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Stretch around me like a sea,
While in calm solemnity
Sleeps the blue air overhead,
Like an azure dome outspread;
When no kindly voice is nigh,
'Neath the sultry, cloudless sky,
Lo! I find a well-known friend,
Which fresh strength would seem to lend;
And with hope I gladly look
On thy leaves, belovéd book!
Thoughts of England's Sabbath-days,
Echoes of the Psalmist's lays,
Sweetly gather round me now,
As my knee I humbly bow,
Meekly kneel in Nature's fane,
And uplift the well-known strain.
Day by day we magnify
Thy great name and majesty;
Thou, O Saviour ! only art
King of Glory;" and my

Breathes the oft-repeated prayer
Which it loved in climes more fair ;
And the solemn Litany,
With its "Miserere” cry,
Swells as in the arched aisle
Of some old cathedral pile.
Yes! I gaze with mental eye,
On some distant sanctuary,
Where hath risen from age to age,
Choral chant, and hymn of praise !
Once again I seem to hear
Voices hush'd for many a year,
Breathing, “ Now let sorrows cease,
Let thy servant part in peace,
Lord, according to thy word;"
Once again I feel restored,
Hallow'd hopes and contrite tears,
And I cast away my fears,
Knowing Thou art here, my God,
Even here is thy abode.
Lo! I thank thee, God of heaven,
For this blessing to me given ;

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Guide me, Father! on my way,
Lead me on from day to day,
Till at last I safely come
To my bright, eternal home.
Though my frail dust perish here,
Though I never more appear
In thine earthly courts, yet I,
In that glorious world on high,
Hope to sing the holy song,
Practised once mid mortal throng;
Then thy words shall seem more sweet,
And thy praises more complete,
Thy remember'd strains more fair,


Thomas DENMAN, Esq., now LORD DENMAN, was born on the 23rd of February, 1779. This eminent man, equally distinguished both as an advocate and a judge, made his first appearance in parliament as a member for the borough of Nottingham ; for which place he was returned after one of the severest contests ever known. The trial of Queen Caroline, however, which took place soon after his election, afforded him an opportunity of displaying his great abilities, and was thus the means of raising him to the highest degree of popularity. In the year 1820, her Majesty appointed Mr. Denman her Solicitor-General; and in that capacity he exerted himself throughout the investigation in the House of Lords with an intelligence and an eloquence which at once stamped him one of the first lawyers and most powerful advocates in the kingdom. In 1822, Mr. Denman was appointed Common-Sergeant; on the accession of the Grey ministry in 1830, he became Attorney-General; and was knighted on the 1st of December in the same year. In November, 1832, he succeeded Lord Tenterden as Lord Chief Justice of the King's Bench; and on the 23rd of March, 1834, he was created Baron Denman, of Dovedale, in the county of Derby.

On the 18th of October, 1804, this eminent man married Theodosia Anne, eldest daughter of the Rev. Richard Vevers. A portrait of Lady DENMAN, a lady distinguished by her beauty and talents, accompanies this brief memoir.

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