A History of the Jewish People in the Time of Jesus Christ, Том 3

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T. & T.Clark, 1886

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Стр. 165 - Alexandria et Aegyptus in Septuaginta suis Hesychium laudat auctorem; Constantinopolis usque Antiochiam Luciani martyris exemplaria probat. Mediae inter has provinciae Palaestinos codices legunt, quos ab Origene elaborates Eusebius et Pamphilus vulgaverunt; totusque orbis hac inter se trifaria varietate compugnat.
Стр. 71 - Jttdaeis potest jam videri propterea rejecta, sicut et cetera fere quae Christum sonant. . . . Eo accedit, quod Enoch apud Judam apostolum testimonium possidet.
Стр. 104 - Caesar, 2) Augustus, 3) Tiberius, 4) Caligula, 5) Claudius, 6) Nero, 7) Galba, 8) Otho, 9) Vitellius; dazu die drei Usurpatoren: 10) Vindex, 11) Nymphidius, 12) Piso.
Стр. 82 - Moysi, quae scriptura caret auctoritate, tunc cum ascenderet in montem ut moreretur, vi corporis efficitur, ut aliud esset quod terrae mandaretur, aliud quod angelo comitanti sociaretur.
Стр. 72 - The Book of Enoch the Prophet, an Apocryphal Production, supposed to have been lost for ages, but discovered at the close of the last century in Abyssinia, now first translated from an Ethiopic MS. in the Bodleian Library.
Стр. 276 - Every reader and writer allowed himself to complete what existed after his own pleasure, and to arrange the scattered papers now in one, now in an opposite manner. Evidently much was at first circulated in detached portions, and the collection of these, afterwards made by some admirer, was a very accidental one. Hence duplicates of many portions are found in different places.
Стр. 21 - Psalter is supposed to have received its latest additions. But the contrast is immense. They are separated from the Psalter by an impassable gulf. "The spirit which the Psalms breathe is entirely that of Pharisaic Judaism. They are pervaded by an earnest moral tone and a sincere piety. But the righteousness which they preach and the dearth of which they deplore is, all through, the righteousness which consists in complying with all the Pharisaic prescriptions4.

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