The Stûpa of Bharhut: A Buddhist Monument Ornamented with Numerous Sculptures Illustrative of Buddhist Legend and History in Third Century B.C.

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W.H. Allen and Company, 1879 - Всего страниц: 143

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Стр. 31 - the Indians wore linen garments, the substance whereof they were made growing upon trees; and this," he says, " is indeed • Herodotuf, book iii. c. 106. flax, or rather something much whiter and finer than flax. They wear shirts of the same, which reach down to the middle of their legs ; and veils, which cover their head and a great part of their shoulders...
Стр. 102 - The princes then said to each other, " If we send to any of the inferior kings to ask their daughters in marriage, it will be a dishonour to the Okkaka race ; and if we give our sisters to their princes it will be an equal dishonour ; it will therefore be better to stain the purity of our relationship than that of our race.
Стр. 78 - THE DOG, THE COCK, AND THE FOX A Dog and a Cock having struck up an acquaintance, went out on their travels together. Nightfall found them in a forest; so the Cock, flying up on a tree, perched among- the branches, while the Dog dozed below at the foot. As the night passed away and the day dawned, the Cock, according to his custom, set up a shrill crowing-. A Fox hearing him, and thinking to make a meal of him, came and stood under the tree, and thus addressed him : — "Thou art a good little bird,...
Стр. 78 - ... the foot. As the night passed away and the day dawned, the Cock, according to his custom, set up a shrill crowing. A Fox hearing him, and thinking to make a meal of him, came and stood under the tree, and thus addressed him: "Thou art a good little bird, and most useful to thy fellowcreatures. Come down, then, that we may sing our matins and rejoice together." The Cock replied, "Go, my good friend, to the foot of the tree, and call the sacristan to toll the bell.
Стр. 76 - Can a dead buffalo eat grass or drink water ? " But without paying any attention to their interference, he still cried out, "Oh, buffalo, eat and drink ! " The people concluded that he was out of his mind, and went to inform his father ; who, forgetting his parent from his affection for his son, went to the place where he was, and enquired the reason of his conduct. Sujata replied, " There are the feet and the tail, and all the interior parts of the buffalo, entire ; if it be foolish in me to give...
Стр. 107 - He who worships it will receive the same reward as if he worshipped me in person." When a place had been prepared by the king for its reception, Mugalan went through the air to -the spot in the forest where the bo-tree stood, and brought away a fruit that had begun to germinate, which he delivered to Ananda, from whom it passed to the king, and from the king to Anepidu...
Стр. 92 - be taken from the bag and mixed with the lime, they were ' transported through the air to Sakaspura as if it were in a ' dream. " The time had now arrived when Budha was to take his departure from the dewa-loka.
Стр. 87 - In the foreground there is a bullock-cart, with the bullocks unyoked sitting beside it, and with the yoke tilted up in the air, to show that the cart has been unloaded. In front are two men, each holding a very small object between his thumb and forefinger. These two I take to be Anathapindika himself, and his treasurer counting out the gold pieces brought in the cart. Above them are two other figures seated, and busily engaged in covering the surface of the garden with the gold coins, which are...
Стр. 129 - born of [the queen of] the Vatsa family, [and] son of Aga-rdja, born of [the queen of] " the Gota family, [and] grandson of king [Visa Deva"], born of [the queen of] the " Gageya race, and spiritual merit has been gained [thereby]." The genealogy of the Royal family of Srughna, according to this inscription, is as follows : — Father unknown X Mother of the Gdrgeya family. 1. VISWA-DEVA X . Queen of the Kautsa family. 2. AGNI-RAJA X Queen of the Vatsa family. 3.
Стр. 76 - Why are you thus sorrowful, ascetic ? " to which the bereaved son replied, " I am thus sorrowful on account of the death of my father." On hearing this, Budha said, " It is to no purpose to weep for the dead ; a word of advice is given to those who weep for the thing that is past and gone.

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