Capitulations of the Ottoman Empire: Report of Edward A. Van Dyck, Consular Clerk of the United States at Cairo, Upon the Capitulations of the Ottoman Empire Since the Year 1150 ...

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1881

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Стр. 103 - ... in an inhabited house, of armed rebellion, and of the fabrication of counterfeit money; and this entry may be made whether the crime was committed by a foreigner or by an Ottoman subject, and whether it took place in the residence of a foreigner or not in his residence, or in any other place. These regulations are not applicable but to the parts of the real estate which constitute the residence, as it has been heretofore defined.
Стр. 108 - ... the rights of my Empire having, by the fidelity and praiseworthy efforts of all my subjects, and by the kind and friendly assistance of the great Powers, my noble allies, received from abroad a confirmation which will be the commencement of a new era, it is my desire to augment its well-being and prosperity, to effect the happiness of all my subjects, who in my sight are all equal, and equally dear to me...
Стр. 110 - As the laws regulating the purchase, sale, and disposal of real property are common to all the subjects of my Empire, it shall be lawful for foreigners to possess landed property in my dominions, conforming themselves to the laws and police regulations, and bearing the same charges as the native inhabitants...
Стр. 110 - The heads of each community and a delegate, designated by my Sublime Porte, shall be summoned to take part in the deliberations of the Supreme Council of Justice on all occasions which might interest the generality of the subjects of my Empire. They shall be summoned specially for this purpose by my Grand Vizier. The delegates shall hold office for one year; they shall be sworn on entering upon their duties. All the members of the Council, at the ordinary and extraordinary meetings, shall freely...
Стр. 109 - All commercial, correctional, and criminal suits between Mussulmans and Christian or other nonMussulman subjects, or between Christians or other non-Mussulmans of different sects, shall be referred to mixed tribunals. " The proceedings of these tribunals shall be public ; the parties shall be confronted, and shall produce their witnesses, whose testimony shall be received, without distinction, upon an oath taken according to the religious law of each sect.
Стр. 93 - Citizens of the United States of America, quietly pursuing their commerce, and not being charged or convicted, of any crime or offence, shall not be molested; and even when they may have committed some...
Стр. 111 - ... facilitating the administration of their affairs, so that they may live in peace, quiet, and security. Let then a respectable and trustworthy person, chosen by themselves from among their own number, be appointed with the title of " Agent of the Protestants," to be attached to the Department of the Minister of Police.
Стр. 110 - The taxes are to be levied under the same denomination from all the subjects of my Empire, without distinction of class or of religion. The most prompt and energetic means for remedying the abuses in collecting the taxes, and especially the tithes, shall be considered. The system of direct collection shall gradually, and as soon as possible, be substituted for the plan of farming, in all the branches of the revenues of the State. As long as the present system remains in force...
Стр. 109 - Porte, which will pronounce a sovereign decision according that authority, except in the case of administrative obstacles. The intervention of the administrative authority in all measures of this nature will be entirely gratuitous. My Sublime Porte will take energetic measures to insure to each sect, whatever be the number of its adherents, entire freedom in the exercise of its religion.
Стр. 106 - November 3, 1839, begins by reciting that "all the world knows that in the first days of the Ottoman monarchy, the glorious precepts of the Koran and the laws of the Empire were always honored.

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