by Alex. Negris. Boston, Adams, H. G. The Language and

1829. 8.

740 Poetry of Flowers. N.Y., 1860. Æschylus. (Tragoediæ). Ex Recen12o...

67 sione F. A. Paley. N.Y., 1860. 18°... 68a Adams, John. Works; with Life by Tragoediæ. Lipsiæ, 1843. 32°.. 68a

Charles F. Adams. Boston, 1856, - Tragedies. Lit. Tr. by T. A. Buck10 v. 8o..

26 ley; with Hermann's Emendations. – Life and Inaugural Address. See

N.K., 1865. 12°.

6Sa Moore, American Eloquence, v. 1. - Tragedies. Lit. Tr. by T. A. BuckAdams, Jno., (of England). Action

ley. London, 1849. 12o..

68a of Ejectment. Notes and Additions - The New Readings contained in Herhy J. L. Tillingbast and T. W.

mann's Posthumous Edition. Tr. Clark. N.Y., 1840. 8°...... ...†22d by George Burges. London, 1853. Adams, Rev. John. Flowers of Mod


68a ern 'Travel; v. 1. Boston, 1797. Prometheus and Agamemnon. Tr. 16°...

87 into English verse by H. W. HerAdams, Jno., Jr. The' Doctrine of bert. Cambridge, 1849. 12°......... 68a

Equity; with American Notes by Vier Tragödien (Prometheus; Sieben Wharton and others. Phila., 1859.

gegen Theben; Perser; Eumeniden). 8o...........

..+22c Ueb. v. F. L. Gr. zu Stolberg. Adams, J. Q. Letters on the Masonic Wien, 1817. 48o.

68a Institution. Boston, 1847. 8°....... 96 Æsopus. Fabulæ. Lipsiæ, 1829. - The Lives of Jas. Madison and Jas.


723 Monroe. Buffalo, 1850. 12°....... 97 - and others. Fables of. Translated - Life and Selection of Speeches. See

by S. Croxall. N.Y., 1857. 12°... 72a Moore, American Eloquence, v. 2. Agard, A. H. Report on the StraitsAdams, Jno. S. Psalms of Life. Bos

ville Mineral Region, Perry County, ton, 1857. 12o....

9 Ohio. 8o. Pamphlets, MineTown and Country. Boston, 1856.

ralogy, v. 1.

69b Agassiz, Alex. Embryology of the Adams, Nehemiah. Evenings with Starfish. Cambridge, 1861. 4°......*50d

the Doctrines. Boston, 1861. 12° ... lla - On the Embryology of AsteracanThe Great Concern; or, Man's Rela

thion Berylinus Ag., etc., 1863. tion to God and a Future State.

Pamphlets, Radiata. * Boston, 1860. 12o.

lla - Synopsis of the Echinoids collected - A South Side View of Slavery. Bos

by W. Stimpson. 8°. Pamphlets, ton, 1854. 12o..

28c Mollusks,v.4. Adams, Samuel. Life, and Oration - Notes on the Embryology of Staron American Independence. See

fishes. 1866. 8o. Pamphlets, Moore, American Eloquence, v. 1.

Radiates,v.l. Adams, William. Thanksgiving: - On the Embryology of AsteracanMemories of the Day; Helps to the

thion Berylinus. 89. Pamphlets, Habit. N.Y., 1867.° 12°

11 Mollusks, v.4. Adams, W. T. Spelling Book for Ad- - North American Acalephæ. See

vanced Classes. Boston, 1863. 160.3lel Harvard College Catalogue. The Way of the World. Boston, On the Arachnactis Brachiolata; a 1867. 12° .....

69b species of Floating Actinia. 1863. Addison, Joseph. Complete Works.

Pamphlets, Radiata. * Phila. , 1864. 6v. 12°.

98b Agassiz, Elizabeth C. Actæa. A rst Works, complete. N.Y., 1864. 3 v.

Lesson in Natural History. Boston, 8o..... 98b 1859. 12o.




Agassiz, Elizabeth C., and Alex. Sea- Agassiz, Louis J. R. Bulletin of the

side Studies in Natural History. Ra- Museum of Comparative Zoology, diates. Boston, 1865. 12o....

...., 500

Cambridge, Mass. 8°. Pamphlets,
Agassiz, Louis J. R. Description des Zoology, v.1.

Echinodermes Fossiles de la Suisse. - and Mrs. Louis. A Journey in Bra-
Neuchatel, 1839-40. 4°...
48c zil. Boston, 1868. 8o..

83f - Iconographie des Coquilles Tertiaires. - und andere. 'Volksnaturgeschichte Neuchatel, 1845. 4°. Pamphlets,

der drei Reiche. Stuttgart, 1853. Palæontology, v.12.

4v. 12o.

46 – Monographies d'Echinodermes Vi- - Das Thierreich. See Agassiz und vans et Fossiles. Neuchatel, 1838.

andere; Volksnaturgeschichte,

500 - and Ą. A. Gould. Principles of Zool- Monographies d'Echinodermes Vi

ogy. Boston, 1865. 12o..

50 vans et Fossiles. 4me Livr. Anatomie -- Outlines of Comparative Physidu Genre Echinus; Planches. Neu

ology. London, 1867. 12o.

50 chatel. fo...

500 Agnel, H. R. The Book of Chess. - Monographies d'Echinodermes Vi

N.K.,1865. 12°.

57 e vans et Fossiles, Neuchatel. fo. Agricola, G. De Animantibus SubterIllustrations, Nat. Hist.

raneis Liber. Froben, 1549. 16°... 50 - Catalogus Ectyporum Echinoderma- - De Ortu et Causis Subterraneorum, tum Fossilium Musei Neocomensis.

etc. Basileæ, 1546. imp., 8o. 48 Neocomi Helvetorum. 1840. 4°. Aguilar, Grace. The Days of Bruce. Pamphlets, Palæontology, v.11.

N.Y., 1865, 2v. 12o.

69b - Lectures on Comparative Embryolo

Home Influence. N.Y.,1864. 12° ... 69b gy. Boston, 1849. 8o. Pamphlets, Home Scenes and Heart Studies. Zoology, v.1.

N.Y., 1864. 12° .......

69b - Extraordinary Fishes from California, - The Mother's Recompense. N.Y., constituting a new Family. New

1865. 12°

69b Haven, 1853. 89. Pamphlets, The Vale of Cedars. N.Y.,1865. 12° ... 69b Vertebrates, v.1.

Woman's Friendship. N.Y.,1852. Same. Pamphlets, Fishes. *


69b - Same. New Haven, 1853. 8°. Pam- - The Women of Israel. N.Y.,1866. phlets, Nat. Hist., v.9.

2v. 12o.

120 - Notice of a Collection of Fishes from Ahn, New Method of

the Tennessee River. New Haven,
1854. 89. Pamphlets, Nat. Hist., Aids to Faith; a Series of Theological

Essays. Ed. by Wm. Thomson. - Geological Sketches. Boston, 1867. N.Y., 1862. 128...

11c ,120.

48b Aiken and others. The Young Sing- Études sur les Glaciers. Neuchatel,

er's Manual. Cincin., 1.d. 180 ,1840. 8°. Atlas, fo.. 48b long.....

3le - Études sur les Glaciers. Neuchatel, Aikin, Jno. Letters from a Father to 1840. fo; Illustrations, Nat. Hist. his Son. London, 1838. 12o..

5 - Described Species of Holconoti found Aikin, Lucy. Memoirs of the Court of on the Western Coast of N. Amer.

Elizabeth, Queen of Eng. N.Y., Boston, 1861. 8°. Pamphlets,

1870. 12o....

93a Fishes. *

Aimard, Gust. The Border Rifles. - Lake Superior, its Physical Charac- Phila., n.d. 8..

69b ter, Vegetation, and Animals. With - The Flower of the Prairies. Phila., a Narrative of the Tour, by J. Eliot

n.d. 8°..

69b Cabot. Boston, 1850. 8°..... 46a - The Freebooters; a Story of the --Études Critiques sur les Mollusques

Texan War. Phila., n.d. 8°........ 69b Fossiles. Neuchatel, 1840. 4° ...... 48c The Gold Seekers. Phila., n.d. 8o.... 69b - Mémoire sur les moules de Mollus- - The Indian Chief. Also, The Red ques Vivans et Fossiles. Neuchatel,

Track. Phila., n.d. 8°..

69b 1839. 4°. Pamphlets, Mollusks, The Pirates of the Prairies. Phila., v.9.

n.d. 8°.

69b - Contributions to the Natural His

The Rebel Chief. Phila., n.d. 8o...

69b tory of the U. S. Boston, 1857-62. The Red Track. Phila., n.d. 8° ... 69b 4v. 4o...

50 The Tiger Slayer. Phila., n. d. 8°... 695 -Same. Boston, 1857-62. 47. 4o. * 50 The Trapper's Daughter. Pbila., - Methods of Study in Natural History.

n.d. 8°...

69b Boston, 1864. 16o.

50 Ainsworth's Dictionary. A bridged by - The Structure of Animal Life. N.Y., J. Dymock. Phila., 1848. 18°... 34b 1866. So..

50 Same. Abridged by T. Morell. - De la succession et du développement

Phila., 1825. 8o..

34b des êtres organisés à la surface du Akenside, Mark. Poems. See British globe terrestre, dans les différens

Poets. ages de la nature. Neuchatel, 1841. - Poems. See Chalmers' Eng. Po., 8o. Pamphlets, Palæontology, v.3.

v.14. - Nomenclator Zoologicus. Soloduri, - Pleasures of the Imagination. See 1842-6. 2v. 4°

50 Poems. Nomenclatoris Zoologici Index Uni- Akers, Elizabeth (Florence Percy). versalis. Soloduri, 1848. 16°........ 60

Poems. Boston, 1866. 24°............

.... 07b

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Alabama (Northern) and Georgia, Alexander, J. H., and J. F. Ducatel. Map of (Pocket Ed.). Wash., n.d.

Annual Reps. on the Map of Mary16°..

81b land, 1834-35.

89. Pamphlets, Alamance. N.Y., n.d. 8o. (H.S.

Geology, v.5. N.)...

69b Alexander, James W. Faith. N.Y., Albany Institute. Transactions, v.4-5.

1862. 12o.

lla Albany, 1858-64, 67. 8°....... *35a - and J. A. Geography of the Bible. Albers, Joh. C. Die Heliceen, nach Phila., 1830. 16o

8la natürlicher Verwandschaft syste- Alford, Henry. Poetical Works. Bosmatisch geordnet. Berlin, 1850. 8o... 50b ton, 1853. 12o.

67a Alberti, F. v. Beitrag zu einer Mono- Alger, Horatio, Jr. Helen Ford. Bosgraphie des bunten Sandsteins, etc.

ton, 1866. 12o.

69b Stuttgart, 1834. 12°.....

48b Alger, W. R. Critical History of the - Die Gebirge des Königreichs Wür- Doctrine of a Future Life. N.Y., temberg. Stuttgart, 1826. 12o...... 48a 1867. 8°...

4a Albrecht, F. Kirchenschule oder Staats- - The Friendships of Women. Bosschule? Ulm, 1862. Pamphlets,

ton, 1868. 160

97 Educa., Spec. Treatises, v.1.

- Poetry of the Orient. Boston, 1866. Alcantara, M. L. El Libro del Via


68f jero en Granada. Madrid, 1849. - The Solitudes of Nature and of Man. 32°.. 84c Boston, 1867. 16°..

4b Alcock, Sir R. The Capital of the Ty- Alison, Archibald. Essays on the Na

coon; a Narrative of three years' ture and Principles of Taste. With residence in Japan. N. Y., 1863. Corrections by A. Mills. N.Y., 2v. 12° ... 85d 1860. 12°....

64 Alcott, A. B. Tablets. Boston, 1868. History of Europe, from 1789 to 1815. 12°

N.Y., 1860. 4y. 8°..

94 Alcott, Louisa M. Little Women; or, - Same. '1816 to 1852. N.Y., 1860. Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy. Boston,

4v. go 1869. 2v. 16o.

69b - Military Life of John, Duke of Marl- An Old-fashioned Girl. Boston, 1870. borough. NÀY., 1860. 12°..

97b 16o.

69b Miscellaneous Essays. Phila., 1854. Alcott, Wm. A. Confessions of a


75b Schoolmaster. Andover, 1839. 18o... 31a - Miscellaneous Essays. N.Y., 1865. Laws of Health. Boston, 1859. 12° ... 67d 8o..

75b Life and Health, Boston, 1853. 12° ... 570 All about it; or, The History and MysMoral Philosophy of Courtship and tery of Common Things. N.Y., Marriage. Boston, 1859. 16°......... 5 1859. 12o.....

35 - Physiology of Marriage. Boston, All the Year Round. Conducted by 1869. 16.

54 Charles Dickens. v. 1, 2, and 4. - A Word to Teachers; or, Two Days

N.Y., 1859-61. 3v. 8o. ..............1000 in a Primary School. Boston, 1833. Alleine, Joseph. Solemn Warnings of 18o.

31a the Dead. Also, Baxter's Call. – Young Woman's Guide to Excel

N.Y., 1833.32°.......

116 lence. Boston, 1847. 18o..

5 - Alarm Unconverted Sinners. Alden, Joseph. The Science of Gov- Evangelical Library, v.3.

ernment in connection with Ameri- Alleine, Richard. Heaven opened; or,

can Institutions. N.Y.,1867. 12o... 28a the 'Riches of God's Covenant. - The Citizen's Manual. A Text-book

NÀY., n.d. 12°......

11b Government for Common Allen, C. B. Rudimentary Treatise on Schools. N.Y., 1867. 16°......... 31e Cottage Building (Weale). London, Aldrich, T. B. Poems. Boston, 1865.

1854. 16°..

61b 24°

676 Allen, Geo. Life of (F. A. D.) PhiliThe Course of True Love never did dor, musician and chess player. run smooth. N.Y.,1858. 16°.... 67b N.Y., 1865. 8°.......

97b Out of his Head. N.Y., 1862. 12o.... 69b Allen, Gerard B. Address before St. Alexander, Archibald. Outlines of Louis Lodge, No. 5, I. 0. 0. F. Moral Science. N.Y., 1852. 12° ... 5

St. Louis, 1852. Pamphlets, Misc., Alexander, J. A. The Psalms.

v.2. Translated and Explained. N.Y., Allen, Joseph. Battles of the British 1865. 3v. 12o.

8 Navy. London, 1864. 2v. 12° ...... 96b The Prophecies of Isaiah. Tr. and Allen, J. A. Medical Examinations Expl. "N.Y., 1865. 2v. 8o.

8 for Life Insurance. Chicago, 1867. The Gospel of Matthew. Expl. N.Y.,

52 1864. 12o.

8 Allen, James C. Speech on the MisThe Gospel of Mark. Expl. N.Y., souri Compromise. Wash., 1854. 1864. 12o...

8 Pamphlets, Misc., v.13. - The Acts of the Apostles. Expl. Allen, J. F. Culture' and Treatment N.Y., 1864. 2v. 120.

8 of the Grape Vine. N.Y., 1858. 12° ... 63b - Notes on the New Testament Litera- Victoria Regia ; or, the great Water

ture and History, N.Y.,1861. 12° ... 8 Lily of America. Illustrated. BosAlexander, J. É. Dictionary of

ton, 1854. fo...

49b Weights and Measures, Ancient and Allen, M. F. and J. H. Latin Lessons. Modern. Baltimore, 1867. 8°...... 37a Boston, 1869. 12o....






Allen, Rev. N. G. Devotions of the American Academy of Arts and SciAges; or, Collects, Texts, and Ly

ences. Memoirs, New Ser. v.1-4; rics. Phila., 1866. 16°.. .....


Yoh Part 2 with Map. Cambridge: Allen, R. L. The American Farm

**35a Book; or, Compend of American Same. Memoirs, New Ser. v. 6

Agriculture. N.Y., 1851. 12° 63b (parts 1 and 2), v.8 (part 2), v.9 Allen, T. P. and W. F. Hand-book of

(part 1). Cambridge and Boston, Classical Geograpny, etc. Boston,

1857-67. 4o..

. .*35a 1861. 12o.


Proceedings. v.1-6. Boston, 1848– Allen, Wm., and T. R. H. Thomson.

66. 8°.

*35a British Expedition to the River American Almanac and Repertory of Niger, 1841. Lond., 1848. 2v. 8°... 86c Useful Knowledge. 1832–38, 44, 49, Allen, z. Philosophy of the Mechanics

53, 55, 58–60. Boston. 12 v. 16° and of Nature. N.Y., 1852. 89. 42 12.

.100a Allgemeine deutsche naturhistorische American Annual Register, 1829–30. Zeitung. Herausgegeben von C. Tr.

Boston. 8°.

....100a Sachse. lter Jahrgang. Dresden, American Antiquarian Soc. Archæo1846. 8o.

46 logia Americana. Transactions and Allgemeine deutsche Real-Encyclo

Collections. v.1-3. Worcester and pädie für die gebildeten Stände. Cambridge, 1820, 36, 37. 8. ..... *92a Leipzig, 1824. 10v. 12o. .............. 99b

- Same. Proceedings. Boston, 1858–. Allgemeine Reflexionen über Medizin.

66. 8°.

*92a 1844. 89. Pamphlets, Medicine, Same. Proceedings at a Special v.l.

Meeting (Death of Hon. Edw. Allgemeine Vulkanen-Karte der Erde.

Everett.) Boston, 1865. 8o.... ..*97b Maps, Geographical and Physical, Same. Proceedings at a_Special v.1.

Meeting. (Death of Wm. H. PresAllgemeine Zeitung. Augsburg, 1855– cott.) Boston, 1859. go..

.*97b 59. 15 v. 4°....

1001| American Artisan and Patent Record. Allibone, S. A. Dictionary of Eng

New Ser., V. 4.

1866-67. lish Literature, and British and

59 American Authors, v.1. Phila., American Association for the Ad1859. 8o.

78 vancement of Science. ProceedAllingham, Wm. Poems.


ings. v.1, 3–6.; v.l, Philadel1861. 240.

phia, 1849 ; 3, Charleston 1850. Allopathie und Homeopathie. 2 Vor

4-6, Wash., 1851-2. 8°...... **35a lesungen. 8°. Pamphlets, Medi- Same. Address of Benjamin Pierce cine, v.3.

on retiring, from the Presidency. Allston, Washington. Lectures on Wash., 1853. 8°......

.*35a Art, and Poems. N.Y., 1850. 12° ... 76a - Same. Proceedings, 1848–51; 1853–57. - Monaldi. Boston, 1856. 16o... 69b

Cambridge, 1849-58. 3v. 8°. 35a Alten, Johann W. von. Systematische American Bible Society. Plan and

Abhandlung über die Erd-und Operations of. N.Y. Pamphlets, Flussconchilien, welche um Augs

Misc., v.3. burg u. in der umliegenden Gegend - Annual Reports. N.Y., 1836-41. gefunden werden. Augsburg, 1812. Pamphlets, Misc., v.3. 12°...

50b - 27th Annual Report, 1843. N.Y. Altenburger Kunst-und Handwerker- Pamphlets, Theol., v.l.

Verein, und naturforschende Ge- American Board of Foreign Missions. sellschaft. Mittheilungen aus dem Seventh Annual Report, 1844. N. Osterlande. Band 14-17, 18 in

Y. 8°. Pamphlets, Misc., v.11. compl. Altenburg, 1858–66. 8°....*35a American Bureau of Mines. Memoirs. Altenburger naturforschende Gesell- 4o. Pamphlets, Misc., v.14.

schaft. Verzeichniss d. Mitglieder. Rock Salt Deposit of Petit Anse IslAltenburg, 1867. 4°....

*46 and, Louisiana. N.Y., 1847. 4°. Alton. Public School Reports. 1859,

Pamphlets, Misc., v.14. 1860. See Illinois,

American Colonization Society. 36th Alxinger, J. v. Vermischte Schriften. Annual Report. Wash., 1853. PamWien, 1812. 12° ..........

680 phlets, Misc., v.2. - Prosaische Aufsätze. Wien, 1812. 12o. 69c American Cyclopædia, The New; a - Numa Pompilius; nach Florian.

Popular Dictionary of General Wien, 1812. 12o..

68c Knowledge, by Geo. Ripley and Amati, Amato. Contini e denomina

Chas. A. Dana. N.Y., 1860-3. zioni della regione Orientale dell'

16v. 8o........

99a Alta Italia Milano, 1866. Pam- Annual Cyclopædia, and Register of phlets, Geography:*

Important Events. 1861-68. N.Y. Ambler, K. P. The Spiritual Teacher;

8v. 8°...

99a Lectures on the nature and develop- American Ephemeris and Nautical Alment of the Spirit. N. Y., 1852.

manac, 1858. Wash. 4o.................*40e 12o..

4a American Ethnological Soc. Bulletin, Ambrose Fecit N.Y., 1867. 8°........ 69b v.l. N.Y., 1861. 8°....

*51 Ambrosi, Francesco. Flora del Tirolo American Geographical and Statistical Meridionale.. v.1 and 2 incom

Soc. of New York. Proceedings, plete. Padova, 1854-7. 8°..... *49a v.1, Nos. 2-4. N.Y., 1862-65. 8o.... *81b

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