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v THE object aimed at in the preparation of this work has been to compile a treatise on the subject of Rhetoric and Composition that may lay claim to being wholly practical and teachable.

That many who have pursued the theoretical study of Rhetoric have failed to make practical use of their knowledge is a. fact to be deplored. The object of rhetorical teaching is twofold: first, that of securing to the student ease, grace, fluency, and correctness of composition; and, secondly, that of enabling him to discern, appreciate, and enjoy the beauties of thought and language that may be gleaned from literary fields. The first of these objects may be attained by the study of correct principles, by the selection and criticism of appropriate examples, and by the frequent construction of sentences in illustration of the principles studied. The second object may be attained by the application of grammatical and rhetorical principles in the critical study of literary masterpieces, as indicated on page 316 of this work.

It matters little how much theoretical discussion may be given to the subject of Rhetoric; unless the student apply the principles of the science as he learns them, the results of the work will be meagre and unsatisfactory. For this reason each topic or principle discussed

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